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Found 2 results

  1. Business Demo (Sort of)

    As many of you know, I have a drone startup. Like a lot of people I started building and selling drones out of my garage. It then morphed into a service provider, then when the Military banned DJI people started asking us to sell our drones. So its gone full circle. It takes a lot of money to manufacture anything, some of the people who were asking us to build drones made some sizable investments, but not enough yet to scale where we need to be. Not all investments (or Investors) work out and you can lose friendships. With startups your always a day away from making it or a day away from being out of business, just depends on the day. One of the companies interested in investing came to me and asked if we could deliver a system in a week for a demo in India and Singapore. Yes we can, no I won't. The probability that anyone who has never flown a drone could pull off a successful demo on such short notice is unlikely. So we compromised and I edited together a demo reel showing the different drones and missions we've done recently. Some of you have probably seen some of this, I didn't have the time to start from scratch. Not only do I tend to be a bit tongue and cheek about the advice I give but also on my own projects as well. If you can't laugh at yourself.... So I'm curious if if you think maybe this might be a little in bad taste?
  2. Hey, guys, do you think the industrial drone below for Public Security/Law Enforcement is possible? There are lots of videos on the FB (at)rcdroneuav for it. JTT T60 Industrial Drones features: 1. Military-stardard quality with anti-wind(Level 7) and waterproof design for working in difficult weather conditions.2. Battery powered UAV with long endurance up to 60minutes.3. Eqqipped with 3-axis gimbal delivering stable 360-degree vision.4. Versatile payload configuration with 3.5kg capacity incorporating optional drop mechanism and multiple camera, sensor and other payload device options.5. Groud station with easy pre-flight route and waypoint setting via google earth mapping including flight heights.6. Advanced flight controls with manual and GPS flight modes, real-time positioning on 3D map, and auto return and landing.7. One-key control for key flight and payload functions with low battery alerts. Waitting for comments, thanks! Best regards! Zora Van