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  2. It might be pretty difficult depending on what your hoping to accomplish with this program. I’m certainly open to exploring the opportunity. I’ve been designing and manufacturing UAVs since 2010. I founded a UAV service company in 2014. Here’s our website: we Have used drones for just about everything... if there’s anything there your interested in PM you contact info and we can Zoom.
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  4. Well maybe on this virtual atmosphere maybe I can figure how I could make something work...
  5. I’ve supported several STEM programs in high schools and college. Sounds like a great opportunity unfortunately I’m located in the Republic of California...
  6. We are located in the south suburbs of Chicago. We would prefer a teaching credential however, if you have worked in the Drone industry there are provisional temporary credentials you can be granted for the next couple of years until you would be able to have a full credential.
  7. Yes this already exists. Nothing new here. We, and others have been doing this since about 2010. Once you get outside the Chinese toy drone bubble you'll see that just about all commercial drones have this capability. If you scroll about 2/3 down the FreeFly AltaX page you'll see a diagram of the expansion ports: I've attached a few slides from one of our presentations which addresses much of what you talk about. Yes. Competition is always good and the UAV market has been dominated by DJI for too long. Industrial
  8. Where is the school located? Do you require a teaching credential?
  9. Hello. I would like to know whether its possible to use FPV goggles in an unusual way. I have Skyzone 04x goggles and I want to know whether I can somehow stream video from my phone directly to the goggles. Lets say I want to watch a youtube video on my android phone but I want to see that video in the FPV goggles. Any tips and clarification is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  11. Hey guys. Ive been working on a project to conduct an assessment of various slope movement in my county. I utilized a variety of drones, a DJI M200 with DJI xt2 sensor and DJI Phantom 4, to capture the imagery, I want the paper that im writing to have applications of UAV photogrammetry analysis to investigate the varios causes of slope movement i.e slope, runoff, rainfall, etc and i also want to show measurements of gulleys, rockfalls and mudslides in the paper. Ive been using drone deploy, Pix4D and 3DF Zephyr to prcoess the imager and all have given me good results(3D models, DSM, ) but im s
  12. That’s awesome. I saw the enterprise dji. I’m really considering the autel more because of lack of geo fencing. Approval from the FAA and done. Heard done horror stories of people not being able to work due to it. But I’m sure it’s extreme cases. I love the creative sexy shots and vid. Just not sure I’m enough of a creative to base it on that for me.
  13. Hello everyone. I am searching for an instructor for our Drone course taught within the high school. Part of the course includes a Part 107 license, however, we are willing to train the new instructor. If you are interested in more information, please reply.
  14. Thanks Chase! How do we find out if it's just a big empty plot of land?
  15. Many people choose to do real estate starting off and you can always branch off into different applications as you become more comfortable with your drone. If you do want to get into inspections, mapping, etc. You may be interested in looking through our professional drones guide. The Autel Duo does look like a great drone, another comparable drone is the Mavic enterprise series which you can find in the professional drones guide. I do aerial photography and videography, I like the more creative aspect of it. - Chase
  16. This is really cool @Dmitry Efremov, thanks for sharing! - Chase
  17. Hi @droneslc, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! I did some research on this location using AirMap. Here is the link for the location:,-111.834391,15.720623z?40.664218,-111.834391,15.720623z The area is Class G airspace, which means you can fly there legally. However, make sure that you are allowed onto the property and that they allow drones on the property. Hope this helps! - Chase
  18. Hi @Gary Murphy., Thanks for letting is know, we will look into this and make any changes if needed. Unfortunately, a park official can technically prevent you from taking off or landing on their property. But they do not regulate the airspace above the park. This continues to be an ongoing issue and like @Av8Chucksaid, the FAA is the only agency who can regulate airspace, but that does not mean others will not try to! - Chase
  19. Hey Chase, The most obvious answer would be real estate but anything that will allow me to fly safely will be done. Inspections. Surveying. Mapping. Photography and videography. Search and rescue. Though most of them will require an upgrade from the A2s. But it was the mid grade with a nice censor. The geo fencing is my only complaint. Several places I can fly but DJI has them shown as restricted and not authorized. Next drone will probably be the Autel duel. I’d like to move more into inspections. How about you? bill
  20. Hi Ariel, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! I am not aware of a platform that allows for this level of customization. However, there may be someone else in this forum who can offer more information on this topic. Thanks for sharing, best of luck with your project! - Chase
  21. Hi @Delair, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum and congratulations on becoming Part 107 certified! What do you plan doing with your drone? I have heard great things about the new DJI Air 2S. - Chase
  22. After having a long break from authoring any post or article on LinkedIn , I'm back with an Interesting topic for most of my connections which is the BVLOS UAV/UAS operations , although they are still illegal around most of the globe and the US FAA refuse most of the requests even from licensed pilots , there are some companies that managed to grant a permanent license for BVLOS operations such as : "senseFly" in switzerland since early 2017 , since then governments around the Globe started to realize the importance of Unmanned traffic management systems which is the enabler for BVLOS operatio
  23. Does anyone know if we can fly here?°39'48.0"N+111°50'05.5"W/@40.6633497,-111.8370553,884m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.6633457!4d-111.8348666 The area is huge and there are very few trees. I don't know how old this map image is from Google though.
  24. The citation was in Utah I believe I was charged with criminal trespassing because no other law exists in Utah. Pertaining to trespassing by drone. 76 - 206(2)(a) the prosecution offered me a minimal fine time on probation and restrictions on flying. I chose not to accept those conditions. When I felt I was well within the law as was my understanding of it.
  25. DJI Air 2s Vs Mavic 2 Pro, a comparison in terms of video functions and quality to see if this new model has taken the place of the king of DJI prosumer drones
  26. Hey so i went out to fly my Drone today and LAKESIDE1000 was correct i found the beginners Mode on my phone and turned it off and i had full control no matter how high or how far away flew my drone! thanks again LAKESIDE1000
  27. Photographer and all around magic-image maker Reuben Wu has once again found a new way to use drones as a light source to create beautiful works of art. In his ongoing Lux Noctis series, Wu has again reinvented the use of drone lighting to capture incredible stills of nature. But he’s also doing something he’s never done before—using drones as a light source to create “motion pieces.” Check out this post to see what we're talking about—these things really are incredible. Also, here's a still image from the same series: The post has several more images as well as two of
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