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  2. First of all, Nathan Cool rocks! Buy his books and watch his videos. I use his flambient method for my interior stills, bit of a learning curve. Same experiences for me as for others, realtors do like having someone who does it all. I use Dropbox to send to realtors or their office managers. Our local MLS limits photos to 5mb and every MLS is different. I do a 5mb and full rez version of each photo. No branding on videos I think is a MLS universal rule. Adobe’s Photography Plan (Lightroom+Photoshop) is all you need for (stills) post, starts at $10/mo. Good luck!
  3. In your lecture 3.4 class 'E' airspace at the 2:00 minute mark you discuss the class E extensions that 'technically you don't need authorization to fly in those extensions'. Can you locate the FAR that supports that assertion.
  4. It seems like California is trying to overstep its boundaries again. The designated uav areas are regulated by the FAA(ama fields).
  5. Hi, My name is Aziz from Saudi Arabia. I am now preparing for my new project in commercial UAVs training and operating. Firstly let me put you in the general status of commercial UAVs in Saudi Arabia, tow months ago Saudi Arabia government allowed UAVs for commercial purposes . There are no companies in the Saudi market specialized in commercial UAVs ,also there are no UAVs academies or schools. At the same time, there is a demand for UAVs services such as training, operation and consulting. I am currently preparing the required and place. Because there are no companies in the past, I do not have much experience in this field. Please help me in providing advice or guidance or provide me with any information that may benefit me in : Where can I find qualified trainers to contract or get their services remotely? Who can offer studies and consultations? Where to get the curriculum? People do customized training courses such as training firefighters or people working in oil and gas? Business model ? Any advice or information, no matter how small, may help me a lot. Thanks Aziz alenzi
  6. Another thing that I’ve enjoyed about sharing work in this thread is to see how everyone has progressed. When I started that thread @JBR LIFE Photography Was kind enough to compliment some of my work, I occasionally get the opportunity to shoot for friends, (I don’t produce real estate media for a living) which is a very different thing than those that do this under the constraints of making a living. When we all get to witness the improvement of @JBR LIFE Photography, who is doing this for a living in a competitive market we can all take a little pride in his work (because I tought him everything he knows...) it really is community we can all share in. There have been a lot of great contributions to the property videos thread.
  7. I'll second what Chuck said - your work is extremely impressive. I'd also be grateful to see you participate with us in the thread Chuck posted since I'm a frequent poster myself. I've learned a lot and hopefully passed on a few tidbits of my own.
  8. Everyone has to start somewhere, my point is for those willing to share their business experiences, not just the technical ones, there’s an opportunity for others to learn what works and what doesn’t so maybe they won’t make the same mistakes. What did you do before retiring?
  9. Thank you so much. I know that starting out I would not be able to support myself. I will check out the thread!
  10. Hi @MaryKay, welcome to the forum. You might want to check out this thread and share your work here: This has been a good thread for showing your work and gathering suggestions on how to improve. Discussing various techniques and equipment is the easy part of any profession. It’s good to have a resource/place to discuss those issues but it’s also important that the discussion include how to manage a business profitably. Do you think if you weren’t retired and had to support yourself, you could make a career out of this? You do nice work.
  11. Hi, After Drone Pilot Ground School graduation & certification, I started a year ago with just my Mavic Pro and encouragement from a realtor friend. I enjoy photography so much that I quickly added interior stills and video to my business, but the aerials are what bring the clients. Fortunately for me, I’m older and retired and don’t have to support myself with this work. So I bought a Phantom 4 Pro last June and now have a Mavic 2 Pro for backup and for travel. I love the creative part of this work (post production!) and have gotten my clients all by word of mouth. It only takes a few, so create a portfolio and go for it!
  12. I have been able to "team up" with many local land-based real estate photographers that do the ground level and interior photos and video. I works out quite well because they have the proper equipment for that portion of the real estate marketing and rely upon me for all the aerial work. A win-win for each of us! Jay Burnham
  13. In our area most of the professional real estate photographers have added a drone to their toolbox. The aerial photography is just a piece of the overall marketing puzzle. You’ll likely need to have additional cameras to get hired to shoot real estate, but if you can shoot and edit excellent aerial footage you can probably learn the traditional photographic skills.
