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  3. Thanks very much for your help Ed, my waiver was approved today! I’m sure if not for your experience and guidance, I would not have been successful on my first try. Thanks again
  4. tokyo99

    Thoughts on the DJI Spark

    Easy to take in hand, playful, delivering a largely exploitable image quality. STRONG POINTS - Dimensions. - Finish. - Many flight modes. - PalmControl. - Overall picture quality in photo and video. - Obstacle detection. - QuickShot mode relevant. WEAK POINTS - No 4K video. - Distance of the video return too short. - No USB charging type-C. - Autonomy too weak. - Few image settings. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Mini Militia App Lock 7Zip
  5. tokyo99

    Battery Charger

    I advise you to choose original batteries and original chargers if you can afford them. Even if the other batteries look good at first, but it can damage your device over time. It's important to invest in high-performance chargers and batteries _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
  6. Fairly new to drones. Don't fly as much as I would like to. Too many restrictions and here in Illinois we have a lot of wind. I am a retired military pilot with a Commercial ticket in fixed wing and rotary wing with Instrument rating in both. Drones are not easy to fly! Takes practice to master. (landing on an aircraft carrier is much easier) I have a dji Phantom 4 and it is fantastic. Video and photos taken above tree level are amazing. I usually video in 1080p since I do not have a 4k screen. 1080p is extremely vivid on smaller screens. Would like to get my Part 107, but lack the equipment and time to edit video. Looks like a great site to keep updated on the ever changing FAA UAV regs
  7. Av8Chuck

    Civil Drones In the Military

    Hi @Steve Bennett how have you been? Good questions. I can't post any of the footage of the "USS Aerial Alchemy" the Navy's Self Defense Test Ship because it often has things on it that isn't meant for the public. However the research we're doing isn't considered classified. We also us a smaller ship, The Independence for many of the experiments, its also a Navy ship and there are often restrictions on what we can show. You've probably already seen this one, the USS Aerial Alchemy is in this from a distance as we're leaving port on the Independence: Working with the military has its challenges but everyone is really supportive and so far there haven't been that many obstacles to working with the Navy. When you fly UAVs people always talk about safety first, I tend to think about safety third or fourth. If you know what your doing and safety is part of the plan then common sense goes a long way. There's really not much, if anything, our UAVs could damage on either ship so regarding safety its not that much different than flying on land. We're getting the whole takeoff and landing thing on a moving ship down pretty well. Most consumer drones won't arm on the hood of a car, you can get Phantoms and MAVIC to arm if you hand launch them but the Navy really frowns on that. We can get away with that in the research environment but they won't allow sailors to hand launch and recover. Some of the challenges are the many passive and active radars. They use a lot of classified radars that I can't tell you whet they are, not that I'm keeping secrets I really have no idea what they are. I only care about if they effect the performance of our UAVs. We have what we call a "Rabbit," its basically a smaller version of our UAVs with all the same electronics that we launch first to test for interference. We haven't launched in rough seas, we haven't really even been out in rough sees. They probably wouldn't use what we're doing in inclement weather simply because the scan wouldn't be effective. We have modified the UAVs a little to deal with all the moisture. The ocean is a pretty demanding environment and causes a lot of corrosion etc.. We will have to change our manufacturing process for anything the Navy would use. I tried a selfie stick but I couldn't get enough of the ship in the shot...
  8. I am a beginner. I want to know what you guys are considering for a drone beginner. The first one for me will consider the price, function, appearance, etc. and you?
  9. Eric Matyas

