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Found 3 results

  1. SkyVector "DROTAMs"

    Hi everyone, I'm still studying up in order to take the test and decided to pop over to the SkyVector website to have a look-see. I'm in the Jacksonville area and noticed some purple rings. Most importantly is one that is 60 NM around Jax (city not the airport). How do I decode the details in this item? (pic attached) I'm guessing that GNV_01/133 is the number attached to look up the details for the DROTAM? Where can I input the code to get more details? SkyVector doesn't really give much info on how to utilize this information. Clicking on the ring makes a new box open with this info: NOTAM UAS Operating Area GNV_01/133 DEFINED AS 60NM RADIUS OF CRG SFC-400FT AGL 1701091542-1702282200.
  2. Hey everybody, just wanted to pass on some info about dealing with the FAA and NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen). I have been traveling around the country shooting with a Phantom 3 Pro for an MTV show. I start the process as soon as production can give me the info.(welcome to reality TV!) You will need a pretty good idea of locations and time frame. First I use "airmap" which is a great app for getting local contact info for heliports, schools, etc. Then I go to, which are sectional maps, to get exact Latitude/Longitude of where I will be operating. Then I call the FAA (877-487-6867) to get a NOTAM registered The FAA will ask you for the following info: - Lat/ Long of area for the operation - Proximity to local airports especially anything within 5 NM - Radius of operation (NM) - Height of operation (AGL) - Date and time (local or Zulu) - your name and contact info - Organization name They will then issue a NOTAM #. I keep this info with me when shooting incase anybody asks me if I have permission, etc. And it reassures the producers that you are doing your due diligence. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi all, I'm still in learning phase and trying to make sure I don't break any FAA rules. I've downloaded the B4UFly app in an effort to make sure I'm not flying anywhere I'm not supposed to. Recently I was in Pensacola, FL and am now near Andalusia, AL and in both places I've run into large swaths of "Special Use Airspace" A-292 (Pensacola) and A-211 (Dothan, AL) that according to the app means I CANNOT fly my drone. I have attached pictures. On the "SkyVector" website these seem to correlate with Caution/Alert areas where there is a high volume of Rotary and Fixed wing training. To me this seems more like an MOA? Is there a way to determine when they end, or if these restrictions are permanent?