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Found 34 results

  1. Dear UAV Coach community, In Geoscan we develop multidimensional spatial data visualization system – Sputnik GIS. It is a great tool for viewing and analyzing wide range of UAV survey results. Here is areas of applications of Sputnik GIS: mining, urban planning, road construction and maintenance, oil and gas, emergency management, condition survey and more. We are glad to present you a new version of Sputnik 1.3. In this version, we improved TLS rendering algorithm and released new features. Please check out the list of improvements and innovations below. 1. TLS rendering – the speed of rendering along with detail level increased, high FPS is maintained. The chance of coarse objects (LOD) appearing during model rotation is reduced. 2. Close to wall navigation is improved – we added first person camera mode and keys combination to move along vertical axis of object 3. Export part of TLS model – we added tool to export interested part of TLS model to OBJ, 3DS and DAE. For DAE and 3DS formats, backward compatibility with Sputnik is implemented 4. WMTS support – support for WMTS maps is supported in new version. Now you can use MapBox styles in Sputnik 5. OC3 and LAS support – now it is available to view OC3 (Photoscan point cloud format) and LAS ( Lidar) 6. WMTS support along with support of WMS services, Sputnik 1.3 supports WMTS services. Thanks to this innovation, you can use the maps you created on the Mapbox service. 7. Color palettes – from new version it is available to style raster maps in *.geotiff format 8. Photo selection – people use Sputnik for You can download Sputnik 1.3 using this link - Read more about Sputnik GIS 1.3 in our blog -
  2. Sound mapping drones

    A very quick Google search turns up a number of articles where there are studies of the noisy drones and some mapping of where they go, etc. I'm thinking that if the noise of the drone itself could be filtered out electronically or mechanically, it would be very useful to have sound-mapping equipment carried by a drone. This would be particularly useful for search and rescue operations where cries for help could be pinpointed. No visuals can do this job. I could imagine people who carry emergency whistles on hikes could be found by such a drone. Maybe dual visual-sonic mapping would be possible. Another idea is to use such a service for realtors. Some people like me like to live in a quiet neighborhood. I sure would like to know what sounds I would be subjected to when I move to a neighborhood. For one thing, builders tend to hide railroad tracks behind a layer or two of trees, and until people move there, they have no idea that the train comes roaring through at 4 a.m. Or trucking or emergency vehicles. Any noise maker. Does anyone have any thoughts or perhaps even have experience with this idea? Stan
  3. Roof mapping tip

    Roof assessment we did recently for a nice condominium with a rooftop terrace. Just want to pass this tip along to any pilots out there that are also doing roof assessments. This roof had a lot going on! Something you have to keep in mind is that some sections of the roof will not be visible depending on the angle of the which is important if that is a significant area of the roof. Try to get close to the areas that could be blocked out by an erected structure.
  4. Roof mapping tip

    Roof assessment we did recently for a nice condominium with a rooftop terrace. Just want to pass this tip along to any pilots out there that are also doing roof assessments. This roof had a lot going on! Something you have to keep in mind is that some sections of the roof will not be visible depending on the angle of the which is important if that is a significant area of the roof. Try to get close to the areas that could be blocked out by an erected structure.
  5. Hi all, CAVU Media created a 1,300+ acre map of New Orleans City Park. They were able to achieve higher resolution on the imagery w/ drone mapping software compared to traditional aerial photography. I would love to know your thoughts on this study as I've gotten some interesting feedback and challenges from posting this article.
  6. Hello everyone! I have created a software package that -amongst other purposes- it can be used to compensate for rolling shutter artifacts and provide corrected images. The overall scope is to increase the accuracy on 3D models created with photographs captured by Phantoms or other low cost UAVs and/or cameras. From tests that I have performed so far, the accuracy increases up to 70% for fast flights. I am turning to you now to further test my algorithm. If you have UAV-captured datasets that you can share with me, I would be very grateful. The only restriction is that I need datasets that have GCPs measured with RTK to eliminate this error source. Thank you very much in advance!
  7. Morning, I am hoping to get a little help on this one... I have a client that has two large properties and would like them to be mapped.. One is 100 acres and the other is around 650.. I am not a pilot, (yet) I work with data. How many GCP should be used for something like this. He plans on selling these large properties to a developer.. His project requires topography.. and I was planning on creating a DTM for him as well .. I use pix4d for processing imagery, and integrate into GIS and AutoCAD as a deliverable....any insight on this would be grateful.. have a great day..
  8. Hi everyone, My friend, Devon, put together this brilliant resource on Ground Control Points. You don't need them most of the time but when you do, it's worth it to get it right. That's detailed here, as well. Check it out.
  9. Here's a great guide to choosing the right UAV for your mapping business.
  10. Hello

