Kara Murphy

The Evolution of an Industry: Drones are Changing Construction Worksites, for Good

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3 hours ago, Kara Murphy said:

Interesting article from one of my favorite industry publications, DroneLife, on how drones can an will revolutionize the industry and workflows. How many have considered mapping construction sites or work in construction, curious to get started.

Link to article: http://dronelife.com/2017/07/19/evolution-of-an-industry-construction/

We are currently using an Inspire 1 to track progress on our new Visual Arts building. Our last flight was used to identify and locate foundation piers and grade beams. We compared that to the site engineers survey and I was pleased with the results. It did not locate every pier, due to some being buried or covered during the flight, but overall the UAS is a great tool to streamline our processes and save me a considerable amount of time in the field.

Note: the image was heavily stepped on and cropped to fit within the 597528fb87272_Project00012_mosaic_group1.thumb.jpg.440de45ed3d9c47b68e0d60fde174140.jpgd allowance for images sizes here.

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