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Hi there,

Just upgraded to a P4Pro+.  I am having trouble with the Remote Control Unit:

1) I power up the RC unit and the light stays red and emits a loud audible tone.

2) I power up the aircraft and my DJI app says connected and Ready to Fly.

3) I go into settings and calibrate the RC unit. The app says power off the aircraft.

4) I power off the aircraft and calibrate (follow instructions for moving joy sticks) the RC in settings and the red light/sound stops.

5) Power up the aircraft and the green light is now on in the control unit and the app says Ready to Fly

6) I turn off the aircraft and power down the RC unit.

7) I turn the RC unit on and the problem persists (See Step 1 Above)


I am doing this set up in my apartment without propeller blades. I am hesitant to take it out to fly  until I can solve this problem. DJI support is not available today(Sunday May 21 and Yesterday, Saturday May 20)


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Yes, I do have the most current software and firmware on both RC and the Aircraft. I solved the problem by moving to a different room in my home and then everything worked. Perhaps the signals were  jumbled and the units were not getting a clear signal hit  in the  first room.

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very possible. Best is to be out on asphalt, very little chance for interference. Inside buildings, wiring, structures and WiFi can all cause issues inside buildings...

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If you get beeping on the RC recalibrate your RC sticks not forgetting the camera Rh knob, usually red light and beeping is a stick or knob not centre or off calibration, this can happen when new when things are a little stiff too.  

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