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  2. North and West Iceland.Drone footage, time lapses and 4k video
  3. Agriculture sprayer drone can effectively reduce operating costs, evenly spraying, environmental protection and high efficiency, and significantly improve operating efficiency. Compared with the traditional artificial pesticide spraying operation, the efficiency is approximately 20-30 times that of manual labor, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and prevents the operator from inhaling the pesticide particles, which is safe and convenient. The agriculture sprayer drone is easy to operate and can be used in three days of training; it is easy to maintain, safe and reliable, and the maintenance cost is low. The fuel tank capacity is 10L, the effective spraying width is 4-6 meters, and the spraying operation of 15 acres can be completed in a single flight. The operating efficiency can reach 80 acres / hour in the autonomous mode. Agriculture sprayer drone can be used for disinfecting, moisturizing, spraying, inpection, supervision, fertilization for most of the plant, such as crops, vegetable, wheat,tea tree ,vines, etc. # Characteristics Parameters-Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-20 6axis 20L 1 Unfold size : 1936*1700*670mm 2 Folding size : 1102*963*670mm 3 Full fold weight : 48kg 4 Spraying mode: pressure spraying 6 nozzles 5 Medicine box volume : 20L 6 Product wheelbase : 1700mm 7 Operation time : 16-22 minutes 8 Spraying amplitude : 6-8meters 9 Control radius : 1500 meters 10 Working temperature : 0-50℃11 Flight mode :ATTI / GPS a variety of agriculture sprayer drone Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X4-5 4axis 5L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X4-10 4axis 10L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-10 6axis 10L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-15 6axis 15L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-15 6axis 15L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-16 6axis 16L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-20 6axis 20L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-30 6axis 30L Agriculture sprayer UAV QHK-X6-60 6axis 60L We adopt Dajiang, Jifei's flight control and electric motor , and we are specialized in producing agricultural sprayer drones of various types, including 5L, 10L, 15L, 16L, 20L, 30L, 60L and four-axis or six axis machines with more competitive price and high quality to meet your diverse needs. Contact : Carson Zhang Oversea Sales Manager Company : Guangzhou QHK Technology Co.,Ltd Location : Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China Tel/wechat/whatsapp/Skype : +86- 158 1246 6828
  4. Hello there everyone! RTV at is gearing up for a great 2020 with more of our national accounts requesting aerial drone photography and video. If you have not set up a profile in our Tour Track system and would like to create a profile please feel free to set up an account here - Please note that our system allows aerial drone pilots to pick up jobs from our accounts as well as utilize our image delivery and boost marketing system. We allow you to not only deliver your finished product to your customers, but also offer your customers several additional marketing services like property sites, lead capture, branded and non-branded tour links and weekly seller's reports. It's pretty slick if you work with listing agents. Ideally, for our national account jobs, we're looking for folks that are 107 certified, insured, and run an existing business. To see some examples of what you can do with the system visit our gallery here - RTV currently services Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, Choice Hotels, Red Lion Hotels, and many more. Hope to talk with you soon! Sincerely, Jason
  5. have my Drone wizard 220s connect it to betaflight and then it looks like this With only one light on green. The transmitter connected without problem but the drone does not move Video drone
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  7. Hi Brian, Here are some operators near you. You might reach out to them for a quote. Sounds fun, good luck!
  8. I'm new to UAV coach and wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I'm a part 107 remote pilot (50 hrs), part 61 private pilot (195 hrs) and ITC level I sUAS thermographer. I perform aerial thermography inspections of solar plants, wind turbines, cell towers and power lines using my DJI Matrice 210 v2 with Zenmuse XT2. My business, Infrared Aerial, is based out of South Carolina and I service the southeast geography. Please feel free to pass along my contact information below to anyone that you know or come into contact with that needs to hire a licensed and insured aerial thermography inspection business. Good flying! Ryan Bliss Infrared Aerial 603.521.4736
  9. I'm new to UAV coach and wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I'm a part 107 remote pilot (50 hrs), part 61 private pilot (195 hrs) and ITC level I sUAS thermographer. I perform aerial thermography inspections of solar plants, wind turbines, cell towers and power lines using my DJI Matrice 210 v2 with Zenmuse XT2. My business, Infrared Aerial, is based out of South Carolina and I service the southeast geography. Please feel free to pass along my contact information below to anyone that you know or come into contact with that needs to hire a licensed and insured aerial thermography inspection business. Good flying! Ryan Bliss Infrared Aerial 603.521.4736
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  11. All, I recently acquired a 4 year old PrecisionHawk Lancaster UAV that has never been flown (long story) and I am trying to upgrade it to the latest firmware (3.15). It currently has version 3.2 installed and to be able to upgrade it to 3.15, I have to have a minimum of 3.4 installed. I've reached out to PrecisionHawk and asked for 3.4. They pointed me to version 3.15. Does anyone have or know where I can get a copy of version 3.4? Best, msl
  12. SailTime Boston is looking for a New England-based drone pilot to commit to 10-20 shoots per sailing season (May to Oct) — each shoot would take approximately 1-2 hours, and you'd be taking both video and 20-50 static images of the boat and the crew members/captain. You'd most likely be operating from the shore but might end up on the boat for some shots. Location: Fan Pier and Charlestown You must be licensed and insured, and if you have experience operating from a moving boat, that's a bonus. Compensation is competitive. Perhaps some light post-production required. Open to trading drone footage for sailing school lessons or free time on our fleet of boats. Interested? Please reach out to Brian at
  13. Or it could be that there were never any drones in the first place and everyone was starting to feel a little stupid and just wanted this to end. As far as I have seen from the reporting there has not been one shred of evidence any UAVs did anything. Maybe. We have flown several “top-secret” missions for different military customers. It wasn’t so much that what we did was all that secrative, they might have been using a piece of tech, a technique, or if the experiment failed they didn’t want to share with the public. Private companies do this all the time and it doesnt make it nefarious. When we do this sort of thing it’s generally 25 miles or more away from prying eyes on test ranges in the absolute middle of nowhere. All of this speculation is how conspiracy theories get started. The fact that I think this is much-to-do-about-nothing probably means they found the second gunman from the JFK assassination. I’m always wrong about this stuff.
