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Found 41 results

  1. marine survey drone components

    I am looking for advice on building a water surface drone for bay and estuary survey. This would not be different from a mapping aerial drone, except it doesn't have to fly. A large battery is no problem, so all day observations could easily be made. Requirements: FPV, gps, camera--[the GoPro Hero 4 has been recommended], possibly collision avoidance--[fishermen's nets, their canoes, mangroves, etc], controller with Large monitor screen, gps grid overlay, pre-programmed waypoint following required, radius of survey away from controller not to exceed one mile--- more likely a hundred to a few hundred meters, a depth sounder capable of storing gps position, time and depth --either on a S/B card, or internally for later transfer with cable to computer. Depths usually in the less than 100 meter range-- the majority in the 2 to 20 meter range Making the floats, installing the equipment is the easy part-- I have no idea where to buy the component parts, or exactly WHAT to buy. Propulsion would be through a twin screw servo motors, [ one in each of the mini catamaran hulls], as well as dual rudder control. Operating speed 4 knots, [8 m/sec], would be ideal. This could be accomplished with two servo 12 vdc motor turning the correct rpm. Variable rpm required. The camera would be mounted about 4 feet above the water to reduce spray effect. the hulls would each be about 4 inches in beam, [with overall beam of 4 feet], and max of 6 to 8 inches depth, and about 8 feet long. A very easily driven hull form for minimum resistance. the electric/electronic components would be housed in a small water tight pod about 18 inches above the water. Recording would be done in less than 18 knots of wind, preferably less than 10 knots. Wave formation would then not be a problem. The mother boat is a 21 foot survey/utility boat now operating in survey work as was done a hundred years ago--- I wish to update, simplify, and reduce errors--[mostly human], in this survey activity. Any help is more than welcome-- Alan Perleman has been very patient in answering my questions, but has referred me to this forum hoping to find someone who has the answers. Thanks in advance, Don Cameron . email: I am in the Philippines which limits my options for the acquisition of reliable information and the purchase of the components. I have no problem in the assembly of this project----dc
  2. Sound mapping drones

    A very quick Google search turns up a number of articles where there are studies of the noisy drones and some mapping of where they go, etc. I'm thinking that if the noise of the drone itself could be filtered out electronically or mechanically, it would be very useful to have sound-mapping equipment carried by a drone. This would be particularly useful for search and rescue operations where cries for help could be pinpointed. No visuals can do this job. I could imagine people who carry emergency whistles on hikes could be found by such a drone. Maybe dual visual-sonic mapping would be possible. Another idea is to use such a service for realtors. Some people like me like to live in a quiet neighborhood. I sure would like to know what sounds I would be subjected to when I move to a neighborhood. For one thing, builders tend to hide railroad tracks behind a layer or two of trees, and until people move there, they have no idea that the train comes roaring through at 4 a.m. Or trucking or emergency vehicles. Any noise maker. Does anyone have any thoughts or perhaps even have experience with this idea? Stan
  3. Here is a link to a trailer of the new season of the AirVūz Original drone show "Drone Trippin." This season looks sweet as they are in Oahu, Hawaii! I watched a few of the first season on there and youtube. Those pilots are nuts!! Check out the trailer here: Drone Trippin: Season 2 Trailer Let me know what you think!
  4. Hi everyone, My friend, Devon, put together this brilliant resource on Ground Control Points. You don't need them most of the time but when you do, it's worth it to get it right. That's detailed here, as well. Check it out.
  5. Flight controller itself is highly demanding of technology, which is the advantage of TopXGun. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is able to realize unmanned flight because of its "brain" - flight control system. It is precisely because of the flight controller, UAVs can complete automatic takeoff, automatic navigation, independent cruise, landing and a series of independent movements. In the early years of UAVs, the focus was mostly on how to realize stable take-off, how to fly higher and faster, and now it is more emphasis on intelligence, terminalization and clustering. UAVs are no longer just toy, but tools that can be used in a variety of scenarios. The UAV was able to have such a change, largely thanks to the development of flight control technology, and today we’d like to invite TopXGun who is focus on the flight controller to offer us new vision to the UAVs’ industrial application. Based on sufficient technology accumulation, access to UAV flight control market. "Dreams are like underwear. They must be there, but it's not appropriate to show them to others." CEO Zhang Yu said a word, very interesting, but enough to see the whole team are low-key and introverted, in the mean time, there is no lack of appropriate Internet genes. When talk to CTO Yin Liangliang, he said: "Low-key attitude has been the philosophy of our company. We, a UAV flight control research and solutions provider, have been endeavour to meet customer’s demand. To real solve the problem of customers can better create value for customers. To promote the progress of UAV industry, and promote the application of UAVs in various industries, has been our goal." Doing things in low-key, but the technology of TopXGun is not "low-key". The core team are from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beihang University and other aviation professional institutions and domestic research related to UAVs. With 10 years of industrial experience and product development capabilities, TopXGun has been engaged in research and development of military UAV. Before the venture, they have also participated in a variety of military UAV research and development, including fixed wing, helicopter and multi-rotor, and now is based on multi-rotor UAVs. CTO Yin Liangliang's answer is not surprising to the question why choose UAV as the venture field: "In 2013, domestic UAV began to develop rapidly. On the basis of previous technology, we began to enter the market for UAV flight controller." UAV flight control system and solutions provider Flight control technology is one of the core technologies of UAV, but many manufacturers did not fully grasp the technology, not because they do not want to do research, but most of them are limited to the weak accumulation of technology. Yin Liangliang added: "we were endeavour in the flight control field for many years, so that our accumulate mature technology solutions provide us the status of the third party to enter into the UAV market." "We are positioning ourselves as UAVs’ flight control system and UAVs solutions providers." He said, in the ecological UAV chain, we only do what we can do best to provide the most professional products and service. Considering market demand, we cooperates with customers to launch a complete industrial program in plant protection, security, patrol line, surveying and mapping, logistics and other applications." Any kind of product’s research and development, production, testing and sales will encounter various difficulties, not to mention the flight control system which demands of higher technical requirements. When talking to how to overcome the difficulties in the process of design and development of products, Yin Liangliang said: "Hovering, stability and anti-interference of UAV flight control system are the difficulties. We can solve these problems from two aspects: one is to fully understand the actual demands of customers, analyze and solve problems in practical applications. On the other hand, TopXGun itself in the flight control research has deep technical accumulation, and we will continue to increase investment in research and development, so that each iteration are tested and verified thoroughly." Combine flight controller and monitoring platform, solving illegal flight from the origin. When it comes to drones, they have to say the huge negative impact of illegal flight. Although the state has introduced the relevant UAV real name policy, which can serve as certain constraint, the policy "power" has yet to be strengthened. When talk to the "illegal flight" topic, Yin Liangliang said that only a standardized management can ensure the stable development of the UAV industry. He said: "we have been in response to industry call to fully cooperate with the competent authorities to formulate various standards and specifications. As a flight control research and development enterprise, we also have the responsibility and obligation to contribute our strength for the healthy and orderly development of the industry. At the beginning of the design, we have taken into account the supervision of the competent authorities’ docking platform. So that we can solve illegal flight from the origin through technical means of real-time control of drones."
  6. Drone Flying Internships

