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  2. Thank you so much for the response. I will look into this. Great shots!
  3. Dag

    Drone range

    So when shopping for a drone how do you determine if it has a failsafe provision to prevent losing it?
  4. There are several things that effect range. It’s illegal to fly beyond visual line of sight. Transmitters are line of sight so any occlusion will effect range, trees buildings, hills etc.. Flying in dense WiFi areas Flying close to high energy sources like transmission and cell towers. Depending on the type f drone you have there is a good chance that if you fly beyond control you’ll lose your drone. That mostly depends on how the failsafe is configured.
  5. Av8Chuck


    Hi Tim, welcome to the forum. This is a GPS issue not a drone issue. GPS is line of sight and DTLA is pretty dense and can cause GPS to be ineffective. The issue is what does the drone do when that happens? If your dumb thumbing it then not having GPS should not effect how the drone flies, you’ll still have alt-hold but it will drift laterally. If you need to repeat a flight path then you’ll need an Internal Navigation System. Keep in mind that depending on the quality of the INS it will drift. INS ranges in price from several hundred to $13K for an Applanix — Really depends on how not having GPS effects your mission. We’ve shot DTLA quite a bit.
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  7. Tim Angle


    Hi, I was recently doing some hi rise building inspections in Downtown LA and lost all GPS signal. I fly a Phontom 4 Pro V2 and was working on the South Side of DTLA. I had the drone checked out and no hardware issues. In other area's the drone usually connects with about 15 satellites. Has anyone ran into these issues in condensed areas? If so what is the fix? Or is there another model of Drone that would do better in urban areas?
  8. I see that some drone specs specify a range. I assume that is a straight line distance from the transmitter? Is there anything that prevents a drone from exceeding that range? If it does do you lose it?
  9. Dag

    Quad Air

    This is why forums like this are so valuable! Thanks for your helpful advice and link.
  10. Hi @Dag, Thank you for providing the link. I highly recommend not ordering from that website as it's a scam. We also did not provide the Drone Pilot Ground School endorsement on their website that they advertise. Please avoid this website, and if you are looking for drone recommendations, feel free to check out our 'Top Camera Drones' guide. - Chase
  11. Although I have my part 107 certification I presently only fly my DIY drones as a hobbyist and would like to get into the habit of using a pre-flight checklist as well as logging my flights. I don't need any fleet management software as I am the sole pilot. I'm looking for a solution that would be web and mobile based compatible with Ardupilot flight logs free for a sole pilot. DroneLogBook looks close but their free version does not include checklists which is a shame as it looks like its intended for hobbyists which eventually may become or join a commercial drone operator and upgrade to their enterprise version.
  12. It's often challenging to find a legal, safe, and visually interesting location to fly your drone, especially in a densely populated area with one or more airports. After a round of comprehensive research, our team compiled a We also have this list of drone laws in New York that might be helpful. Where do you like to fly your drone in Buffalo? We welcome your comments/experiences below.
  13. I will take a decent offer for it. Thank you for taking a look.
  14. Has anyone flown in Topanga Canyon State Park lately? I'm looking for one or two good scenic vistas close to a parking area; and of course where it's clear to fly.
  15. Hola! Hiieee! Or most related to this pic.. JAMBO! (can you guess where?) I'm a drone pilot and travel creator inspiring other travelers and travel creators to get into drones. Its SO FUN and such an amazing way to discover... THE WORLD! Looking forward to connecting!
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and somewhat new to drone photography/videography. I did this really short video of a waterfall near my hometown. Feedback/constructive criticism is welcome. I know I had a little tick while backing away from the falls and I wish I could have redone the shot but my batteries were running low Hope you all enjoy
  17. Hey everyone! Ok so I have this upcoming project where the client wants general beauty shots. Since general beauty is so spontaneous it would be pretty hard to permit for every single location. I had a thought but didnt know the specific legality of it. My thought was to just walk out my door one day and do casual flying and get some generic beauty shots. Then turn around and sell them back to the client as stock. The hope being to dance around the permitting issue I gather that as long as I am within FAA Airspace and general everyday rules I should be fine. What are people's thoughts on that, or has anyone done this before? All of the footage they would use is for B-Roll.
  18. The nature reserve was created in 1982. Its purpose is to protect the eponymous bog, one of the largest in Latvia and the Baltic states. The nature reserve covers an area of 19,779 ha (48,870 acres), of which 13,681 ha (33,810 acres) is composed of Teiči bog. In this wet area, veritable little lakes have formed in places and there are in total 18 such lakes within the area, but in other places raised patches of firmer ground form little islands in the bog. The reserve is home to a number of rare or threatened species, including 38 protected species of flowering plants and ferns and 24 protected species of moss. It is an important habitat also for animals, including invertebrates. It is an internationally important locale for both migratory and sedentary birds. Specimen of most of the birds known to inhabit Latvian wetlands can be found here, some in large numbers — for example cranes and geese. On one of the islands in the nature reserve, Siksala, a small group of Old Believers live. Ethnic Russians, they arrived on Siksala island in the 17th century, escaping religious persecution, and still maintain their village.
  19. Dag

    Quad Air
  20. Hi @Dag, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Can you please share a link for this drone? - Chase
  21. Hi @LaDon Bruster, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! We offer drone training here at UAV Coach. You may be interested in checking out our in-person hands-on flight training classes. You can learn more about that here: If you are looking to use drones for non-recreational purposes, you will need to get your Part 107 certification. Our industry leaking course, Drone Pilot Ground School will prepare you for the exam. You can learn more about that here: Please let us know if you have any questions! - Chase
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  23. Hello, I tried visiting your web site. It sounds like such a great idea. But Safari (Apple browser) refused to open t because it's not a secure website. Others may have encountered this problem but not reported it to you, so I thought I'd better do so. Please post here when fixed. Thanks.
  24. Dag

    Quad Air

    Newbie looking for opinions on the drone from Quad Air.
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