  14. AMA only wants people to fly at/with an AMA affiliated club site. Personally, I want nothing to do with a club. I got into flying helicopters and quads because I wanted to be able to fly in my own back yard, which I did for years. The government continues to make this harder and harder to do. From what I've seen online, flying a UAV in Canada is even worse.
  15. In my experience with the FAA, their estimates on the financial impact on those regulated by a rule is way off the mark. They are required to put a financial impact justification in any proposed rule, but they are regulators not users and often don't understand the actual real world economic impact of what they propose.
  16. What if you live in a no fly zone (like within a couple miles of an airport)? Is the thing smart enough not to launch in unfavorable conditions (e.g. high wind, heavy rain)? If I was serious about breaking into a place, I'd cause some diversion that causes a drone launch. Then wait for the battery to run out and break in while the drone is recharging. Drone probably can't fly for more than about 20 minutes.
  17. The area of the flights is dotted with small FAA no fly zones due to the 150 or so missle sites.....this has top-secret military exercise written all over it....we don't need to know...forgettaboutit.....
  18. Soon everyone will realize drones should be seriously regulated. Those chinese chip companies that the feds are regulating are inside these drones like the dji stuff. Way too much invasion of privacy just to make a buck and control your life.
  19. Hello Ali, You are correct, particularly if flights are flown weekly or bi-weekly with both horizontal and vertical photogrammetry scans, and combined with ground control points. Vertical scans, in particular, can be useful to measure and provide details of construction progress, as well as to integrate with AutoCAD or Bentley programs to measure as planned with as built, essentially creating a BIM progress model. David
  20. Is this for I completed the questionnaire. And as much of my profile as it would let me. My Account shows “Pending Review” and that I must complete my profile before it can be approved. Except I CAN’T complete it because it is in review? ??????????? I have also sent several emails with no response.
  21. Below are a few interesting things I have noticed since I started following the Colorado and Nebraska mystery drone stories. The Federal Aviation Administration attended the mystery drone strategy meeting in Brush, Colorado, Jan. 6, 2020. The representative for the FAA was sent from Los Angeles, California, and represents the Western-Pacific Region. Colorado is part of the Northwest Mountain Region and has its own representative. Nebraska is part of the Central Region and has two spokespersons assigned to it. According to people in Colorado, the FAA representatives for Colorado and Nebraska where the drone mystery flights were taking place were not in attendance. It would be interesting to know why the three local FAA reps were not in attendance. Perhaps the representative sent in from Los Angeles is better at crisis information. There have been no press releases about the mystery drones on the FAA website. On the FAA Pilot Web for notices to airmen, a NOTAM for DEN, Denver International Airport, does appear for hazardous birds. “!DEN 11/264 (KDEN A0604/19) DEN AD AP WILDLIFE HAZARD INCREASED MIGRATORY WATERFOWL 1911101129-2003152359.” A cautionary notice about possible wayward mysterious drones does not appear. Below are posts that appear on the Phillips County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. The sheriff’s office went from Monday being excited they were on the task force and asked the public to help in locating a possible drone command vehicle, to 48 hours later where they announced they were off the task force, stop looking for the drone command vehicle and ask us no questions. The Phillips County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office, Monday, Jan. 6: " A strategy meeting was held today in Brush, Colorado with Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies regarding the drone issue. None of the agencies can confirm that the drones are malicious. A task force has been organized and we are asking for your assistance. Specifically, we are looking for the command vehicle. We are looking for a closed box trailer with antennas or a large van that does not belong in the area. If you see anything that resembles this description, please call the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office at ###-###-####. Thank you." The Phillips County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office, Wednesday, Jan. 8: " The information the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office previously posted requesting the public’s assistance in locating command vehicles associated with the drone issue is no longer pertinent or relevant. The Phillips County Sheriff’s Office is not the task force and our jurisdiction does not extend past Phillips County Colorado. We will no longer be making any statements or press releases about the drone incidents. Thank you." ABC News out of Denver, Colorado, started covering the mystery drone story Jan. 1, 2020. By Jan. 8, ABC News appeared to be going out of their way in reporting that there was no evidence and questioned the continued expenditure of time and resources into the search. Jan. 10 and 11 ABC News continued to push the lack of evidence angle and questioned how much the investigation was costing taxpayers. Jan. 11, a journalist with another news organization wrote an article that appeared to be an open, neutral and honest account of the drone mystery. ABC News posted a comment on that reporter’s Twitter feed of “This article is based on a questionable assumption (“drones of unknown origin are swarming”) that has zero evidence to back it up. Officials say most drone reports are false— airplanes, stars, satellites— and do not believe any company or the military is hiding anything.” The journalist responded to ABC News with " So you're saying the whole Colorado/Nebraska thing is mass hysteria? I'm not asking sarcastically, that's an interesting idea. The fact that some video has surfaced would tend to undermine it... " It appears that ABC News has an agenda to discredit any other reporting that doesn’t support the lack of evidence approach. The last article by ABC News was Jan. 14.
