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Advisories vs Restrictions

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Hey everyone, I use apps such as Airmap and Kittyhawk for vector maps of restrictions of where I'm flying. However, many times I see advisories that pop up and wondering if these are actually restrictions that prohibit me to fly in these areas. The advisories show up in yellow, such as the image I attached, and when there is a restricted area, such as Class B, C, D, and E, it shows up as red.



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This can become a hottly debated subject.  

Initially Airmap was a website where local business owners could pay a fee to restrict airspace around their businesses.  Then they partnered with DJI to become part of their implementation of GEO fencing.  

If a smartphone app can provide better situational awareness for drone operators as long as its accurate that's great.  If it becomes a trusted source of information and you pay for that service, that's the operators choice.  

But if drone manufacturers make this technology mandatory then they  become a regulatory agency and they aren't authorized to do that.

You are the PIC, you need to take any and all relevant sources of information into account when making your decision to fly.  But you probably shouldn't rely solely on a cell phone app.  

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