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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm excited to be joining the community. I'm both new to forums and new to drones. I am not; however, new to aviation. I've got a degree in Aeronautics and worked as an A&P mechanic before I started flight instructing. I continued on that career path for a few years before I lost my medical certificate. Currently, I'm in a long and complicated paperwork battle with the FAA to get my medical reinstated... With all that being said, I'm considering a slight career change from manned aircraft to UAS. Not sure exactly what direction I want to go with UAS, but I love flying and I love aviation. I've got my 107 certificate but no drone. Any advice for a new drone pilot on where to go from here? Thanks! I'm excited to learn!
  2. Just joined the Community

    Hello All, Just joined and looking forward to learning from everyone's collective experience. While new to the UAV platform, I have been a photographer for over 30 years. I passed my Part 107 back in mid-July (2017) and am just waiting on my certificate number to accelerate the start-up of a new branch to my business offerings. In the meantime, I have been flying recreationally to grow my flight experience. I joined the AMA and have been flying at their local chapter flying sites across the United States. Great organization. I own two (2) UAVs: DJI Mavic Pro and a newly acquired DJI Phantom 4 Pro. My plan is to focus on property sales media (commercial and residential real estate, luxury automobiles and watercraft, etc.). Looking forward to a very positive experience. Thanks in advance! Tom Dowling FAA Certified Remote Pilot with Small UAS Rating
  3. Introduction

    Hello, I just signed up for the course. I am a Computer Science faculty member working with drones. Most of my work is related to environmental science. Aside from "flight" projects I also work with autonomous surface vehicles (i.e. boats). Looking forward to learning and being part of the community. Best, George
  4. Our introduction from Sri lanka

    My name is Delon Anthony and I simply mad and crazy about quadcopters, Really why shouldn't you love them right ? I have a dedicated team of drone experts coming together to share their knowledge on my site. Our blog was the idea after I thought I should do something about my love for the drones. So I suggest read our site, buy a quadcopter and fulfill what you're missing in your life.
  5. Mr

    Hello Everybody. This is my introduction. I am new to drones. But not new to small flying toys. Since I built my first small glider I have been thinking of radio controlled flight. So here I am. Bought a drone last week, and now need all the insight I can get from experience pilots. I am experienced in Thermography and wish to combine the experience with a dream. Hope we get to know each other. I am living in South Africa, East Coast. Here we have warm weather most of the time, and hot politic all the time. If you want to talk politics, I am out. If you want to talk Drones, I am in. Regards Ian for Thermax-IR
  6. New Introduction

    Hello everyone, My name is James H. I reside in FL and I just registered and new to this group/site. I am here to learn more about the drone industry and geospatial advances and technology. I do have a B.A. in Geography and have worked in the industry for about 1.5 years of some geospatial experience. I worked for a small geospatial company as a sensor operator collecting aerial imagery on a flight crew and have processed data and maps as a GIS technician before working in the IT field now. However, I am currently not working in the industry ,but I do love what I studied in school and the opportunity to keep this going as a side hobby at minimum. I also enjoy learning about our earth and mapping and surveying targets from above. I would love to get to know many of you all in the industry and those who are hobbyists. I only have a little nano drone for now but would like to upgrade soon when finances are available. I am also interested in getting the drone license as well. Hope to meet and engage with you all soon. I am thankful to be among you great professionals and enthusiasts. Thank you, James H.
  7. I would love to get involved in this community and have read the introduction emails as well as will continue to read the material in these forums! Thank you for being around and I'm glad I joined a thriving community!
  8. Hello everyone. I've been making my way toward my Private Pilot's license here in Michigan and deciding whether to move into a commercial pilot's license or commercial uav piloting. I'm excited to start learning about the industry!