  14. Hi @Hawkman, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Do you have a drone? Or are you just starting to explore the drone industry? Feel free to ask any questions, there are many great resources within the UAV Coach Community. Best, Chase
  15. Hi @Philip Moore, We have a guide that we created that features the top 5 spots to fly a drone in Orlando. I will link it below, have a good trip! Best, Chase
  16. Hi @Kevin Hiatt , Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum, great to have you here! Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. There are various resources within this forum that are very helpful. Best, Chase
  17. Hi @Gert , Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum, thanks for joining! Mapping is really starting to take off, there is so much potential. What drones did you end up purchasing for this application? I am also going to link a forum thread about mapping and land surveys. I hope this helps! Chase
  18. Hi @Grunter53 , Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum, glad to have you here! FPV racing sounds awesome and we have some resources that could be helpful to you. I am going to link the UAV Coach FPV forum thread and our FPV Guide.
  19. My intrest in UAV'S are on multiple levels. I own a Consulting Company in South Africa and have allready purchased 2 drones from where we intend to provide different services. We started with mapping and general site surveying but my pilot and surveyor ran away after qualifying as a pilot. So I have decided to get myself busy with some hands on, "on the edge" industry exposure. Other than the surveying, my intrest is to develop the business further into mining exploration, precission and agriculture. I also want to explore the possibilities of using drones in securiry in the suberbs and anti poaching. That sounds like a mouth full but as consultants we are involved in all those industries and drones seem to have moved into that space. Glad to be involved with this Forum and hoping to get introduced to the latest technologies in the industry and to remain at the edge of new developments. Thanks for having me here..! Gert
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  21. Ryan

    Phantom 4 Pro ($900)

    @alan it's still for sale! Didn't realize there were messages on here. Following up now and will close after it sells. Thanks!
  22. @Ryan has this been sold yet? If so, let's close the loop on this post. Thanks!
  23. Most apps to fly/log ask for your cert # once you specify that you want to fly/log/register a UAV under Part 107. Are there not red flags leaving this blank until a temp license pending is confirmed and a permanent remote pilot license number is given? If so, what number is used until that RPL# is given? Thanks for all you do, Alen!! 👍👍
  24. In today's article, we talk about how Layton Construction uses drones on construction sites for mapping, modeling, and BIM. Our CEO, Alan Perlman, recently met up with their drone team on a job site to see how they’re using drones in the construction field. The team, comprised of multiple Part 107-certified drone pilots and Drone Pilot Ground School alumni, is currently working to complete one of three residential colleges, as well as infrastructure and beautification of the West End Central Neighborhood on the north side of Vanderbilt University’s campus in Nashville, TN. Read the complete article to find out how the Layton Drone Team got its start and what role drones play in their operations. How Layton Construction Uses Drones on Construction Sites for Mapping, Modeling, and BIM Return here to share your thoughts in the comment section about Layton Construction’s project and the growing use of drones in construction.
  25. Thanks friend! The lighting was the biggest challenge with this place. It's like the more expensive and extravagant the home, the darker and tougher it is to light. I used a pair of DRACAST 1000 LED lamps for this shoot. That extra boost coupled with a custom log profile helped bring balance in the exposure. I've been kicking around the idea of stepping up to a full on cinema cam that shoots 14-bit RAW and 10-bit codec just to try getting a little more dynamic range for these darker homes. Only problem is I just don't see the return on the investment, at least not just yet. So for now, I'll just keep banging on these Sony A7 cams I have to rock on. lol Sunset through twilight and into dark makes for some of the most dramatic scenery in many of these luxury homes. Every home could benefit from this time frame, even a condo in a crowded city, but most projects don't have the budget to afford that premium time slot (because if I'm not shooting a home or some portraits, I'm watching the sunset and enjoying it, which is worth a lot of money to me). The opening / closing title is a somewhat customizable preset I got from PixelFilmStudios. I dig their stuff, and it's worth me paying a few bucks for a bundle of them, instead of farting around in Motion, finding that I need to spend hours on YouTube to learn how to make something. I need to schedule some learning time in the near future, because I have ideas on how to modify these presets in order to turn them into other presets.
  26. That's my favorite one yet Jon! Nice work on getting a good balanced exposure between the interiors and exteriors when you're showcasing those views (wow! those views!). I also really like the night shots with the place all lit up. Superb work! Are you using a preset for the opening title or is that something you made in Motion?
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