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  2. I really like the idea of assembling my own drone for my specific needs, but i'm just tooooo unexperienced. I need a coach
  3. OK I sent an email. The nxp is missing much stuff I need as much I understand being a drone noob. If you know any other ready-to-go programmable drones that I can buy, let me know.
  4. This is just an example and may or may not be the type of drone that you need but a drone development kit like this would avoid you having to source parts. Looks like you would need to contact Holybro for pricing and availability but their email is provided in the above link. Here is another from NXP. It would help if you could provide some more details on exactly what you want to achieve.
  5. How do I figure out all the hardware I need and find the stores? I'm good at programming but total zero about how to build a actual drone from parts. "off the shelf" sounds good, but I found nothing like that in page. Could you elaborate, please?
  6. There are 2 open source flight stacks that you may want to consider that run on a variety of hardware. Also they have simulation tools so you can get to know them without hardware to start. I am more familiar with the first one and have built several drones with that stack. The second one though is often used in some "off the shelf" drones so that could be better if you don't want to assemble the hardware. Both provide a SDK for several languages including C++ and Python. The core software mainly handles the flight control functions and typically a companion computer is required for video processing. I often thought about using one of these but have not got around to it. Hopefully this helps.
  7. Hi Laura, I'd enjoy teaming up with you on this project in Cary. I'm based out of Chapel Hill, and have excellent general liability insurance through Global Aerospace, and professional liability insurance through Beazley. I have a similar longterm construction project in the Triad to yours with retainers in place that I shoot bi-weekly. Stills, video, and orthomosaics. I'm shooting with Phantom 4 Pros. You can check out my work here: Feel free to get in touch at (919) 949-1997 Thanks, -John Plymale
  8. You'd think that a UAV site that strongly encourages responsible drone operations and operators would not feature videos that violate those guidelines.
  9. DRONE BATTERY I am working on a Battery that would allow a Drone to fly for 2 to 3 hours on one charge would that be worth something to you. thanks Rocmen Stone e-mail
  10. Hello, My name is Jacob Smith. I am interested in working with you on your construction site job. I have my commercial drone license and an LLC. I fly my phantom 4 pro a lot and am familiar with the mavic pro 2 drones as well. Weekend work is perfect for me and I am very familiar to construction. Happy to discuss working together! feel free to call me anytime 9194441951 Thank you Jacob
  11. What about Autel's EVO II? What is it not is this comparison?
  12. I want to buy a programmable drone (c++, Python preferable). Fly zone is in the woods, so max flight time is important as well sensors for obstacle avoidance. I must be able to code & process the camera input and do pretrained object recognition (like with openCV lib.). Any suggestions? Budget is 500EUR max :/
  13. today is the 2nd day i try to fly again, and i am more relaxed now. here is the video
  14. ahh that's a very good idea! thanks ! i will try it. for now i have the chance to train this weekend in the big field(dont have many chance to go here). i will do this training in a smaller field next to my home but thankyou this is a very good idea!
  15. No worries. Again since I really don’t fly FPV it’s hard to recommend the best way to train. That whole being nervous thing is really normal. Wait until you fly a $250K LiDAR, you won’t be able to crap for a week... A big part of being nervous is from being confused on your orientation. Your fingers are feeling the pressure, do I go left or right, or up or down. That’s what I feels like to be behind the aircraft. Draw two 12” squares on the ground about 10’ apart. Start tail in, take off from one and land at the other. Keep doing that until you can do it really smoothly, takeoff smoothly, apply the throttle smoothly and then land smoothly. You’ll find that concentrating on doing it smoothly will reduce the number of control inputs and you can go faster. That’s what it feels like to be ahead of the aircraft. Now rinse and repeat with the other orientations, left and right and the. Tail out. Once you get smooth in every orientation LOS when you start FPV you’ll stop thinking about what your doing and start putting the aircraft where you want it. Depending on how much time you can dedicate to practicing this will probably only take about a week or two. The cool thing is this can be a lot of fun.
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  17. KDS

    Drones Force

    Yeah DHawk, everyone has been friendly and professional to this point. I was very attracted to the business model and the fact I will receive support, marketing, and jobs. I can still work my FT job in the meantime. Update- I just received my login info for the 107. I'm excited and more confident in my investment now. So far so good!
  18. Sounds like everyone that has moved forward with Drones Force is happy and given what was promised. I really appreciate all the feedback and please keep updating as you move forward with your business.
  19. DHawk

    Drones Force

    Ha Ha, It is interesting to see the number of people that think it is a scam but proceed anyway. For me it has been working as promised. I also went with them because of all the back office support that is already built and I will not have to build it from scratch.
  20. KDS

    Drones Force

    Hello all, I'm happy to see a thread on this company. I've recently signed the agreement and paid for a territory in Pa. I've been told my hardware will ship next week and I've been contacted by their IT department in regards to the website and email addresses. I remain cautiously optimistic this isn't a scam and seeing some of your posts help. I'd appreciate any advice, opinions, and input anyone can provide as you all move forward on your business ventures whether related to DronesForce or not.
  21. Hi Everyone, I hope you are all doing well and have had the chance to get out and take some great drone images/videos! Lately, I have been tracking the progress of a football field turf replacement project at a local high school. It has really been interesting to watch the process. I have been lucky with some incredible sunsets and wild clouds over the last few weeks. The first image is what the field looks like after they removed the old turf exposing the underlayment, if you look closely you can see where all of the old lines, logos, etc. were from the glue still attached to the old underlayment. More pictures coming soon as they start cutting in the numbers and logos. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures and as always, feel free to share your latest work with us here in the 'Aerial Photography' thread. Best, - Chase
  22. I've flown at two of the locations listed in the post linked above, Walden Pond and Old Scituate Light (picture attached). Great shots at both, though Walden is such a super quiet space that I did get a nasty look from a lady as I was trying to land. It was a good reminder that when I'm in a spot like this one everyone is there to enjoy the location and the buzzing of a drone takes away from the enjoyment. As my experience has grown, I've become more skilled at takeoff and landing procedures to minimize the impact on others. I've also flown around the following with some great shots: Marblehead Light Rockport harbor
  23. wow! didn't expect to get any slight compliment but thankyou! and also thankyou for the warm welcome in this forum. yes, i think at some point im way behind the aircraft because sometimes i got so nervous and my fingers trembled 🤣. i am still training with simulator a lot and flying it LOS (not fpv) too.
  24. Ok, let’s start by welcoming you to the forum. my first impression is that your not that bad. Your not very smooth on the controls, but you seem to stay in control pretty well. Flying FPV is not easy and there are a lot of people posting amazing video that make it look easy. You probably have a better appreciation for how good those people are. I don’t fly FPV so I’m not going to pretend to offer advice. There’s an expression in aviation, “your behind the aircraft” which means your reacting to it rather than anticipating and controlling it. It’s difficult to know from just watching the video but it sounds like your behind. Not sure if this would be a good idea but maybe learning to fly in a small area in all different orientations (not FPV) might smooth out your control by anticipating the control inputs better.
  25. guys im new and i have crashed like 50 times (not to brag but just so you know how new i am and how far i have gone).i record a video today and wonder what you guys think i should do?i mean, please comment about my tunning (PID) , or the way i drive or anything so i can progress is the video
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