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Very well said, Kyle.

I couldn't agree more with what you've said. I also feel your pain with dealing with TBC and the UX5. When i first started using drones, I was trained on the first gen UX5 and was tasked with flying cut blocks up in northern Alberta, Canada. As you said, the processing is a critical point that cant be overlooked. I havent worked with the photogrammetry module in TBC since then, but what I remember about it was that the software just wasn't up to snuff. What Trimble did was purchase a company out of Belgium i believe called Inpho. As the big players usually do, they bought out a little company and incorporated it into their software package. The problem that I ran into with TBC was that the Inpho photogrammetry module was designed in such a way that it was not capable to threading all available processors. This slowed down the processing huge. In the end, I was never able to produce any useful data using the UX5 and TBC. 

Since then I have become very acquainted with Pix4d. They have become my processing software of choice for the type of flying I do. 

Do you use any other processing software other than TBC?

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