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  2. Joseph Honai

    Newbie here,need help!

    Hey, it has been more than 15 years since I reside in Toronto with PR. My mom is going to be retired from her job soon, more likely to be on this March. I'd like to fetch her here to live with us. I want her to live the rest of the life here, but she seems to be leaving soon. To get assistance in the family sponsorship, I've consulted a nearby firm. But I knew that it needs 18 or more years to sponsor my parents. I couldn't have a detailed discussion. We'll be sitting in this weekend for an elaborated discussion. Before that, I'd like to know more information on this. Like what should be my minimum income to sponsor my parent? If I sponsored them, how long they can live here with us??
  3. Try again. I checked again and it is working for me.
  4. I think the link is broken.
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  6. Doodle Labs has an extensive portfolio of wireless building blocks developed specifically with the UAS application in mind. Its research is focused on leveraging the benefits of COFDM and MIMO technology to address the inherent RF challenges that unmanned aerial systems face. As a part of this effort, Doodle Labs has developed a set of UAS-focused features within its BII™ software stack that extend the flyer’s communication range and supports Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) operations.
  7. On Monday, January 14, the FAA shared a draft of what will be the largest and most significant regulatory update to present for drone pilots since LAANC went into effect. The FAA has proposed to make operations over people and at night legal, under certain circumstances, without a waiver. Hip-hip-hooray! We can just hear the cheering of drone pilots across the country who’ve been waiting a long time for this kind of operational freedom and flexibility. We've provided a complete summary of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on our blog. Read through to get an idea of how these proposed rules could change things for recreational and commercial drone pilots. "New FAA Rules Would Let Drone Pilots Fly at Night and Over People Without a Waiver"
  8. yawantwiadjei

    Agricultural Drones

    I am Yaw Antwi-Adjei from Accra, Ghana and new to the drone business but would like to get into it. I would be grateful if someone could advice me as to the type of drone I can use to spray citrus plantations and the cost. Yaw
  9. Roderick

    Where to I start???

    I live in the Phoenix area. I need to know where I can get an overall view of learning the drone business. I thought that the Drone Command would be a good start to get a quick gloss over at least. It's $299 for 3 days of information. Plus they spend time with people who have never flew a drone in learning to fly or to at least get their feet wet. I am very interested in phasing out my current business and doing something new. I would welcome any suggestions that you have to offer for a person like me as to where to start my journey. I'm 62 years of age so getting another degree is not my interest. I need to know where I can get flight training, where to obtain the proper licenses and in what order, and what business segment is demanding drone usage the most? I'm about as green as they come!
  10. Dave Pitman

    Getting Insurance

    Thanks for the follow-up Bill. Yeah, it's unfortunate that most underwriters are taking this approach for now. Operating drones is nothing like the automobile model. Sometimes the job requires that you have a couple of camera options that may need to be carried by different craft. Then, there is the back up craft needed in case of any issues. The underwriter happily charges you for each distinct craft. It is unfair and I'm not buying it. Especially when the same underwriter will cover my operation with any craft in the weight class for a single rate. At some point, the hourly rate would get too expensive if you're operating a lot. Hopefully there is enough push back or another underwriter steps in with annual policies that make more sense and breaks this mess up. Good Luck!
  11. Last week
  12. Hey all, I went through DPGS last year, prior to LAANC rolling out, and now I've got a Q - If I (a 107 cert holder) am planning to fly in an area where LAANC approval is available, do I need to also call/notify nearby heliports and airstrips, or are they able to "see" my flight info from LAANC, just like a towered airport?
  13. Hi everyone! The time is finally here!! We just opened up our beta program for Airilo Connect. The next step is that you finally get to start using it. We are going to open this first test up to 20 videographers. If you have interest, please respond IMMEDIATELY because we are offering spots on a first come, first serve basis. Just respond to this post with anything that shows interest like "YES" or "I'm in!!" and fill out this survey: We can't wait to start working with all of you. Even if you end up not making the first 20 spots, we're opening more up quickly so don't worry. Cheers, Matt
  14. MRaff

