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  2. I'm interested in purchasing. If its still available could you tell me if you bought it new? And does this model take the same intelligent flight batteries and the P4 pro? I'm traveling this week so it would best if you could text me answers. 720-318-4081 thanks, Claudia
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  4. If you want to know more abou the Mavic Air 2, this is the article to read up on.
  5. You guys have to understand that this is a business PLAN and not an established organization. Drones Force is itself just a brand new company and has very, very little market share of any drone services as far as I've found. They are offering exclusive areas within the Drones Force ecosystem. But that means nothing until there is actually purchase orders coming your way. The guys that have signed up apparently think it will work and are investing accordingly. If enough sign up, it works for Drones Force. Hopefully it also works for those investing.
  6. DDD, those have been a lot of the same questions I was asking. There seems to be nothing online about this company. The sites you mention that they promote don't even rank and I was told Memphis is one of their oldest? I am also still trying to understand why they would not build their brand using their name if it is so respected and the company is so large and just have actual franchises in each area under one respected name. The national brand recognition alone would be worth so much more it would seem then a bunch of independent businesses no one has heard of each needing its own mark
  7. I recently went to a location that B4U Fly said was good to fly. It was about 1.5 miles away from a non-LAANC airport. Also, the Kitty Hawk app and DjI Fly Safe site seemed to be OK with it. However, once I connected up, I was given a locked zone warning and could not fly. When I got home, I went to the DJI Unlock site on my desktop. There, I could see I was on the very edge of the Class C zone. Is there any way to see this info. when you are in the field? DJI says the mobile version is not supported.
  8. @DHawk I wish to thank you for your reply. I agree 100% on your statements. I'm just playing devil's advocate here and do not mean this to be negative. I'm just trying to be careful. I think my opinion is they are so new, there is literally almost nothing on them other than this topic, their own website and the three or four websites I found of other licensees. I could find no reviews, no statements about them. Even their own website has no internet chatter that I could find. Another item was, they claim they do a lot of SEO in their marketing. So I punched in Drone photography in three cities
  9. Wow, this thing got some traction as of late! Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments, it's very much appreciated.
  10. While we're at's another from a couple weeks ago. For this one, same ground cams, but only the Evo II Pro for aerials. It was a real challenge, flying in the wind on this one, but the little Autel held in there just fine. I still have a few critiques of the bird, which I should prolly post in another section.
  11. Thank you! I appreciate that you can see the upgrades in my color work :). All of this video (save for the old P4 stock pieces) was shot in log, and only 2 clips required noise reduction in post (twilight aerial closer and one other dark time scene before that). Learning how to use curves for video has definitely helped me understand better how to retain depth in the imagery. Yes! That shot lingered and gave a beautiful roll up to reveal the mountain, but the clip length was just too long, and I already had a similar shot near the intro (property reveal clip). So, I chose t
  12. Beautiful storytelling as always. Appreciate you checking in and hope you're well! At 1:06, are you using a Ken Burns effect? It's a short clip, but I really like the motion and can't figure out why I like it so much
  13. DDD I can not speak to others and how they feel, only myself and my past experience with being in business. There are some "Back Room" process they take care of that I will not have to worry about until I am up and running, if I choose to. Such as data storage, editing of video, and an app they created for people to order services as well as the website. Also, I have never paid only $500 for a website, by the time it is done I have spent anywhere from $1500 - $3000. I do not produce website myself and I do understand that once you have the template the rest is simple. However, even if I h
  14. Ilgiz Valitov: development of business international cooperation makes it possible to attract foreign investmenteffectively One of the major investment projects with the direct involvement ofIlgiz Valitov – asuccessful Russian TOP Manager – wasprovided with profitable financing from Asian bankers. Here are more details about the construction and launch of a new, modern industrial facility – the Asia Cement plant in Penza region. The plant became the leader of its industrial sector of the economy. A lot of work, a great work needs to be doneto achieve such a result. Sometimes
  15. Can anyone elaborate on success with Drones Force and positive income returns on the investment? Considering this and need some input. Asking why spend 20k with them when the drone is $3600, training about $1500, website $500. That leaves 14k in your pocket to do your own thing. Not being negative, just curious and seeking opinions. I'm favorable to the company but 20k is a bunch of money with absolutely no guarantees. How do those already signed up feel?
  16. That’s the best quality so far. Really looked good. Great color grading. It’s great to hear from you.
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  18. Aloha gang! It's been a while, we've all had our hands full of work, life, Covid-19, wildfires, and all the other 2020 glory that's continually heading our way. I thought I'd take some time to share my most recent production, featuring a true lifestyle story using talent and the property as the setting. One thing about this place is that it's not super 'showy'. We could show only 3 or 4 spaces within the home itself, but the property is another story altogether. It's oceanfront, in an undeveloped area, bordering a wildlife preserve. It's truly an amazing spot to have a home.
  19. I would use a little more tranquil sound track. The crescendos became a little distracting after the third time. But that is just my taste. Otherwise the video is cool.
  20. How to optimize low-light photography in the Mavic Air 2 and Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom using HYPERLIGHT (Smart Photo)
  21. The investment project in the Omsk region, which was implemented with the direct participation of Ilgiz Valitov, head of the Directorate of natural resources and construction of Vnesheconombank, today shows significant economic growth and efficiency of financial investments in this one of the most important industries in Russia. Experts in the banking sector note that Russia has a large number of tools that help the country, and, in particular, the regions, to make maximum efforts to attract investment. But it is one thing to talk about such a product, to present such schemes, and another
  22. thanks, I downloaded some of the stuff from the faa website. I need to find out if the guy who mentioned it to me would be willing to pay me straight cash and not have me on a payroll, I do not want to contribute to this government especially Illinois with what they are doing to people by imposing restrictions for coronavirus when it is nothing , and I do not want any form of health care at all, not a needed thing at all, otherwise it would be a job I could enjoy
  23. Ilgiz Valitov: I’m for investments in the development of the Russian economy, in stability, in the future, as a result It’s about one of the successful, large-scale investment projects implemented in the Leningrad Region under the auspices of Ilgiz Valitov – oneof the leading Russian top managers. The opening of new, modern production facilities in Russia, both yesterday and today, is a time requirement. It is the high-tech industrial sites designed for processing, the finished products manufacturing that meets international and European standards which make it possible to work effec
  24. Hey guys im looking for a free business plan template. Starting a virtual production business catering to Real Estate. A real simple plan is all. Thanks
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