    I am a highly motivated college student eager to learn about Drone Flight as a possible career choice. I would love to intern at a drone company for a summer to gain experience in this field. Could anyone recommend companies eager to hire interns for summer employment in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Blog Authors wanted!

    Hey! My name is Kat and I am part of an international well-known Drone blog team. We are now looking for new authors. Drones should - of course – be your passion and you should have some good writing skills and a good reputation... We are looking for people who want to be a constant part of our team – meaning we are looking for writers who are having fun in writing blog articles on a regular basis. You will get paid for every article – just send me two to three examples of your work as a writer (don't have to be Drone related) or your website with examples. Oh, another important information: It is very important that you are fluent in English... Would be happy to hear from you soon! All the best!
  8. Hello

    Just want to say hello; I have 9 years in GIS and now I want to incorporate drone mapping along with aerial photography and perhaps orthos into my work. Recently received my Part 107 and looking into upgrading drone equipment right now to the Inspire 2 with the zenmuse x5 and the ndvi camera.
  9. NDVI Imagery and Drones - Resources?

    Hi all, got a great email from someone in our community and wanted to crowdsource a response: Thoughts? I know Sentera sells a DJI upgrade package. And I've heard about companies like Agrobotix and Drone Nerds, the latter selling add-on cameras, but I don't have direct experience with either company.
  10. My friend Lauren, who regularly kicks but at Drone360, wrote a great piece about a little-known rule. If you're working on the farm, you want to read this.
  11. I'm reviewing the drones to purchase and would like any recommendation on a Drone and Software for mining purposes, measuring stockpiles and 3D mapping.
  12. Airdata did a study on 2,000,000 users

    Found this study from AirData on minutes per battery for different DJI models.
  13. Hello from the Bay Area

    Hi everyone, I hope you're having a great Friday. I'm a Part 107-certified Remote Pilot and freelance marketing consultant. I work with Flying Robot international Film Festival, Drone360 Magazine, DroneDeploy, and the forthcoming Wedding Drones. Check out my photos/videos - Website: I'll likely be posting about all things except for drone racing.
  14. I have just found this link and it represents what we used to call, in high school, "Divertimento innocuo per bambini scemi" (= innocuous play for idiotic children). This is more silly than innocuous, though. The only contrusctive result was the behaviour of the li-po battery pack, which survived because of its insulation. Cheers from Bruno
  15. Old Pro moving up

