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Fly boundlessly=M2 flight controller+ Apollo airborne computer

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M2 flight controller

M2 is TopXGuns Mars series. It is designed with TopXGuns second-generation hardware architecture and control algorithm. It is specially designed for unmanned aerial vehicles, with highly reliable and remarkable flight performances. Providing multi-platform SDK, M2 flight controllers are helpful for users to develop personalized unmanned aerial vehicles and tap into potentials of unmanned aerial vehicles.


 1) Highly Reliable Components

Reliability is always the foremost concern for components of M2 flight controllers from their designs to their type selection. All components of these flight controllers are industrial and strictly tested to guarantee safe flight of unmanned aerial vehicles.

 2) Distributed Design

M2 flight controllers have distributed designs for ensuring hardware and software modularization while increasing system reliability. The M2 flight controller in the basic version has 6 CPUs, which have their separate functions.

  3) Intelligent Avionics System

TopXGun’s ground stations can be applied in PC, iPad and Android devices through 900MHz wireless data transceivers. These devices can be selected according to actual demands, in order to exert remote control over aircraft

 4) Powerful Product Performances

In terms of designs, great importance is attached to product performances of M2 flight controllers, which adopt brand new multi-sensor fusion algorithms, attitudes and position control algorithms. Being helpful for high-precision centimeter-level positioning and long-range data transmission, they can greatly improve performances of unmanned aerial vehicles.

 5) High-performance IMU

M2 flight controllers are equipped with automotive-grade gyroscopes and accelerators. Compared with the last-generation products, the precision of the gyroscopes is 20 times higher and the seismic capacity is 10 times higher. The accelerators, with nitrogen-based damp-proof anti-vibration designs, show stronger damping capacity and higher precision. In addition, IMUs of M2 flight controllers are calibrated within the full range of temperature. In combination with the brand new sensor fusion algorithms, the precision of attitude measurements is within 0.5°.

 6) Open Platforms and Applicability to Secondary Development  

M2 flight controllers have spare special APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and provide SDK of Android/IOS. Combined with OCP, they are applicable to various supporting products of unmanned aerial vehicles and secondary development of airborne software.




Apollo Airborne Computer

Apollo, which is the brain of an unmanned aerial vehicle, has strong computing power, abundant interfaces and capacity for accessing 4G network. Carrying Linux operating system, integrated with TopXGun SDK and combined with M2 flight control, Apollo Ⅱ makes it more convenient to develop application scenarios of unmanned aerial vehicles and release more potential of the vehicles.


 1) Strong computing power   

Equipped with Freescale i.MX6Q processor, Apollo is composed of four ARM Cortex-A9 processors, and its dominant frequency is up to 1.2GHz. Besides, it has 2GB DDR3 memory for operation and 16GB EMMC for storage, with strong computing power. In addition, it is equipped with a STM32F103 MCU as coprocessor, which is used for interacting with powerful real-time equipment and guaranteeing real-time of the entire system.  

 2) Support of Abundant Interfaces

With many interfaces, Apollo is used for managing and controlling airborne devices, including mission payload, sensor and control module.

 3) Fast Internet Connectivity

Apollo has a built-in high-speed 4G module, which supports communications of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. Through 4G communications, users can make applications of unmanned aerial vehicles such as super remote control, cluster control and remote real-time monitoring possible, in order that unmanned aerial vehicles can really become online smart platforms.

 4) Environment for Convenient Development

Equipped with Linux operating system and integrated with Topxgun’s SDK, Apollo is quite convenient for developing airborne applications and software. Besides, Apollo is equipped with ROS and LocationS SDK, providing convenience for developing applications and software for unmanned aerial vehicles.

 5) Low Power Consumption

Apollo has low-power designs. When 4G communications are accessible, the maximum power consumption is as high as 8W. When 4G communications are inaccessible, the maximum power consumption is only 5W. With fan-free heat dissipation structures, Apollo is more reliable.



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