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Nice shot.  

Id suggest slowing your yaw a bit.  Your right on the edge of smearing, when it slows down slightly in the middle the image comes into focus better.  Faster and it smears.  

My comment is regarding the limitation of the technology, not your skill.  That's certainly a shot I'd like to have in my collection and I'm sure you can sell it as stock footage.

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Thanks @Av8Chuck for the constructive feedback. Trying to go slower is a... challenge. =) It seems torturously slow for me at times, even at the speed I yawed. I'll try going even slower next time! 

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Its funny, I totally get what your saying, when your shooting it seems to take for ever.  As a rule of thumb, if your shooting 30fps it should take approximately ten seconds for an object from one side if the image to reach the other side.  If your shooting 24fps it should be a bit slower and if your shooting 60fps it can be a bit faster. 

In the parts of this shot where the yaw is within that rule of thumb. it looks pretty good.  Of coarse shutter speed plays a role in this too but that's a whole other thread..

Obviously since the environment is different there's no single right way to do anything, but on shots like this, once I'm in a stable (hands off) hover, I use the yaw trim to maintain constant yaw speed, I don't even touch the "stick."  Fluctuations in altitude aren't nearly as noticeable. 

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