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live high voltage power line inspection

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Why do you want to fly that close?  

We fly within about 20ft of 650K feeder lines into power substations. 

Many do you ask?

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It is for a business oportunity that I am not at liberty to discuss in detail. Rest assured that it will be in response to a mission profile sanctioned and permitted by the operator with any and all training plus certifications specified by the operator. This is commercial part 107 business and will be conducted within all flight safety parameters possible.

Here is what I can reveal, we are planning to fly either M600 or Wind 8 machines with RTK. There will be one visible camera included for visual acuity and FPV links so the pilot in charge will be able to fly the mission with the most accurate vision possible. We hope that the precision flying requirements will be capable with best of class aircraft and positioning technology with Crystal Sky displays and GPS mode is preferred. I am getting familiar with some of the energy emissions eminating from the powerlines and their realtime power profiles. At this point I am less concerned with interrupting the 2.4 and 5.8 freqs but more concerned with the GPS continuity.

I am also aware of some actual flight testing of drones being performed but public disemmination of the results is costly. I am also aware of anecdotal evidence of both intentional and unintentional reports documented via YouTube.

This is a very real business opportunity and a serious inquiry. 

Thanks in advance for any sharing of the community wisdom.

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That's all very good and well.  But what is the reason you need to be within 4' of the transmission lines?  It must be more that visuals because you can capture as detailed imagery as you want at much greater (and safer) distance.

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