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Found 3 results

  1. Skyward Software

    Hi there, I have been using Skyward software for the past year. It is time for renewal and wondering if there is better software for the dollar? Comments?
  2. This recent blog post by skyward shows how they see instant approvals happening. What's great is that it looks like there will be an option for pilots to use the free version of their platform to make these requests. yeah!
  3. Here is a feedback from a flight operation I did last week in the vicinity of Okkechobee County Airport in Florida : I had a client requesting a flight in the vicinity of a non towered airport. - Checked on Airmap : No airspace class mentionned, so I assumed it was class G - Checked on Skyvector : class E I Called the airport manager, which filled a NOTAM for me, and I conducted my operation successfully while planes were taking of and landing… sometime over my flying zone. Next time I will use a 2 way radio in order to be able to monitor the air traffic. My issue is that both Airmap and Skyward are supposed to show class E airspace on the maps, but in reality they only show class B, C and D. From my understanding, non towered airports are in class E airspace (see below). So why Airmap and Skyward are not showing Okeechobee County Airport as a class E airport? Thanks for your help guys!!