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  2. Thank you for having me. I have been flying recreational for a couple of years. Now I am flying for commercial operations in California and beyond. I have done a couple of indie films and real estate projects. Thank you again. Patrick
  3. Hi @Backstage Aerial, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! We are glad to have you as apart of our community. Do you fly drones for recreation or for commercial operations? Looking forward to your response! - Chase
  4. Hi @Captain Butterfingers, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Do you have an aerial services business or planning to in South Africa? Best, - Chase
  5. This is a renewed high-quality power module standard based on the ACSP7 but with dual internal power supply to improve the stability of the hall-sensing. The mRo Power Zero from mRobotics is designed especially for the DIY community and it offers extremely accurate measurements across the entire current & voltage operating range with a non-invasive Hall-effect current sensor for UAV / Robotics application and high precision voltage dividing circuit for consistent and reliable measurements. Compared to the ACSP7, the .5v offset is removed and the current sensing is compared with a dedicated power reference. The integrated electrolytic capacitor reduces voltage spikes which result from longer input cable lengths and higher voltage batteries. Download STEP file here (Right click and Save link As) SPECIFICATIONS: Power Module mRo Power Zero Dimensions 18mmx18mm (.70"x.70") Height: 7.30 mm (0.28") Weight 2.5g (0.08 oz) Maximum input voltage 50.4v 12s lipo Max Current Sensing 90 Amps Max Current from 5.3V Power Supply 2 Amps Compatibility Ardupilot & PX4 PINOUT: If you want to make your own cables and route them to connect it to your autopilot, you can simply follow the order of the pinouts as it is the same Dronecode standard. CONFIGURATION INSTRUCTIONS: If you want to configure it on Mission Planner, you can follow this instructions. Have fun!, and remember that “Without electricity, there can be no art.” Pedro Matabuena Twitter: @pmatabuena
  6. Hi @bestgear, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Agriculture is one of the applications that is seeing exponential growth. Best of luck with the new drone and career! Best, - Chase
  7. Looks like DJI may have some serious competition in the area of search and rescue with this new drone from Parrot. It seems to be an ideal drone for first responders as it has 3 built-in cameras that combine provide a 32 times zoom as well as thermal imaging plus its manufactured in the USA.
  8. I might look into FPV drones - but I am definitely keeping my Tello. You have got to try the S speed setting (using the TelloFPV flight app). I found the Tello very fast. Not an FPV or racing drone - but quite fast.
  9. Have a great fourth of July Weekend. Check out this aerial tour of the USS Alabama, a World War 2 Battleship that played a part in many campaigns in the Pacific Theater.
  10. Viljandi (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈʋilʲˑjɑnʲˑdi]; German: Fellin) is a town and municipality in southern Estonia with a population of 17,407 in 2019. It is the capital of Viljandi County and is geographically located between two major Estonian cities, Pärnu and Tartu. The town was first mentioned in 1283, upon being granted its town charter by Wilhelm von Endorpe. The town became a member of the Hanseatic League at the beginning of the 14th century, and is one of five Estonian towns and cities in the league. The once influential Estonian newspaper Sakala was founded in Viljandi in 1878.
  11. So what do you think would be a fair cost to charge for travel time in cases like this when the travel time can be 2, 3 or even 4 times the onsite time? Let's say your rate is $225/hour and you have a job that will take 2 hours of onsite time (assume no post processing). That's $450 total. But let's assume the job is 2.5 hours drive away, 150 miles. So 300 miles total, 5 hours total travel time. The standard mileage rate is currently $0.58/mile - so by that rate, the travel time charge would be $174, or effectively $35/hour. This per mile rate is suppose to compensate for all costs of operating the vehicle, including fuel. I know in the consulting industry, consultants charge their full hourly rate during the portion of the travel they can work on your project (sitting in a plane or train). The travel time they aren't working, I've heard typically they charge half their hourly rate. This is because while they are traveling, when they can't work, that is downtime caused by the project that prevents them from otherwise working and making their full hourly rate. If your standard rate is $225/hour and onsite is 2 hours and travel is 5 hours for the job, let's do the math... $450 + $174 = $624 divided by 7 hours total of your time = $89/hour. Note, this travel time is traveling at freeway speeds. Travel in a crowded city, it could take you an hour to go 30 miles - so at the mileage rate, while you were in your car, you would be making $17.40 an hour. So an effective $89/hour for this hypothetical job is on the high side using the standard mileage rate. $89/hour doesn't sound that bad but that's just gross revenue and not including cost of equipment depreciation, insurance, advertising, software, and on and on and on. Similarly, if you have to fly, you might charge for your airfare, hotel, rental car, and mileage. But if you are flying, including time spent in airports and rental car counters, you are probably spending a good part of a day (4-8) hours traveling which is time you can't spend onsite during another job at $225/hr. So seems to me, charging the mileage rate and/or actual travel costs without factoring in any value for your time spent traveling is shooting yourself in the foot as for every hour you are spending driving you are making $17-$35/hr instead of spending that time onsite at a second closer job at $225/hr. One might argue assuming you have the option to do a second job during that time is not realistic. Better to make $17-$35/hr driving to a job than nothing at all but that time could be used for other valuable activities like networking with potential large clients. So what do you think would be a fair cost to charge for travel time in cases like this when the travel time can be 2, 3 or even 4 times the onsite time?