    Was asked by Alan Perlman, where I fitted in here. I am a forty five year professional photographer who was always feet on the ground. I did use a fifteen meter telescopic mast for specialised aerial photography as it was cheaper than hiring a helicopter. My move to drones in my senior days is to enable me to film and shoot stills from one piece of kit. As soon as we mange to sell our property in Brazil we will be buying a cruising yacht and set off on my lifes last and hopefully great adventure. Exciting video will play a major part in this venture and drones will deliver what I need. I have checked out many on this site and have got it down to two or three at the moment. That's, I believe how |I fit in here..;-)
  16. Drones and Privacy

    Hello everyone! We're very happy to have found this forum filled with other drone enthusiasts, such as ourselves. We are based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As there is some negative sentiments and information floating around about drones in general, consumer drones in particular, our aim has been thus far to promote the positive, entertaining aspects of consumer drones, and how they possess incredible creative potential for the future. Worded differently, we're trying to uphold the positive, friendly image of drones, rather than privacy invasive machines that some people sometimes perceive them to be. The future creative and innovative potential that consumer drones hold depend on an evolving awareness by drone enthusiasts of the risks and issues posed by different types of drones, particularly in regards to privacy, and how to avoid or mitigate them. To this end, we started classifying drones into different granular categories (e.g. drones by flight features, drones by camera type, etc.), which we believe will make it easier to identify and address or remediate particular risks and issues associated with different types of drones, drone technologies, and drone features, as they relate to privacy. Our hope is to dispel privacy issues from the fun entertainment that consumer drones provide to us drone hobbyists. In the interim, we enjoy reading/hearing what others have to say about drones, as well as learning about different types of consumer drones. Cheers, The Skynex Global Drones Team
  17. New Drone Review Show!

    Hi everyone! Check out our new review show called AirVūz ReVūz. We just reviewed the VIFLY R220.ūz-ReVūz-VIFLY-R220?id=58b5b423b471b6146c8b1006 Let us know what you think! What drone and/or drone accessory should we review next? Thanks!
  18. Study

    Hi Everyone, I am drone pilot for more than 3 years, therefore I decided to run my Thesis on Drones, Drones are the future of humanity, for patrolling, shipping, lives savings, inspection, transportation and other applications,As part of my Thesis I decided to run a study regarding pilots main concerns, as a drone pilot my main concern is Hitting someone due to a drone malfunction or even to be liable of 3rd party damages, study results are not confidential, I will be happy to share them, Hopfully many of you will participate so we get better understanding regarding your concerns. This research is meant for our use and your personal detail won't be shared with anyone (you may also answer anonymously.) its oK,Thanks!
  19. These people are crazy!!! But it definitely looks like a good time! Here is some footage I took of the 2017 Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza on Gull Lake near Brainerd, Minnesota. It is the world's largest ice fishing contest and they estimated over 12k participants this year. Click the link below to watch the vid: Thoughts, comments and suggestions are always welcome!
  20. I came across this video on another site I am always uploading my drone footage on. This "Droning America" show seems to have a very cool concept. In this particular episode the host travels to San Diego and interviews a drone pilot from there. When you have some time check it out and let me know what you think of this concept. Thanks
  21. New Orlando Drone Laws

    Planning a trip to Orlando to fly your drone around? Might wanna check out this news story first (link below). I came across this today and I guess the popular Florida city has added some new drone laws and ordinances for UAV pilots. Sounds like perfect timing for them to implement something like this with Spring Break about to start.
  22. Hello From Minneapolis

    Hi I am new to this forum and just checking out how things work around here. Seems very informative, and I think I will really enjoy it. I have been droning for over a year now but recently just got a DJI Mavic and feel like I have entered a whole new world of drones. Everything about this little drone is amazing! Here is the first video that I took in downtown Minneapolis the other day with my Mavic: Thanks!
  23. UAS College of Choice

    Hi guys, I'm a newly interested UAS drone pilot looking for a school to pick from in terms of preparing myself for the industry. Right now I am torn between UND and Oklahoma State. UND is a leader when it comes to training pilots and offers a major in UAS (however it only focuses on flying and not engineering or design in uas), they are also pretty cheap when it comes to overall cost. Oklahoma on the other hand offers a graduate program that focuses on UAS engineering. What I am torn on is the decision about whether to completely forgo my backup plan to be a professional pilot and enter the drone industry through the engineering aspect of things, or should I keep the commercial pilot idea in hand because of the shortage and just go through one of the drone pilot programs that focus on flight and not necessarily engineering or design? Anybody who has experience in the field or at one of these universities would offer me huge help, thanks.
  24. For those that may have missed this segment on 60 Minutes this past week, here's a link to it online. Very interesting application of multiple drones working in "harmony" for a common goal. But wait, there's more!.......... Just today, FAA granted a waiver to a company in California waiving 107.35: Operation of mulitple small unmanned aircraft systems. This is only the 6th time, by my count, that FAA has waived this part of the rulemaking and the stipulations are interesting to read. Here's the link to the waiver