  22. Good morning everyone, FYI, I am certified in USA (FAA – Part 107), in Canada (Transport Canada – Basic Operations. Advanced operations soon.) and in France (Basic). Also certified from Infrared Training Center- FLIR ( Infrared Thermographer Level 1 & Infrared Thermographer unmanned Aerial Platform. Imagery for house/building and Search&Rescue. More about Nicolas Reboux: Best Regards Nick
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    I woke up this Morning to find a Drone Service Technician flying a Drone over our Property. Is this legal? We live in Texas on a private gated Community.
  24. My new reel for the year. Shot mostly with Mavic 2 pro and BMPCC 4K. Let me know your thoughts/critiques 😃
  25. Sunflower Labs unveiled its Home Awareness Security System at CES 2020 earlier this month, and it's pretty darn neat. The system comes with an autonomous drone that can be used to get live coverage of any area of a property, as well as special high-tech sensors that can create a detailed map of the property in real-time. The catch? It's selling for just under $10,000—pretty steep for those of us who just want an alarm to go off when an intruder tries to break in. But maybe just right for a certain clientele. Read today's article to learn more about how the system works and to get some thoughts on who exactly it was made for.
  26. I own a dji mavic mini which weighs less than 250grams and comes under nano category, wat rules should i be aware of in India and should i register it?
  27. At mRobotics our commitment continues with the entire research, development and integration community. From San Diego California we design and manufacture the necessary hardware to build platforms and solutions based on Ardupilot and PX4. And now we show you the next high-tech GPS that has build-in CAN, which includes many and special improvements to achieve maximum accuracy in positioning and guidance for safe navigation. One of them is that we have incorporated the RM3100 , a new Geomagnetic Sensor. Like a pair of glasses, the RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor enables you to see magnetic fields clearly. The RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor is the highest performance sensor in its class with over 10 times better resolution and over 20 times lower noise than the leading Hall Effect sensor. It makes precise magnetic field measurements, which enables accurate calculation of heading and orientation. The earth’s magnetic field provides absolute reference for heading measurements and accurate motion tracking. Geomagnetic sensors are used to measure the earth’s magnetic field; however, in real world conditions, the earth’s magnetic field is often distorted by other surrounding fields. System components such as batteries, shielding materials, or motors will distort the geomagnetic field near the sensors. An additional design challenge is the changing magnetic environment that temporarily distorts the field like metal parts in furniture, a passing car, or nearby cell phones and computers. Geomagnetic sensors must first be able to see the different magnetic fields in order for the designer to separate earth’s magnetic fields and compensate for the distortions. PNI Sensor’s RM3100 eliminates any “blur” in your magnetic field measurements making distortion error correction a snap, and ultimately allowing you to easily and accurately calculate absolute orientation and heading of a drone or vehicle. I share a little information that Jordi Muñoz comments about the new “mRo Location One GPS” that we are coming soon to launch. For more information or questions please feel free to write me directly at just mention me in the mail body or follow us on our social networks at 2 Best regards! Pedro Matabuena mRo Director Twitter: @pmatabuena [Jordi Muñoz - mRo Founder] "Can you see the PCBs that are side by side? Can you spot the differences? The one on the right is an early prototype, it has a lot of holes(vías) to “clamp” the ground plane. The one on the left is clean! Why? Well, we are experimenting (sorry for keeping all the engineering fun). The left one is a new concept that uses blind vías which are drilled by laser on the inner layers (4 in total). This allows us to have a very clean ground plane, which leaves the cooper of the first layer free of “artifacts”, and the ground is attached around the antenna pin -The ground plane shape and dimension is a fundamental component of the patch antenna-, the idea is to create a more predictable behavior. This new GPS is known as mRo Location One and has build-in CAN. It also has the new RM3100 compass, the only one currently working and supported by Ardupilot (via CAN), this mag has extreme performance and we salivate every time we fly with it. We also added a “bump” to all of our GPSs, the bump is the little piece of land on the front where the magneto resides, an attempt to keep it away from all disturbances and boost performance. This module is ready for mass production and it will be released with the new uBlox M9N, which has true multiconstallation support and higher refresh rate. -Jordi"
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