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Found 4 results

  1. Long term aim

    Hi everyone, I am an American living 30 years in Tokyo. I want to in several years semi retire to start a drone business here, probably largely focused on agriculture. Demand is strong here due to technology shortages and population declines. I will likely lurk here. I need ideas on drones/software to buy, and on how to run a business. I am a moderately experienced hobby pilot of a Spark but will look to upgrade of course if I push into business. Soon of course I will get a commercial license—several schools have opened of late.
  2. Hello from Tokyo

    Hello from Japan, I am a total newbie to UAV's and would like to learn as much as I can. I think there are a lot of opportunities to not only have quite a bit of fun but also make a business in the UAV industry. I have been living in Japan for about 20 years as a network and voip engineer and would like to start to branch out into other exciting things. I think my kids would like to get involved too. Anything that would allow more dad and kids time would be double plus good
  3. Very cool show. Need more of this positive reporting and less of the negative.
  4. Check out this article. I wonder how far behind we are in this arena? LOL!