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Drones in Law Enforcement

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We flew two missions last year in Coastal Trident, a law enforcement exercise to test port security for homeland defense.  The first is a bomb on a boat and our ability to detect and pursue.  The second was integrating one of our drones into first responders command and control and detecting nuclear material on a large ship.

Both missions were successful.  

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Thanks for sharing, super cool.

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For public safety personnel. DroneLogbook has been receiving inquiries from more and more 1st responders. As a result we decided to create a 1st responder specific platform  www.safetydrone.org which will be tailored to the needs of 1st responders (workflow, terminology etc). Feel free to login and try it now as we will be running it at no charge through the summer (targeting $50 per operator per year after) and we welcome feedback and ideas to make it suited to your needs. If you have any questions feel free to send us a note from the site or reach me at ekubicka@dronelogbook.com

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