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Meet Flyte, Our Newest Community Sponsor

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Hi folks! I'm excited to announce that we'll soon be redesigning the UAV Coach website, as well as this forum. Have gotten some great feedback from you all over the last several months and look forward to rolling everything out soon.

In the meantime, in case you missed it on our blog or in our latest community update emails, I wanted to introduce Flyte, a drone flight ops management platform and our newest community sponsor. Click here to request a 30-day trial, and read more about their platform below.

What are you using to plan and log your flights?

What most people don’t realize about operating sUAS is that 80% of the work happens before and after the flight. That’s the sad reality of being a professional drone pilot.

You’ll spend more time planning, logging, rendering and producing data than flying. 

An app like Flyte can streamline a big chunk of the non-flying part of your operation by helping you:

  • Conduct airspace research. Need to know if you’re flying in controlled or uncontrolled airspace? If there are any other hazards or special airspace considerations in the area? You sure do.
  • Capture / save / send that research. Check out the map below. See the alert and caution icons? And how you can create custom marks on the map? You can save all of that research as well. This is particularly helpful to send to a client or other crew members ahead of time. Good for demonstrating professionalism.


  • Work offline and in-field. Flyte is good for using at home, but you can also use it in the field, before and after flying, to ensure you’re always equipped with the info and resources needed for strong situational awareness and in-the-moment logging.
  • Log your flights, batteries, and aircraft. Even if you’re not a certified sUAS operator, you should be mindful of logging your battery usage and aircraft maintenance schedule. That’s just...taking care of your stuff. Not to mention the safety considerations.

Flyte was built for both individual operators and teams. Their platform enables management of multiple pilots, drones, risk assessment / documentation to ensure the effective management and digital records of all activities.

Click here to request a 30-day trial of Flyte for you or your company.

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I too agree with the CC, what happens in many cases when you do the free trial for the allotted time and get tied up or just forget to cancel your card gets charged, and then its time consuming to contact them to get charges reversed and then wait for it to be reapplied to your card if it does.


As for the the app from what I can see it looks like it can be another way to help your flight time, will see what happens.

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Hi all,

Kerr from Flyte here. Thank you for your interest in Flyte and sorry that I missed your comments until now. 

We will be launching an updated platform this summer, including a mobile app. Based on your feedback we will review our approach to free trials on the future versions. 

In the meantime, if you would still like to trial the current version, we do have reminders in place to help ensure that you won't be charged unduly.

Cancelling is easy too; you can email us at We ensure any cancellations are processed immediately.

Alternatively, if you email us at, I'd be happy to arrange a demo call where I can take you through the platform. 

Best wishes,


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Hi Kerr, we manufacture our own industrial drones.  We are currently only selling them to a very limited number of partners.  

Scaling to sell drones commercially is a huge undertaking and we're exploring the possibility of doing that.  If we do, there will be a need to include applications like this to provide our users with all they need to have a differentiated user experience.  

If we decide to go in this direction would you be willing to OEM your product?

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