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  1. Luke

    Part 107 Recurrent Test - PASSED

    Congrats @JBR LIFE Photography ! good for you.
  2. Luke

    National Parks

    I just traveled across the US with my drone. I wanted to fly my drone in so many places, but they were National Parks. Being PART 107, I would just get into even more trouble. It would be nice to be able to fly in those places. If somehow you do get that passed, you might get a large amount of drone pilots in one area. that can become another issue.
  3. Luke

    Pilots needed

    Is this Jeff guy responding to anyone ?
  4. Luke

    18 Reasons to Attend InterDrone Next Month

    @Av8Chuck, thanks for the info. I'm going just for Interdrone. What hotel are you staying at ? Are you driving there ?
  5. Luke

    Inspire 2 package for sale

    Man, that took awhile to get rid of. Must be nice to finally sell it. Good for you.
  6. @AeroEyez, That was Crazy man ! You were great, You did loose your cool or start cussing and yelling at him. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to the cop too. Fly high !
  7. Luke

    18 Reasons to Attend InterDrone Next Month

    What are the cost for the whole trip ? whos been there that can remember there total cost of there trip.
  8. Luke

    Pilots needed

    Hello Jeff, My name is Luke Dietz, I am PART 107. I'm doing basic pictures and videos for right now. I am very interested. Typhoon H+ stock, is my bird I live in Greenfield CA My email is:
  9. Luke

    A formal introduction...

    @Janus, that's awesome. I like it. thanks for sharing.
  10. Luke

    Hi from Dallas/Ft Worth

    Welcome @DB Travelers to the forum.
  11. Luke

    Greetings from Idaho!

    Welcome @Mdblocker. You came to right place to learn.
  12. Luke


    Welcome @Glock19, I have the very same drone. It's awesome, I love it to. Have you check out the YUNEEC's drone pilot forum ? I'm on it, I post as Mr. I.
  13. Luke

    Hi everyone new here from Florida

    Now that is a trick question. I'm still working on that to. Welcome @RichP and @Gunnar. It won't take long before you figure everything out. Have any questions, just ask. Luke Dietz,
  14. Luke

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    Just checked it out. It is very impressive for a selfie drone. The camera is really nice as well. I'm surprised it doesn't cost more, but I guess, it doesn't come with avoidance system. that must be why. just so everyone knows My birthday Is coming up. This would make a perfect gift. haha
  15. Luke

    New member from Germany

    Welcome @DeltaLima. Welcome to the forum.