    Free Music Resource for Your Videos

    Hi everyone, We're half way through October...and half way to we have: On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page: "Ghoulish Fun" (Looping) - Good for Halloween or a Halloween themed piece. Here's a piece in the spirit of a bad '70s cop show. It makes me itchy for some reason: "Side Burn Squad" (Looping) Two new tracks are ready on my Fantasy page: "Our Mountain v003" (Looping) - An expanded version of the original that might work in an RPG under opening titles or perhaps somewhere else. "Winding Down" (Looping) - Another ending piece, perhaps for a game or animation. And two tracks on my Aerial/Drone page: "Over a Mysterious Island" (Looping) - What waits for you below? Another track that might sound nice in a drone video…or perhaps a video about an exotic travel destination. "Reaching Altitude" (Looping) - I would love to hear this in a drone video…(I’m a huge fan of those.) But might work in a travel video as well. Have a good week!
  10. Stan Stamper

    Howdy from Okla

    Greetings... First landing here. 45 year commercial pilot-CFI exploring exciting new technology. 107 Lic. Currently flying Magic Pro.
  11. Andy Greene

    New drone

    Thanks for having me!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Andy Greene

    New drone

    Elite Recon follow me GPS I just pushed the button not through Amazon. I went and looked at the reviews. The support issue might not be unexpected since it’s now heavily reduced in price, might be the end of the model life. The operation complaints are more troublesome but it’s hard to tell, only 5 reviews total. I could try to cancel the order or continue on expecting to learn something. I don’t think it’s shipped yet. The guides I looked were all pushing more expensive devices and since I don’t know what I’m doing I may have made a mistake. One thing I see is the might be after market parts that might work and my materials engineering background might lend itself to making repairs or building spares. I even have access to 3D printing and computer engineering. I think I’m trying to feel more positive but I like your frank comments. Facing problems early is alway better.
  14. embayweather

    Hello from Lancashire

    Hello Drone Lady. We do seem to have a lot in common, not least of which is having good days and bad days with our health. Amongst other things I was lately a professional photographer until my condition took that way. But years back i was associated with aviation as a meteorologist. I would loved to go down the pilot route but being colour blind is not very helpful there. is there any way I can help you spread the word to help disabled people? I want to do it by helping them have the experience of flying, for a short time leaving their wheels behind them and seeng the world from above. Perhaps one day, if enough of us make some noise, someone, somewhere may stand up and take notice. Also getting into racing drones, or should I say freestyle. An interesting challenge and way different from Phantoms.
  15. tokyo99

    $99 Tello Drone

    I’ve tried this drone and I think that for the price, it’s a good quality drone that works perfectly. I really recommend it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Appvalley AC Market Tweakbox
  16. Steve Bennett

    Material to help educate customers

    The individual piloting the drone bears all the risks and penalties of flying for business, not the REB hiring the unlicensed pilot. So it will be a tough sell other than "its the right thing to do to hire a licensed pilot".
  17. Cher Brown

    Post Production included in Hourly Rates?

    Hi Marcos...I own a small video production company with my husband. We incorporate drone cinematography into our film projects and would like to respond to a couple of your original questions regarding pricing, for whatever it's worth. When we quote a price on a project, it includes pre and post production work, our time/travel expenses and we always let our client know that we carry liability insurance, which is built into our rate. We spend a lot of time educating our clients about why it's in their best interest to hire a certified Part 107 drone pilot and why having liability insurance matters. With this said, I have to agree with Av8Chuck that real estate photography/videography is a tough nut to crack due to price undercutting by other drone operators. Realtors don't like to pay a "fair price" and don't necessarily see the value in drone imagery. Therefore, in order to survive as a commercial pilot, you end up taking more jobs for less money or look for other revenue streams in other areas.
  18. Steve Bennett

    Generating Business for 3D Mapping and Modeling

    Being that I work at an Architectural Design firm, I can tell you we aren't interested in hiring someone to create 3D models via drone because I can pilot my own drone and donate the data to the company. Also, our insurance won't allow the inclusion of data captured on Construction Documents unless its backed by a licensed surveyor. So at best, it will only be used for pre-visualization efforts to do renderings where we use the data captured to produce a ground plane or reference site imagery when developing a concept. Marketing has the biggest use for drones at project close out to get aerial imagery of the project when its completed. Our last couple efforts though have utilized a professional photographer who also happens to fly a drone and adds really good aerial imagery to really good ground based imagery for a complete package. Larger contractors such as McCarthy, DPR, etc. already have internal drone departments and simply buy a DJI phantom/inspire for a specific job and station a drone pilot onsite to collect imagery on a regular basis - usually these projects are worth $100 million in construction costs or more to justify this expense, smaller jobs don't get drone tech.
  19. Dronerepair

