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Aloha community,

Today, I'm sharing a few images that I'm rather proud of, created by a technique I've been practicing for several months now.  Each image you see is comprised of anywhere between 10 to 25 individual photos, merged together like a jigsaw puzzle.  In doing this, I'm able to create high resolution images of panoramic scenes that would not fit in a single exposure.  These will print clearly up to around 5-8ft on the long edge, depending upon the image. They vary between 20-100mp.

All shot on a Phantom 4

Mahalo for viewing, looking forward to feedback and constructive critique! 











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Just amazing. I'm grabbing the next flight there. The distortion isn't bad at all, so I'm curious how wide of a view you're really getting. Thanks for sharing!

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Let me know when you land, I'll happily tour you around a few lesser-known places :)


Attached is a single frame from one of the above merged images.  P4 gives a wider view than P4P & Mavic.


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On 10/8/2017 at 6:01 AM, Av8Chuck said:

What software are you using to stitch the photos?

I typically use Lightroom, but occasionally require Photoshop.  Regardless of which does the merge, I use a bit of love in each program for final touch-ups. (i.e. merge artifact mitigation)

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2 minutes ago, Gabriel Yee said:

Great shots...

What was the wind like during these shots and how long did it take you to get all the needed shots?

It is impressive how the drone is stable 

Mahalo Gabriel!  The wind was pretty low, barely more than a few mph really.  But I'll say this, I've flown this little Phantom 4 in winds exceeding 30mph steady, gusting as high as 40mph, and the footage was solid.  Still photos were good too, so long as I had a high shutter speed.  I'm certain it would be next to impossible to shoot a merge pano under those conditions, but now I wanna try it.

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Just now, Gabriel Yee said:

I never tried the to stitch that many aerial images into one which is why  am wondering.


How many shots did it take btw?

It depends upon the scene.  Sometimes I can get it captured in as few as 9 images, other times I'll need as many as 50 images.

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Nicely done!

Having photomerged many images (from a ground based tripod) I can appreciate what you have accomplished from the air.

What is the detail like at 1:1 view (100% crop)?

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This makes me miss Maui! I've been three times and it's my favorite vacation spot. The diving is fantastic, too. I've never been there with a drone, though. I guess it's time to start planning!

Edit: Geez, man! Just clicked through to your website. You could single-handedly OWN the postcard market, LOL!

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