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  2. Hi @Alan Perlman and @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach Thank you guys. I'll be revisiting this page quite frequently. You have given me a lot to go off of and a great nudge in the right direction. Again Thank you and honestly none of this wouldn't be possible with out you guys.
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  4. Thanks for the welcome and the links. I am still sorting through the various models and manufacturers. I didn't realize there are so many choices.
  5. Hi @Jetech, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! There are so many drones out there that it can be challenging to choose which one is right for you. To help get you started, you may be interested in checking out our 'Top Professional Drones' Guide. It can also be difficult to choose which application is right for you. Here is our 'UAV/Drone Jobs' Guide, which you may also find helpful in deciding what applications interests you the most. Feel free to ask us any questions. I hope this helps! - Chase
  6. Hi @cklesch, Welcome to to the UAV Coach Community Forum and thank you for listing your drone for sale on the forum! Could you please add a few pictures of the drone and what's included for the members who might be interested? Thanks! - Chase
  7. FOR SALE DJI M200 v1 w/ X5S & X4S cameras, 6 sets TB50 batteries, GPC case, 2 sets props, 2 sets of chargers, additional 45mm lens for X5S. Very low time, no damage ever. Always professionally operated for tower inspections. Aircraft is in Texas and prefer an in-person Texas transaction (SAT, DAL, HOU) but will consider other US locations with I would also consider a trade/cash for Phantom 4 RTK. NO EBAY or non-US transactions thanks. $6500
  8. I could not think of a better way to introduce myself than using the Phrase when you start programming any language, I am a electrical Engineer who has worked in the Telecommunication area for more than 20 years, I see the potential of drones in surveying cell towers there are many drones with good capabilities but there are specific needs some telecom vendors would need in their reports apart from the photos of the antennas or condition of the tower and there are the mechanical tilts, antenna labels and radio labels. Sometimes these photos are difficult to be taken or needed of an extra device (in case of mechanical tilts). I`d really appreciate it If someone has been working or start developing a project with more vesatile drones perhaps using robotic arms or any other way to access some places that remain hidden from the lens of a cammera and is willing to help me how to start developing my own survey drone or buy one existing in the market (which would be great). Thanks Roger Raad
  9. Our websites are built on WordPress, but I know a lot of our students use Wix, SquareSpace, and GoDaddy — each have their merits and offer a bit of a learning curve, but +1 to the idea of using a template. I'll offer this resource as well:
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  11. I was watching a hawk today and wondered why drone makers haven't made drones that look like hawks. Then, I had another thought, why don't drone makers make drones that fly like hawks do? Gain altitude and then extend their range by soaring the way hawks do? This would be very good for saving battery power and very good for surveillance or search-and-rescue. Using soaring techniques could extend the range and time in the air. The design would have to be drastically different from what the current ideas are. But, wouldn't it work? I am thinking of some of the drones that are used for delivering medical supplies in Africa, they probably already use some soaring techniques, but I'm not aware of them. How about passenger or sports planes using the same techniques? My idle thought for today.
  12. Just looked at the amazing photos and videos from the Boston awards. Just wondering if any due diligence was undertaken to make sure the pictures were taken with all due permissions granted? Thinking of the Paris picture and Hong Kong 360 in particular. Any thoughts ? Best to all. Mike
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  14. Part of the problem is the the PixHawk is open source, both hardware and soaftware. So technically they aren’t clones. 3DR, the original official manufacturer of the PixHawk, stopped manufacturing hardware in 2016. Most of the manufacturing moved to China. You should contact mRobotics, they have some great PX4/Ardupilot based controllers that are made in the US. mRobotics is owned by the founder of 3DR and I believe they might still manufacture the PixHawk in San Diego. There’s a lot of people using the Cube, it’s a good controller but by in large it’s Chinese.
  15. We don’t have that requirement in the US. Clealy this operator didn’t know what they were doing. Like most things in aviation, bad things happen as a result of earlier bad decisions. When things go wrong they tend to snowball quickly. Most hobbyist have no idea of how to check NOTAMS and what a TFR is. Obviously this should not have happened, but if fining this guy $20K is the FAA making an example of him then it’s probably not a good thing to do. Personally I don’t care about what happens to some unfortunate hobbyist.
  16. It seems that this guy was going for the Guinness Record to see how many violations he could get in one flight. Improper registration number/flying less than 83 feet over private property without owner's permission (he barely cleared a few of the rooftops/flying over people without a waiver/flying within 5 miles of an airport without permission/not reporting the loss of the drone when he knew it was within 5 miles of the airport/and the ultimate one FLYING IN A TFR while the president was there. And just to confirm how stupid he was, he didn't pay the fine or file an appeal in time, raising the fine another $5,000. He's a disgrace to the drone community.
