Shenzhen JTT Technology released a foolproof industrial drone -- Spider C85

At present, with the breakthrough of many technologies, such as flight controller, optoelectronic pod, power system, and so on,  industrial drones are coming with more intelligent and simpler operation, and the products are more convenient to carry. This is the future trend of industrial drones as well.



On 16th May 2018, new product conference of JTT Technology was held in Shenzhen. More than 200 domestic and foreign industry leaders, customers, guests, agents and media were present. In the conference, industrial drone business was analyzed in subdivision by relevant personages, including the intelligent flight controller of drones, the reliable security mechanism and the customer-oriented customization capability, etc..


The conference released an industrial drone which is named ‘Spider C85’with independent research and development. On the basis of taking into account the powerful advantages of industrial drone and guaranteeing the characteristics of heavy payload, long working time and flight distance, Spider C85 is portable and easily operated. Its wheelbase is 85 cm, and comes with maximum working time which can reach 45 minutes, 2kg maximum payload ability and 12m/s maximum wind resistance capacity. ‘Spider C85’ provides a variety of payload to handle complex and diverse industries and applications, it can also carry dual payloads to meet different mission requirements.




Easy to operate- industrial drones for everybody

For traditional industrial drones, it required long-term training for pilots. The “Spider C85” is easy to operate.

The training time can be shortened to 10 minutes and it can be flied when you take it at the first time. As introduced by JTT UAV R&D Director: "For some "non-professional" users, we have developed a simple mode for the "Spider C85". When the simple mode is enabled, the drone will automatically set the height and distance. No matter what direction the UAV heads to, The drone will automatically recognize the direction of the pilot, the direction will no longer be lost, and the "Spider C85" is also set with functions like one key to take off, one key to land, route planning, pointing flight and so on, which enables “non-professional” pilot to operate easily.




Easy to carry - industrial drones in backpacks

The traditional industrial drones are bulky and heavy, unfoldable, tedious dismantling, and require large boxes to store, which causes much trouble during transportation.

The "Spider C85" can be quickly deployed and folded and can be put into a backpack easily, it is very convenient when carrying out tasks outside.

At the conference site, a pilot who has been working in power inspection for a long time took Spider drone to make an experiment, beginning from taking out the equipment from the backpack, unfolding installing the batteries, setting the payloads, powering on, and taking off, the whole process only took 25 seconds, it surprised the people present.




Powerful functions-Highly Intelligent Design

To ensure high reliability as well as high stability,”Spider C85”has powerful functions and a high degree of intelligence.

JTT Technology flight control engineer introduced:”The key current modules,processors and sensors of C85 are all redundant backup designed, using robust flight algorithms and designing with multiple faults protection mechanism,analysis,track and position the flight status at any time. C85 not only support “easy flight mode””intelligent return home””mobile return home”and other flight modes but also with the functions of “point of interest””automatic cruise””mobile follow””intelligent obstacle avoidance””optical flow positioning” which make the drone more suitable for complex and diverse industries and application environments.


After the news conference JTT member demonstrated industrial drone“Spider C85”in different application scenarios,including security patrol,assisting criminal arresting,mass incidents responding,emergency rescue,crowded area and major traffic roads smart surveillance and so on which all belong to public security category.Furthermore,JTT Technology also provided a series of solutions for application like daily routines and particular task in army&police fire control system,electric-power industry or petrolchemical industry and so on.


This news conference is not only an important step of overall market strategy but it is also a show of concentration of the core technology of JTT UAV in the development of the industrial drone industry.To solve the bottleneck of application scenarios segment and meet the real needs of users, and also to promote Chinese UAV industry’s development is every JTT member’s dream.

Spider C85- Grey.jpg


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