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I'd suggest making a Community Update Category and then providing a link to that category in the article of the community update.  That would hopefully solve two problems, first, it might help keep the Community Updates, well up to date, and second, it would make it easy for readers to find the related article they want to discuss.

I think if we want participation in this site to increase we need to make it as easy to find and post as possible.  

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There's an unread content button on this forum!?  Just kidding.

The community update has some interesting articles in it that are often unrelated to threads in this forum that I might like to respond to.  Alan has posted two of the updates in this thread, I'm just trying to think of ways that might automate the process of posting here so when he sends out the email it automatically gets posted to simplify the process and also provide links in the email itself that the reader can click on that links directly to where it's posted.  

The articles themselves are a good resource that I think could spur more in depth conversation.


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