    Drone Repair

    id recommnend , they fixed mine and all i ahveto do was to send the drone to them and they arethe one who od the fixing
  20. Steve Bennett

    Civil Drones In the Military

    hehehe... chuck - you're crackin me up! Where is your selfie stick in the most recent photo of you? j/k I liked the original post but got distracted and missed replying. Congrats on landing this AND making it official. Can you speak to any current challenges you've found since starting this or is everything classified? Have you tried launching/landing the drone in rough seas? In rain? How close can you get to the ship and still feel your operation is safe?
  21. This test seems to be a worse case scenario...
  22. Drone lady

    Hello from Lancashire

    Hi Mike This topic is resonates with me as it is what basically our company was founded on. I am disabled and my husband retired from being a fixed wing captain for the airlines to care for me full time. His passion for flying coupled with mine for reading and research led us to Drones. My husband is a fixed wing examiner and an examiners examiner so he finds the rules and regulations side pretty straight forward. My mobility is better some days than others as is my mental health. I am very slow on both fronts at times yet pretty good at other times, very unpredictable. We have discussed possibilities of teaching and training for others with disabilities and it is something we agreed I would actively research..... It's a start from scratch project so that's our intention. Given disability benefits are mediocre in the UK my thoughts are to research and contact where and how funding could be made available for others with disabilities to kick start what could be a whole new career or at the very least a rewarding and enriching hobby. Teaching and training requires time and patience as does learning. I'm not a drone pilot but that is through choice I have an expert partner don't want to nick his job lol. My job - Researcher, Pilot observer, 2nd checker Equipment, splicer, music or narration chooser, can carrier lol. Love my job it fits around my health and has improved it immensely. We are Exhibiting at the NEC Birmingham on the 7th and 8th Nov 2018 Farm business innovation. Be like a bumblebee not built aerodynamically to fly and wings too small, nobody told them they couldn't fly so they fly regardless..... They know their own strength!!
  23. Hello For scientific campaign in state our laboratory ( ) we are searching UAV pilot. We use big plane uav: or small plane as X8. Normally the first campaign will be in Utah in collaboration with Utah university. Other campaign are in preparation in Alaska with X8. For the Boreal we will take care about the formation in Toulouse in France In case you can send me a message for more information. Thanks Patrice M.
  24. I found Gold !!! Amazing job @JBR LIFE Photography ! very well done.
  25. Hurricane Michael sUAS Pilots Grounded via VIP TFR We continue to deploy a limited number of pilots for the Telecom companies. We have all seen media reports of the destruction caused by Hurricane Michael. Our pilot network team is routinely experiencing firsthand, poor communications, and limited access to the affected areas. We believe more pilots will be activated once the roads are passable, and Search and Rescue operations subside. Today several of our pilots were grounded today via VIP TFR due to POTUS, Governor, and other VIPs viewing the altered landscape via helicopters and other low flying aircraft. Below is a picture of one of the twisted assets one of our pilots captured. We will continue to call pilots as they are activated and will receive the Independent Contractors Agreement and W-9 forms for review and digital signatures via Docu-Sign. If you have additional questions, please primarily utilize email; the preferred email address is (Sky Source Aerial is the service division of Florida Drone Supply). Thank-you for your patience and continued willingness to assist, if needed.
  26. Luke


  27. Luke

    New drone

    How is it working for you ? How long have you had it ? I looked it up on amazon, and it has some pretty sad reviews. Before I get to much into it, Welcome to the forum ! Glad to have you here.
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