Inspire 2 package for sale

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Selling my Inspire 2 bundle:

Excellent condition and all around amazing drone! Has about 9 hours on it. Comes with the Xenmuse X4s with ND8 polar filter,  3 batteries, sunshade for ipad, lightning connector cable to connect controller to ipad, extra propellers, upgraded thumb rocker sticks for precision controlling, all power cables and chargers,

standard case (very sturdy btw).

$3,000 (does not include shipping...I live in Orlando, FL.). Serious inquiries only please. PM me for any other details or more photos.






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I apologize ahead of my comments, but why would anyone want to pay two times the amount for the same camera platform as is in the P4Pro ?

Redundancy, duel batteries ? Nah that can't be it. Ability to fly in high winds, maybe,,, but I often fly in 15-20 mph winds. I'm sure the Inspire 2 is  better in high winds, but over twice the price ?

Seems way over-priced. For the same exact camera sensor, same awesome gimbal stabilization.

I know,,,,,,the Inspire 2 is visually much more impressive for that in person client demonstration ,,,and it has such a huge "COOL Factor".

Otherwise, I'm sticking with the best aerial camera platform ever, the P4 Pro.

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Hi @Frederick Yahn, @GoneCoastal Is trying to sell his I2, not debate the virtues of one platform over another.  If you’d like to debate that topic start another thread, I think you’ll be surprised and probably very dissapointed with the response.


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$3000 and I'll throw in the drone and all the other accessories for free 😄

Sorry dude, package deal.

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1 hour ago, Av8Chuck said:

How much is this package from DJI?

I paid $3600 on Amazon.

plus about $250 for the other accessories...

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