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Found 3 results

  1. Flight controller itself is highly demanding of technology, which is the advantage of TopXGun. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is able to realize unmanned flight because of its "brain" - flight control system. It is precisely because of the flight controller, UAVs can complete automatic takeoff, automatic navigation, independent cruise, landing and a series of independent movements. In the early years of UAVs, the focus was mostly on how to realize stable take-off, how to fly higher and faster, and now it is more emphasis on intelligence, terminalization and clustering. UAVs are no longer just toy, but tools that can be used in a variety of scenarios. The UAV was able to have such a change, largely thanks to the development of flight control technology, and today we’d like to invite TopXGun who is focus on the flight controller to offer us new vision to the UAVs’ industrial application. Based on sufficient technology accumulation, access to UAV flight control market. "Dreams are like underwear. They must be there, but it's not appropriate to show them to others." CEO Zhang Yu said a word, very interesting, but enough to see the whole team are low-key and introverted, in the mean time, there is no lack of appropriate Internet genes. When talk to CTO Yin Liangliang, he said: "Low-key attitude has been the philosophy of our company. We, a UAV flight control research and solutions provider, have been endeavour to meet customer’s demand. To real solve the problem of customers can better create value for customers. To promote the progress of UAV industry, and promote the application of UAVs in various industries, has been our goal." Doing things in low-key, but the technology of TopXGun is not "low-key". The core team are from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beihang University and other aviation professional institutions and domestic research related to UAVs. With 10 years of industrial experience and product development capabilities, TopXGun has been engaged in research and development of military UAV. Before the venture, they have also participated in a variety of military UAV research and development, including fixed wing, helicopter and multi-rotor, and now is based on multi-rotor UAVs. CTO Yin Liangliang's answer is not surprising to the question why choose UAV as the venture field: "In 2013, domestic UAV began to develop rapidly. On the basis of previous technology, we began to enter the market for UAV flight controller." UAV flight control system and solutions provider Flight control technology is one of the core technologies of UAV, but many manufacturers did not fully grasp the technology, not because they do not want to do research, but most of them are limited to the weak accumulation of technology. Yin Liangliang added: "we were endeavour in the flight control field for many years, so that our accumulate mature technology solutions provide us the status of the third party to enter into the UAV market." "We are positioning ourselves as UAVs’ flight control system and UAVs solutions providers." He said, in the ecological UAV chain, we only do what we can do best to provide the most professional products and service. Considering market demand, we cooperates with customers to launch a complete industrial program in plant protection, security, patrol line, surveying and mapping, logistics and other applications." Any kind of product’s research and development, production, testing and sales will encounter various difficulties, not to mention the flight control system which demands of higher technical requirements. When talking to how to overcome the difficulties in the process of design and development of products, Yin Liangliang said: "Hovering, stability and anti-interference of UAV flight control system are the difficulties. We can solve these problems from two aspects: one is to fully understand the actual demands of customers, analyze and solve problems in practical applications. On the other hand, TopXGun itself in the flight control research has deep technical accumulation, and we will continue to increase investment in research and development, so that each iteration are tested and verified thoroughly." Combine flight controller and monitoring platform, solving illegal flight from the origin. When it comes to drones, they have to say the huge negative impact of illegal flight. Although the state has introduced the relevant UAV real name policy, which can serve as certain constraint, the policy "power" has yet to be strengthened. When talk to the "illegal flight" topic, Yin Liangliang said that only a standardized management can ensure the stable development of the UAV industry. He said: "we have been in response to industry call to fully cooperate with the competent authorities to formulate various standards and specifications. As a flight control research and development enterprise, we also have the responsibility and obligation to contribute our strength for the healthy and orderly development of the industry. At the beginning of the design, we have taken into account the supervision of the competent authorities’ docking platform. So that we can solve illegal flight from the origin through technical means of real-time control of drones."
  2. TopXGun is professional in providing UAV solutions for agricultural protection, wind blade inspection and other inspection. We have attended the local CEBIT 2017 in Hall 6. Welcome your visit for us!
  3. These guys are developing an advanced flight controller for developers. It looks interesting but I'll need to look into a bit further to see if its worth backing.