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Hi All - 

My name is Jim and I'm the founder of Drone Service Advisors(www.droneserviceadvisors.com).  We market drone services to a wide array of different industries.  Please stop by the website and have a look-see.  The site will be going through updates over the next couple of weeks.  It is up - running - and getting leads.

I come from a technical background having been a system programmer\team leader for IBM - KMart Aparrel and Western Union.  When the IBM PC hit the market I left my desk job and started my own consulting business.  I learned marketing from the ground floor up.  That's what I am good at.  I am technical enough to understand terminology and put all the pieces together, I am NOT GOOD at piloting a drone :).  

We are looking for pilots that are insured, experienced, professional and have(or can put) a portfolio together.   I will have this material available for our clients to review.  I want to be known as the "Angies List" for drone services.  If a company\individuals are in need of drone services they will contact us.  As we move forward, I will be looking for pilots nationwide.  

Currently we are marketing to specific industries in Georgia and Florida.  Regardless of what state you are in, we can\will market your services in the areas you are willing to work in.  

Please let me know if you are interested in securing work in the field(s) you are experienced in.

I wish all of you success - happiness - health and prosperity.  Thanks for viewing the post and look forward to hearing from you.

Respectfully - 

Jim Buldo

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