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  2. Hey there! I'm Tim from the Indianapolis, IN area. Right now I just have a DJI Mavic Mini, but I'm super interested in eventually getting a couple other drones. I'd been waiting until I got any drone to dive into courses for a certificate. My interests are varied through just about all uses for drones, but I imagine my first foray into commercial work will inspections. I work as a draftsman for a structural engineering firm, and I'm hoping that they will utilize me in that manner when they find out I have a license in the New Year (hopefully have...).
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  4. I am teaching a High School class in drone operation. I'd like to find an online training simulator at low or no cost. We cannot install across a lab presently as we are engaged in remote learning due to the pandemic.
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  7. An in-depth review of the video quality of the tiny MINI 2, in all kind of light situations
  8. I’m wondering if you could use the drone to paint/coat a metal roof with sealer?
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  10. Those shots are amazing. I really like how some very creative people incorporate technology into their art. Not just in using the technology to create the art but also integrating it into the art. This is very cool.
  11. Guys, this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Reuben Wu, creator of the mountain halo shots (the technique featured in the photo below), just released a new series of photos called Light Storm. And he gave us permission to share them. Read today's post to see all the photos from Light Storm, and to learn a little more about Reuben's creative process.
  12. I’m interested in tower inspections I needed some more informations . I have two drones and insurance. I have my part 107 level 2 certification.
  13. If this is not too late. You can try asking this in the Facebook Mavic Mini groups. There are a lot of international pilots on there that might be able to help. Good luck!
  14. Shine a flashlight at it. If they are videoing, recording you, they will see it. The light will let them know that you are aware of their activities. If that continues then you should report it to the local authorities. In our area, our utilities company uses drone for inspection purposes but it’s usually done during the day.
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  16. just had the Gimble replaced but no sensors working
  17. Oh Yes. I'll be there both days! Two friends and I are obsessed with drones and everything related to them. We bought brand new models that were quite well reviewed on we've already tried them out in the field. I already went to InterDrone 2019 last year in September in Las Vegas and it was an awesome weekend!! True, at that time I broke my drone by crashing into a tree, but I was still satisfied with the trip. So I think this year's event will be even better and more spectacular
  18. Drone videos featuring sharks swimming dangerously close to beachgoers have become fairly common over the last few years. These videos are enthralling—not to mention disturbing—but new research is taking the potential of drone technology for capturing sharks beyond the realm of entertainment, using it as a tool to spot great whites and other dangerous sharks to help keep people safe. A project called SharkEye is one of the leaders in this effort, but a research initiative out of Australia may actually be at the head of the pack. Read our recent article on how drones are bei
  19. Hi all! I am a beginner, building his first quadcopter and I am seeking for help to resolve an issue that I am really struggling to resolve. The drone is assembled, but when I try to read and flash the ECS set up using BLHeli 32, no ECS is found and the following window appears: Before that, I have selected the Interface “M BLHeli32 Bootloader (Betaflight/Cleanflight)”, connected it to the FC with success and added the power supply (battery) with the corresponding ECS bipping. Here more details: ECS: Chaos 30A BLHeli_32 ESC FC: Kakute F7 AIO (v1.5 / MPU6000) BL
  20. Please contact me regarding purchase. i am interested. +35054775000 Dean Chipolina
  21. I'm new to this. I'm looking for advice on what specific model I should be looking for. I have a Boat and fish Offshore. I need the Drone to check out baits we are pulling to make sure there are no problems. I would also need the Drone to be able to float and return to a moving base. Thanks for your help.
  22. I'm new to this. That said, I'm asking for advice on a specific model I should be looking for. I have a Boat and fish the Ocean. I want to be able to check the baits behind the Boat and on the Outriggers. I will be Trolling (Boat will be moving. for those that may not know). I would also need the Drone to return to a moving base. Thanks for your help.
  23. Sweetwater Creek is a State Park. Drones are not allowed in Georgia State Parks or State Historic Sites. Permission is given on a case by case basis, usually only for filming that will benefit (advertise) the park. See
  24. Has anyone in this forum request and received a waiver from the National Park Service to fly within the boundaries of a national park?
  25. A portable integrated universal GCS T30S with dual screens you should check. It supports GCS software running on Windows or Linux system. For more information, pls refer to or contact, whatsApp: +86 15249298159
  26. Hi Gary, When I am doing my research, I found this post. I’m not sure if it’s for you, but I have learned from some customers they had been looking for a powerful industrial hand-held GCS. You might want to dig into it a little bit. We are orignal supplier of high performance handheld GCS. Below is the photo of our model. For more information, pls refer to or contact
  27. We are orignal supplier of handheld GCS in China. We would like to get some feedback of what kind of handheld GCS the poilots are looking for, what kind of problems they have. Your valuale proposal will be our great impetus to produce better handheld remote controllers. If you are interest, pls refer to our web: or contact
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