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Cameron Nehrer

Architecture Shoot (would love feedback)

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This was my first bigger building I've shot for an architecture clien. I mainly do real estate but I had a lot of fun shooting video and photos. I'll post the video when it's done but I was curious to see what kind of feedback I can get from this group on the photos. 


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I like how you grabbed different times of day for different sides of the building. It can be challenging to get the right offset for a larger building but it looks like you managed well. Did you run into any challenges shooting the SE corner? Looks tricky to get that, maybe having to launch by that publicstorage...

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I like these shots, looks like you captured the building and the grounds pretty well.  I'm guessing an altitude cap prevented a top-down shot?

Numbers 1 & 3 are my favorite, but it does look like #3 is a little heavy on the red tones.

Looking forward to the video!

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