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Found 8 results

  1. Bend Your Mind

    Old Mala pier in Lahaina...took a different perspective on this one. Enjoy!
  2. Ocean front, exterior-only teaser

    Occasionally, a client requests exterior-only aerial video work. These can be fun and sometimes challenging, especially when the property is tightly covered in foliage, not very large, and located along the 2nd windiest bay on the planet. Even the calm days are breezy here!
  3. Maui Lifestyle Video

    One of our strong clients recently asked us to put together a 1 minute Maui lifestyle video for their upcoming promo. This is what I put together for them, had a great time delving into already-collected footage. Enjoy!
  4. While flying a huge empty property for a client, this pueo came around a couple times. So, used some digital zoom and went for a closer look. Shot on a P4, 1080p @ 60fps, worked in FCPX using Twixtor.
  5. Honomanu Bay - Hana - Maui

    Aloha fellow droners! Tonight I'm sharing a creation from our overnight in Hana town. We don't frequent this area of the island much, so I try to capture something memorable from each trip. The image you see showcases Honomanu Bay, one of the best kept secrets of east Maui. The road you see cut into the cliff-sides is world-famous 'Road to Hana', or as we know it, Hana Hwy. In the far distant right, just under the horizon, you can see a rock just off the end of the cliff point. That rock and cliff are the site at which Jurassic Park filmed the intro scene, where the helicopters are first arriving at JP. This single super-pano was created by merging 39 individual images, all shot on a Phantom 4, some 3,000+ feet away from the control station. I flew this mission while standing on the right-hand cliffside, just inside the bay. Mahalo for viewing!
  6. Here's my latest work at showcasing a fairly simple 1 bedroom condo in the heart of Wailea. Had a fun time in post with this one. Aloha!
  7. 3 Houses in 1 Minute

    Aloha pilots! Thought I'd share a video from back in the early part of the year, which features 3 homes on a single lot inside of 1 minute. It was a fun challenge, and the video moves quickly, but it worked out in the end. Enjoy, and Mahalo for viewing!
  8. Property showcase video

    Aloha, I wanted to share the most recent property video from a house that I really loved. This piece was shot almost entirely on a P4. Only the zoomed in view shot was calories with a DSLR. Mahalo for viewing!