  12. A comparison of the DJI Mavic AIR 2 vs the Mavic MINI
  13. It seems like more and more these days we’re hearing stories about drones helping to save lives. Just last week a family lost while hiking on a nature preserve in Plant City, Florida was found quickly with the help of a drone. Highs that day were in the 90s, and the family could have faced heatstroke if they weren’t found in a timely manner. DJI has a new map devoted to drone rescues like this one, which shows all of the drone rescues that have been made in the entire world to date. It is inviting people to submit drone rescues to be added to the map, so it will serve as a living record of drone rescues. Read today's post to learn more about the map and the data on drone rescues going back to the start of 2017.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Can I ask more information about this course?
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  16. very nice photo and the passage of the bird adds a little touch. TweakBox word counter Tutuapp
  17. I'm never going to LA but this video made me travel, thanks. Mini Militia App Lock 7Zip
  18. Hey @remotelyunltd When I first started with the Tello I was absolutely blown away at how great of a drone it was for $100!! It definitely isn't something people can laugh at. It does very well for the size and cost!!
  19. The DJI Ryze Tello will work with most bluetooth controller (ranging in price from $20 to $60). Add the TelloFPV flight app for about $6. Get a Wifi Extender (anywhere from $20 to as expensive as you like - lol!) - and you get a long range video capable drone and that can fly super fast (when required) with a Return to Home function (despite not having a GPS). Checkout:
  20. Funny - I just saw a video on this as it is definitely a good question to ask. I found this YouTube video to be informative:
  21. Yep - one can call the Tello drone a toy and that is a great thing because is well below the 250 grams which means the FAA (or some other countries) regulations are not likely to be applicable to it. Plus, if you have the patience - you can shoot better videos that this: ...and extend the range by using a cheap Wifi Router/Repeater like this: Compare that to a $500 or more Mavic Mini or an even more expensive Mavic Air 2
  22. Folks, Just weighing in... I fly a lowly DJI Ryze Tello - which really has no GPS. Yet, if you use the TelloFPV (by Volatello in Google Play Store) - it has a Return To Home function that works very very well. IMHO - the Return to Home is crucial as the drone is so small - you can't see it when it is a mere 50 or meters away (maybe even less). And you can't hear it once it is at a height of over 5 meters. I was even thinking of adding some sort of strobe light on it to help VLOS. When coupled with a good Wifi Repeater (like the one below) - then the range is even further extended (like nearly triple). So yes - Return to Home is crucial. I'd also say some sort of sound or stone light is crucial (at least for the Tello) as it is so small - it is nearly impossible to see or find if it should land on its own (like in low battery situations).
  23. Hiya Steven, I just got into this hobby too with the Tello. I can go get a Mavic Air 2 - but I am just exploring what a simple Tello can do based on some footage I have seen: It seems TelloFPV (by Volatello) is the way to go for Flight Control and the use of Wifi Extenders to increase range and video reception quality at a distance: Mavic Air 2 one day? Maybe - but I like what the Tello can do and likely go Cinewhoop one day soon!
  24. This year the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has significantly ramped up its use of drones for studying the ocean, providing us with another example of drones being used for good in the world. In March, NOAA established an Unmanned Systems Operations Program to support the rapid expansion of unmanned systems—both aircraft and marine systems, collectively referred to as unmanned systems, or UxS—throughout the agency. The following month, NOAA published the results of an extensive survey of right whales conducted with the support of UAS. And then this month news has come out about its use of autonomous marine drones to collect oceanic data on fish, seafloor, and weather. Read today's article to learn more about NOAA's new drone program and the work being done with drones to protect the ocean.
  25. Hey Everybody, Curiosity post/poll, which drone is everyone looking to buy or have bought this year curious to see the answers!
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