TopXGun Drone Wonderfully Display BLOS Control Technology on MBBF

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In November 15th, the 2017 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, jointly sponsored by HUAWEI, GSMA and GTI, was opened in London, UK. More than 1400 representatives from global operators, vertical industries, industrial organizations attended the event.


In this forum, unmanned aerial vehicles as a new industry has been the attention of all walks of life. TopXGun Robotics joined hands with HUAWEI X Labs, developed the latest unmanned aerial vehicle and has attracted the attention of the whole audience.


This drone owns two innovation functions, i.e., 4.5G BLOS UAV control technology and thermal image transmission. The 4.5G can be used for BLOS control and thermal imaging video transmission in real time. The wireless charging task can be completed with the ground charging station when the battery is low. It solves the problems such as remote controller dependence, limited image transmission, inconvenient battery carrying, etc., which has greatly expanded the drones application.


Participants use pad to send commands to the drone in Nanjing, China. The signals are transmitted through 4.5G and eventually accepted by drone. It can execute unlock, route flight and preset operations without remote controller.


At the same time, videos shot by optical pod or infrared pod carried by drones, as well as battery, flight distance and other data can also be transmitted back to London through 4.5G.


When the drones battery is low, it will alarm through the pad. Controllers can choose to land or charge autonomously.

 After receiving the autonomous charging instruction, the drone records the position of the breakout point, and then finds the nearest charging pile through the cloud system. It completes the autonomous route setting, and finally reaches the charging pile.


With the precise landing of the drone, the ground charging pile also extends the charging head to complete the wireless charging. At this point, operators in London can remotely know the charging rate and battery information. After the completion of charging, the drone will take off automatically, and continue to operate according to the original recorded place.


At present, with 4.5G technology, TopXGun can realize ultra long distance control and precise control. In future, with the development of 5G technology, networked drone era will come. The application of the drone will gradually expand in the transportation, logistics, security, protection and other fields, and eventually becomes the real "networked sky".

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