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  1. ryanolivas

    Mavic Air Vs. Mavic Pro Image Quality

    yes. but when it comes to size comparison, i'd go for the pro.
  2. ryanolivas


    i hope the drone's weight won't change its stability.
  3. Yeah I doubt that hahaha.
  4. ryanolivas


    100 kilograms? lol... Way heavier than me
  5. ryanolivas

    Anyone interested in drone delivery?

    very interesting hmm
  6. ryanolivas


    Welcome to the drone world my friend
  7. ryanolivas

    Selfie Drone Advice ?

    months maybe but not years. if you're truly dedicated and passionate, you probably might finish it in days...
  8. ryanolivas

    Selfie Drone Advice ?

    i think its basically just python language. anyone can learn it. but it takes a dedicated person to be good at it.
  9. ryanolivas

    Flyaway problems

    JK. There are lots of ways to prevent flyaways.
  10. ryanolivas

    Hanging out with the sheep

    Nice! very useful indeed.
  11. ryanolivas

    Flyaway problems

    that's not nearly true. You can avoid flyaways if you don't fly your drone... lol
  12. ryanolivas

    Selfie Drone Advice ?

    i've seen it too. it's somehow impressive & entertaining at the same time lol.
  13. ryanolivas

    My pretty good, mostly DJI, DIY, UAV

    Good to know Eric. thanks!