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  1. T1-A Introduction T1- A is a mature flight controller for agricultural UAV. It provides rich and practical function that can meet the multiple requirements of the current agricultural UAV. By the integration of high precision sensor, the application of advanced industrial precision calibration algorithm as well as reasonable intelligent operation mode, the more efficient, accurate and convenient way of plant protection work can be realized. Install T1-A Step 1. Confirm multi-rotor type, forward direction and rotation direction of the motor/propeller. Step 2. Install the controller unit, connect every part. Installation and requirements FCU:The TopXGun logo should be facing the sky, with the orientation arrow pointing directly to the nose direction, please mount it on a barycenter place in board center of aircraft. PMU:Please do not mount it on any other electronic device, choose a ventilated place for cooling. Make sure the three CAN ports are convenient for connecting during installation. GPS/Compass:When installing the top side should be facing up, with the orientation arrow should be consistent with the FCU arrow direction, pointing directly to the nose direction. Mount it on the bracket horizontally. Connect it to any one of the CAN ports of PMU. It is recommended to use bracket included in package, otherwise, please make sure it is nonmagnetic. LIU:Mount in a good place to make sure the LIU is visible during flying, don't cover the USB port, connect it to any one of the CAN ports of PMU with the enclosed 3M adhesive tape. DCU:Choose the appropriate position on aricraft board and connect it to any one of the CAN ports of PMU. FIRU:Let the side printed with FIRU up and use together with GPS. Port Description FCU DCU FIRU Line connection diagram Test Setting the parameters according to the instructions of the parameter adjustment software. Calibration ESC Calibration Step 1: Push the throttle lever to the fully up position. Now the status light indicates the current GPS mode and flight mode. Step 2: Flip the CH5 switch from the fully up to the fully down positions for around 6—10 times, until the status light changes to solid red. Step 3: Keep the throttle position unchanged, disconnect the main power, and then recharge it. Now the status light blinks red, green and blue once. Step 4: Around 0.5 second after power on, you will hear motor beep-beep for twice, now pull the throttle lever to the fully down position within 2 seconds. The status light will blink red and blue alternately, then go back into normal instruction. Compass Calibration Horizontal Calibration Step 1: Put the drone on horizontal ground, ensure the body without vibration. Step 2: Make it perform toe-out locking action for 10 seconds, until the blue and green lights blink alternately. Step3: Loose the remote control lever. About 10 seconds later, there is only blue light blinks. About 15 seconds later, lights blink normally. Usage Please update the firmware before use. For updating firmware methods, see the T1-A user manual. Unlock (left) and lock (right) Fly Test Double check the items by following steps before flight, ensure safe flight. Step 1 Check before flight