    Just want to say hello; I have 9 years in GIS and now I want to incorporate drone mapping along with aerial photography and perhaps orthos into my work. Recently received my Part 107 and looking into upgrading drone equipment right now to the Inspire 2 with the zenmuse x5 and the ndvi camera.
  11. Hello from Napa, CA

    Hi to all fellow drone enthusiasts;) I'm new to droning; i'm developer of alternative energy systems for a sustainable energy supply for everyone; solar and wind energy project developments require substantial amount of space; this space has to be mapped, georeferenced and topography imported into CAD for further processing (cut and fill, grading, foundation design, ...) Later on, o&m work has to be performed (pole inspection, powerlines inspection and thermal inspection of solar field, ...) I'm in the process of setting up business to provide development, design, and o&m drone services for the segment i'm in. I'm open to partnership. I'm not very familiar with picture processing and I'm looking for recommendations with regard to system setup and process / workflow implementation. My educational background is environmental engineering and physical oceanography (both master degrees from german universities) I'm looking forward to your comments Thx, Dirk
  12. Hey all, I'm a graduate student using drones for conservation/habitat mapping, and I'm hoping to crowdsource some images for a neural network I'm training to identify suburban/run down urban mosquito habitat. We're trying to understand whether vector control agencies might be able to use drones to monitor aedes albopictus habitat and do automatic image recognition for hotspots like open containers, trash piles, abandoned tires, etc, especially near mosquito traps tested positive for albopictus. These mosquitos are the ones responsible, with aegypti, for the spread of Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya, etc, but only fly 150-300 feet in their lifetimes, and always live near people. These diseases haven't really made it to the states yet, but albopictus are here and moving northward. If you have any (aerial) photos of (your own) backyard or other semi-urban areas with open containers like big trash bits, buckets, tires, trash piles, canoes, etc, and would be willing to let me use them to train the network, I'd really appreciate any help I can get. The methods are sound (right now, networks are built and tested, just need to be sufficiently trained -- for those curious, I'm looking at VGG16 for straight classification and Faster RCNN and 100 Layers of Tiramisu for image segmentation). We are planning to validate our results with entomologists collecting larvae samples toward the end of the summer. I'm storing them all in a box account right now -- photos can be emailed directly to (I know it looks like spam; it isn't, I swear), or if you'd like any more information on my research, feel free write me here or contact me at Thanks in advance, Elizabeth
  13. Hi all, just got this email from one of our students: Thoughts? I haven't spent enough time comparing the two myself. (cc @Lewis@IcarusAerials @Trevor - Icarus)
  14. If you're mapping, you should be familiar with Ground Control Points. This article gives a rundown on what they are, why they're important, and how to implement them.
  15. In the early 2017 drone market, is the inspire 2 worth getting over the phantom 4 pro when it comes to mapping construction sites and farmland. Thanks
  16. Hi from Lima Peru

    Hi, just to thanks the ADMIN for adding me, Im an Rc pilot for 20 years and in FPV for 5 years and have the administration of the FPV group on Facebook, our group is dedicated to promoting the First person view in Peru , all are invited to discuss their experiences and, knowledge. here is the link: , also you can follow us on Periscope: and Twitter: This 2016 im starting a small company (part time job) dedicated to aereal mapping and video surveillance using civilian drones or copters for SAR operations to help the authorities in my country and video mapping for commercial purposes. What I do for living? Im a coastguard officer (Captain). Chears Werner M
  17. I have a question regarding flying over urban areas. I have been asked multiple times about being able to fly residential street areas. The uses for this are obvious and so are the potential abuses. Small cities say 700 people to 12,000 people have asked if I can fly residential areas for street reconstruction or sidewalk replacement etc. FAA doesn’t allow flying over moving vehicles or flying over people (unless they are part of the drone operation). I think urban mapping (specifically residential) could be accomplished if the area of interest had the streets temporarily closed and if all residents were notified of the flight (day and time). If residents are notified does that mean they are “part of the operation”? Any thoughts or discussion? Any success stories on this topic? Thanks!
  18. Need some Help