  17. You missed the part where it says the drone was recovered by airport officials.
  18. From what I understand there are some folks selling counter fit Pixhawk Flight Controllers.... Since I am in the market for one I would like to know if there is a way to tell the difference in the phony one and the real ones....
  19. Where he started from is less than 2 miles from the airport. Flying drones over the LAS strip has been banned for sometime. Even if there are no airliners involved, there are sight seeing helicopters flying around the airport and the strip all the time. Because of the large number of tourists and the scenery, if flying drones on the strip was allowed, you'd see them all the time. The lack of any other drones in the area might have been a good clue that maybe he shouldn't fly there. Common sense should have told him that flying a drone in that area was a bad idea. Common sense should have told him that not responding to the FAA violation notices was also not a good idea. However, the FAA should have made him come to them to get his drone back. This is why the UK is requiring anyone who wants to fly a drone (i.e. R/C model) to pass a knowledge test (don't know how they will enforce it though).
  20. Bad to worse for DJI:
  21. He should follow the rules. If he doesn’t know them, he should not be able to fly. People who disregard basic rules like don’t fly over people and do a flight plan before getting up in the air, it ruins it for everyone who is a responsible pilot and that behavior puts lives at risk. He should have situational awareness and known how close he was to an airport and the president. Flyaways should be planned for like defensive driving.
  22. Considering the gravity of his multiple offenses, including flying in a TFR with the president of the United States in the area, and that he could have been responsible for the lives of hundreds (thank God that didn't happen), I think the penalty is light, indeed. I'm for access to all, but uneducated, incompetent (I'm assuming he had no "intention" of causing harm) drone operators can be deadly. It's my opinion EVERY pilot, at a minimum, should be required to pass 107 - much like every driver on the road has to meet minimum education and practical levels. It's people like him who muddy the waters for responsible pilots, too, in public perception.
  23. Sorry, but even in the ten minutes of controlled flight, he was in violation of several rules the rest of us have to follow. (Unless he got a waiver for BLOS and Flying Over People.) And to say "I didn't see any activity on the runways..." is like saying, "Oh, I fired a gun at the highway, but traffic was light." The moment he realized he had a flyaway, he could have (should have!!!) contacted authorities, notified them of the system failure, given information about location, altitude, heading, and drift, etc. They would have shut down the airport. These actions might have saved lives, AND, might have saved him from some of the fines. I fly near a military base all the time, with permission, and when I'm in the air, with my tiny little drone, they shut down operations on the base. I asked why they would shut down operations on a huge naval air station, because I was flying in a very small area at < 400' (where their floor is 1000'), and the answer was because of potential flyaways. At all times, safety for manned aircraft is paramount. I'm grateful when I'm given permission to fly in restricted airspace, and I try to follow the rules. I've been a 107 pilot since the start, and I'd like to keep my license and ability to work. This guy didn't Cowboy Up, the moment he lost control, and deserves what he gets. ¶¶¶ About that losing control: we don't have details about that. He didn't implement RTH procedures? The Phantom just wasn't responding? He had video signal. Some weird unknowns here. ¶¶¶ And, did he check for NOTAMS and TFRs beforehand? Presidential TFRs can have as great as a 30 NM radius. We don't have those details. I think the article said he was four miles from the airport. ¶¶¶ Anyway, no sympathy for him... not from me.
  24. This was flagrant stupidity, the rules are so clear and if you fly over restricted areas you get nailed. I don't understand why they returned his drone to him and I do not believe the fly away claim. They should have nailed him a lot harder and he should be banned from ever flying any aircraft be it drone or otherwise.
  25. The FAA is Chicken Little. I believe I did not see any activity on the runways as the UAV flew by. The FAA has the audacity to claim NAS 1" above the ground as told to me by an FAA agent. How arrogant! It's interesting the FAA doesn't require a license or tail numbers for ultra lights. It would appear the FAA has Chicken Little Syndrome.
  26. A couple of thoughts: My flight software would warn me, and perhaps not allow me to fly where this flight seems to have happened. I know I can override the software which would make me totally responsible. And, the Video does not seem to represent a flyaway! My flyaway video is dramatic, fast, and obviously out of control. So, yes, the pilot seems to be responsible, and I’ll leave it up to others to figure out if the fine is fair. But yes, the pilot should be held accountable. We, pilots, of recreational or Civil UAs, need to be responsible, be accountable, and keep the privileges of flying UA. This type of incident can slant public opinion to restrict our use of airspace.
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