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  2. Hi everyone, Its been a while. I have my official drone pilot license. The delay was verification of my EU residency. I applied to Ireland and I live in The Netherlands. Application are expected from the country in which you are normally resident. There was a video to watch. The animated video has all the rules and regulations. You are required to watch the entire video before you get access to the exam. The 40 question exam is a 4 x multiple choice answer paper. There are sections as Chase shows in his link. When you get a question wrong in a section the programme automatically sends you to t
  3. If you haven't already, start learning about the rules of the road. No drone required. Here is one way to reach out to some folks near you. It is simple a network of Part 107 certificated operators. Perhaps someone there can help you out. Cheers, Dave
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  5. I’m in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Want someone to take me out and teach me about drones. Know nothing about them. Want to get one. Thanks.
  6. You cannot fly your drone in any of the Indiana State Parks or areas regulated by the DNR, which includes Fort Harrison. However city parks may have their own restrictions, seeing as Garfield park is on the okay list then I assume most Indy city parks are fine. Not sure about Lawrence
  7. This is a very cool drone and I have no doubt that lovers of DJI will snap them up. But I don't see people who are into either aerial photography or FPV racing running out to purchase one. At 120Mb/sec , fixed f/2.8 aperture, 12MP camera is not very good for either stills or video and a big part of FPV racing is crashing, who in their right mind wants to crash a $1200-$1500 drone? You can buy four or five FPV racers that will leave thing thing in the dust and for the price you could build an FPV X8 and fly a real camera. Like I said a cool drone, but more evolutionary than revolution
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  9. It’s official—after lots and lots of leaks, DJI finally launched its new FPV drone today. And it looks like the wait was worth it. Although we already know quite a bit about this drone it’s still nice to see it officially live and presented as the company had planned. As suspected, the DJI FPV is a hybrid drone made for both cinematic FPV flying and for FPV racing. With this new drone, DJI has created an entry point for FPV flying, allowing even those who have never flown FPV before to dive right in without needing to build a custom drone or learn specialized piloting
  10. The airspace does have a LAANC grid overlay, but it is not accessible through the automated system. You will need to go through faadronezone to apply (indicated by the red color). If the area you want to fly is within a grid ceiling that you can live with I would suggest that you apply for a wide area waiver which will give you access to all of the grid . Typically military installations will want you to call in before each operation but that is no big deal. Ask for a year time frame and
  11. Dave, The air space is class D that I would like to obtain a waiver to operate in. There is some restricted space to the north which I do not expect the waiver to include and is not over a residential area. I would like to fly at Quadrangle Altitude limits over residential areas for RE Photos and marketing videos. All flights outside of base boundaries. I would think this is a waiver that can be obtained - Would really like assistance with the language to hopefully obtain it on one try. Also suggested duration - I would like 4-6 month waiver ?? Thanks for your assistance
  12. What is the class of airspace? If it is Restricted airspace, then it is unlikely you will be granted a waiver unless you are working for the Fed.
  13. Hi, I am new to UAV COACH. I am interested in finding a good, reliable, quality company from whom I can purchase protected Lithium battery packs for heavy lift drones. 60 volt to 90 volt, 16s to 24s. I am testing various high lift motors. Currently I am testing the MAD 40 43KV motor with various props. Has anyone found a good supplier for these larger battery packs? Thank you for any and all info. Steven
  14. @AshleyS I didn't see any claims that Ehang has faked videos in the Wolfpack report (and we didn't make any claims about Ehang videos in our reporting either). The claims were that Ehang 1) Doesn't actually have the revenue it has reported; 2) Doesn't have the level of technology is has claimed to have; and 3) Doesn't have the commercial regulatory approvals it has claimed to have in the US, Canada, and China. I was skeptical too given the interest a short seller would have in tearing down a company when it stands to profit, but the report and evidence Wolfpack compiled is pretty com
  15. Hello to all, fellow pilots!I began flying a couple of weeks ago and I was told by the friend who built my quad, who happens to have a YT channel, that if I improve fast enough I can start posting my videos on their channel. I was wondering, just out of curiosity, what do you guys think about their videos: are they good or bad? what would you change in their style/locations?I hope it's not OT or forbidden, I was looking for an opinion from unknown Fpv pilots, also because critiques can improve the overall quality.Here's the link:
  16. Hi, All I am trying to make this drone see the url below, when I press connect on the Android app, nothing happens, for more information please see the latest comment from mrkoola user Drone problem in comment by mrkoola user on the url above, It has images and video related to the problem, I am struggling with this problem since an year, please help I am new to drone community. Thank you in advance.
  17. I am going to apply for a waiver to fly in air space of the Cape Cod Coat Guard Air Station. (KFMH) Purpose is to take real estate photos and marketing videos. I would like a long term waiver. Can anyone suggest a drop dead paragraph I can use in my application? My hope is to not reinvent the wheel. This air space does not have any LAANC approvals. My application would include the following - would respect all quadrangle height limits, check for current NOTAMs & TFR etc. fly between sunrise and sunset . I'm just looking for the proper format to present them the information. Any
  18. Wolfpack. The name says it all. So all the videos of the Ehang216 tests are fake including the recent test flight over the ocean.
  19. It's because the number commonly used is actually really standing in for just one part of a ratio.
  21. Everyone knows that COVID-19 has hit small businesses hard. And for many the impact will be permanent—according to data from Yelp, of those businesses that had to stop operations due to the pandemic, 60% of them ended up closing for good. But now that things have stabilized somewhat and businesses are learning how to adapt, there are a few ways that drone service providers can help businesses bring in more customers. Check out this post we wrote recently on 3 ways drones can help small businesses—the first two are things small businesses can start doing right away.
  22. So, I get that larger f numbers like f/22 actually mean that it's a smaller opening and that smaller f number like f/2 is a big opening. I learned that thanks to a really helpful beginner video I just watched - But my question is this...WHY is the size of the aperture backwards from the numbers. Shouldn't f/22 be a big aperture since it's a big number and f/2 should be a small aperture since it's a small number???
  23. According to myth, the Bay of Paleopkastrista is where Odysseus first encountered Nausicaa, the beautiful young princess of the island. The beautiful, heart-shaped bay is certainly an appropriate meeting-place for the pair, as many scholars believe the couple represents one of the earliest depictions of unrequited love in literature. Odysseus is drawn to the beautiful woman, and she even states that she would like to have a husband like the Greek warrior, yet never expresses any interest in Odysseus himself. Despite her father’s approval of a potential marriage between the two, they never have
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