    I flew a field for a client and I have used pix4d for processing the mapping. He wants me to add certain symbols on the map where wells are located. He provided the lat long, but I am unsure how I can add specific type of symbols to the map in the locations given. Should I take the google tiles and put them into google earth and recreate the symbols? Anyone have better suggestions or software? Thanks!
  19. Simactive Correlator 3D UAV

    Hey all, I was doing some research on various UAS photo mapping software companies. I came across Simactive Correlator 3D and Correlator 3D UAV software and wondered if anyone in the forum has used it for UAS mapping. There are options for subscriptions and full permanent purchase of the software. The permanent price for Simactive is around $2300 less than Pix4D. It looks interesting, but wasn't sure if it would be on par with Pix4D or Drone Deploy. The client list on the website is pretty extensive and includes the US Army Corps of Engineers. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Chris
  20. Hello, I have a couple of potential large clients within a couple of miles of me. One has a granite quarry, stone crushing, and asphault manufacuring. Another has a very large stone & gravel company, does land clearing and developing including some properties they purchase for themselves. The later is currently doing a 400 acre site clearing where the town has a, I believe, national company provide drone arerial photography to satisfy the town on the work near wet lands. Since my interest is in the commercial industrial, construction, inspection areas, including real estate to put money in my pocket while building the other desired insdustries, I am looking to partner or obtain the hardware and software to give me the opportunity to work such projects and industries. There have been a number of players that offer solutions like this in the last year. Since this is a startup venture, I want to approach companies like this but need the tools and support from the right vendor, especial when budgeting is rather tight to this startup and is crutial. Marketing material and support would obviously be very important to do some hand-holding with me while I get going. I work in the mid Massachusetts areas to Southern NH. My goal is to have the needed vendor I can work with prior to knocking on doors, especially if I don't have the right marketing material or hardware/software to see it thru and potential loose a client by wasting his time. Does anyone have any vendors they would suggest given the above?
  21. Around how much should I charge per hour when it comes to mapping a construction site with my drone. I want to be reasonable but also make enough money to grow my company in the future. Thanks
  22. Introducing myself from Big Manila

    Hi all! Just to say hello from The Philippines. I have joint the community just now. I'm intending to use UAVs for mapping communities and areas in order to strengthen Disaster Risk Reductions (DRR) components. The idea is to use UAVs for getting images to be used for mapping exposures, vulnerabilities and risks of both urban and rural communities, within mitigation and preparedness phases, and to use them also in case of disasters during the Emergency Response in the immediate aftermath. I hope I can, by belonging to this community, find people working already on this and to learn about which UAVs are better for these purposes as well. Thanks in advance!
  23. Modular Camera Platform

    I've been looking for a modular camera platform that can be integrated with a custom built UAV for some time and it looks like the folks at may have come up the solution. Not available just yet but coming soon. Also no pricing but being modular I guess you could start out with a basic system and build up.
  24. Question so when I am mapping a construction site, at what angle do I want my I1 X5 camera to point ? straight down or with a bit of an upward angle. I want to make sure to capture everything on the first flight while I am learning to map. Thanks in advance Ronk
  25. I really enjoyed the mapping and modeling course. It really opened my eyes on the right type of equipment. At this time I do not have the right UAV for doing any mapping. I have Yuneec Typhoon Q500+., and a DIY Quad. Now the DIY does have a pixhawk controller, and 2 axis gimbal with a GOPRO. The DIY can do waypoints. However the camera needs a shutter system that can communicate with the pixhawk. I have the option of modifying my DIY by adding a companion computer "Raspberry PI" to control the shutter. Which I can do for a future project. I would like to get started with mappings sooner. I like how the course went over the various models like the 3DR Solo, DJI Phantom and Inspire. I have first compared the DJI and 3DR. Familiar with 3dr products. I do like additional options of the DJI, like the pictures already being geotagged. I have been looking at the Phantom 3's and cost. I can get a new P3 standard for $499, P3 4K for $599, P3 Advanced $799. Also this doesn't account for the extra's like batteries and such. Would a P3 standard be good for mapping? I did see on the dronedeploy website that the standard is on their supported list. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You