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  1. Luke

    New Drone Pilot from Flower Mound,TX

    Welcome to the forum friend. I agree with @Spitfire76, you are in very good hands. I haven't heard of anyone who has taken that course passed with less than a 90%. Good luck with that.
  2. Luke

    New Poster

    Hello @PixPilot, welcome to the forum. Glad to see another 107 here.
  3. Luke

    Which Drone?

    I have The YUNNEC Typhoon H with the Intel realsense. I haven't had any problems with it. I don't know much about DJI, I don't even have any DJI products. I have some buddies that have them though, they have few complaints about DJI though. If you have any questions about YUNEEC I'm sure I can help you in any way I can.
  4. Luke

    Camera settings

    I'm looking for advice on camera settings. I have a YUNEEC typhoon H with the COG3+. not sure if anyone has one of these and is actively using it for photography. I'm trying to get my shots to look more Sharp, detailed and dramatic with good even colors. The picture of my house looks a little hazy and dull. my question is: Should I be Taking the pic at a certain time in the day ? Is it wise to use the camera preset modes and will I get the most out of my shot. Should I be going through my camera settings and manually setting it all. Exposure, shutter speed, resolution. This shot was in 2.7K on a cloudy preset I can shoot in 4K, but not much of a difference than everything has sharper edges. It was taken in a light overcast at around 6:30pm Any advice would be greatly appreciated Luke Dietz,
  5. Luke

    Looking to expand my portfolio

    Thank you for the advice. You do have some interesting skills and background. What do have to say about working for the Police department ? I know drones can be a big asset to them and that some police departments are using them already to. fire departments are using them to. but the police are using them for these reasons from what I've researched Thermal imagery (they are using this the most). Extent of area affected. Search in alleyways and of other areas to dangerous for a human to search. Thanks Luke Dietz,
  6. Luke

    New Member in Washington State

    Wow ! that's great ! good for you. I got a 90% when I took my test.
  7. Luke

    Mavic Pro & batch of accessories for sale

    I am. I really like it. It's a shame I can't afford this right now. The more I look at it the more I want it. You can hardly find the drone with one battery for this price, yet your selling 5 batteries and a bunch of other much needed accessories. if you still have it in 4 months then I will get it.
  8. Luke

    Looking to expand my portfolio

    Hi @Chuck Webb. First I would like to thank you for serving our country, My deepest gratitude. I have found a interest in working for the search and rescue. Do you have any advice on how to go about that. is there something I should look into first ? something I should do ? I already have my part 107 and a YUNEEC typhoon H. Welcome to the drone pilot forum. Luke Dietz,
  9. Luke

    Mavic Pro & batch of accessories for sale

    If I had seen this sooner I would of bought this. I got a YUNEEC typhoon h 2 months ago. looks like a great deal though.
  10. Luke

    New addict

    Welcome @SeanK, Your on the right course to success. Your a lucky guy to have a wife like that.
  11. Luke

    New Member in Washington State

    I welcome you and wish you the best !
  12. Welcome to the forum @BenB. Luke Dietz,
  13. Luke

    Some tips and input would be appreciated!

    Drone insurance would be helpful in the future if you crash or brake something that's not yours. If you plan to use the drone for work most people will recommend getting insurance. So yes you should get drone insurance. 3dr solo is a medium range drone in it's class. It have lots of advanced features you will find in other higher end drones. if it's your first drone I recommend getting a amazon drone first to practice with for awhile and get used to the flight controls. I'm not sure what kind of camera comes with the 3dr solo, or if it even comes with a camera. but look into the DJI Air or the YUNEEC q500. Hope that helps Luke Dietz,
  14. Luke

    UAV Coach BONUS Section

    Thank you @NickStan, I skipped some of those topic when I was studying for the test. It is some good stuff to learn. it will come helpful when you plan to work commercially
  15. Luke


    That's pretty interesting, never heard of anything like this.