    Introducing Airilo Connect

    Hey @JBR LIFE Photography. We just started the beta program for Airilo Connect. We'd love to have you as one of our initial beta testers. If you're interested, here's a survey to get started:
  15. Isabella | UAV Coach

    New Drone Laws in Canada

    Canda’s national aviation authority, Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), has announced new drone regulations to take effect June 1, 2019. These new regulations differ significantly from regulations in the U.S. Primarily, these new regulations will allow commercial and recreational drone pilots to operate under the same rules. Rather than distinguishing between commercial and recreational operations, Canada's new regulations are divided into 'basic' and 'advanced' operations. Learn more in our recent article: "Canada Announces New Drone Laws That Allow Recreational and Commercial Pilots to Operate Under Same Rules | Plans to Implement June 2019"
  16. Eric Matyas

    Free Music Resource for Your Videos

    Hey everyone, here are this week’s band new free tracks: On my Funny 5 page: “Lola Pixel” (Standard and Looping) “Monster Jive” (Standard and Looping) “Monsters, P.I.” (Standard) On my Funny 6 page: “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Game World” (Standard and Looping) “The Monkey Island Band Plays Again” (Standard and Looping) And on my Positive/Upbeat page: “Hand in Hand in Pixel Land” (Standard and Looping) Have a good week!
  17. BillH

    Getting Insurance

    BWI got back to me, and just like with your car insurance as soon as you add a second one, the price goes up a little. But they did say there are ways, if I'm only occasionally flying an alternate drone that I can swap it out for my regular one. IDK - we'll see.
  18. Is there a connection with Commercial UAS or just a general business question? I think using video on social media is a bit different than advertising on television or even YouTube. It’s more about the social connection than the video production value. There are lots of online tutorials for using cell phone’s to produce videos for FB and Instagram etc..
  19. I've rented an area near Toronto, for my wife to open a coffee club. Along with the coffee shop, there is a space for customized gifts shopping. Customers can have customized stuff per order. Currently, we're working on the interior works. The shop will be open to people in two months. My wife has already started social media promo through FB and INSTA. As of now, we haven't got any engagements. That is not surprising anyway. We're planning to conduct a give away contest on the day of shop opening. I hope it can seek a few audience attention and some live engagements. Last day I talked with my friend, One of his points strikes me like nothing. He said services have greater chances of receiving far more footfalls when tagged along with videos. Yeah, it seems a good idea. If we could share attractive and genuine videos on social media, we can quickly convey the highlights of our products. From then I was looking for a budget video production agency near me. A few of them are reliable and affordable for small scale video production. My plan is to pep up the social media pages with the video footage of our launch party. I've already gone through the mentioned agency site reviews and testimonials. Their works seem good. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any launch party videos! Am not ready to consult them in person until I get a clarification on their service quality. I wish someone would help me with this!
  20. AjitD

    Introductory Post

    Hiii everyone!!! My name is Ajit. I am a Mechanical Engineer. I came across this website when i was searching about " How to build a drone?" and further to this using a drone for delivery of small packages and for farming. To mention, i am looking forward to know about programming a drone. Thank you
  21. I would like to hear what other communities throughout the country are doing to integrate UAV operations in to their planning, exercises, training, and response. I am wanting to discuss agency policies, plans and procedures as well best practices. As a side bar the sharing of contact info to share additional information would also be encouraged within this conversation.
  22. Just took one of the quizzes for the recurrent testing and was confused by this question. I highlighted Area 6 in the 2nd image. I don't see anything that says it's "Private"...can someone chime in here to explain this? BAH. Disregard. Finally answered my own question. I'll be getting my glasses fixed 🤓
  23. midnattsol

    New flyer

    My name is Brian, I am new to the drone world and just bought a Mavic Pro Platinum. I am very excited to learn all I can from every resource possible. I have been a semi-professional photographer for over 20 years and I am looking to expand my tools for amazing images and video. I am here to learn...
  24. FlightOfTheNavigator

    Man Arrested for Flying Drone off Severn Bridge

    That is just absurd. Isn't the whole point of drones to get to places where you couldn't otherwise? Just like when cyber crime first came into play they will need to adapt and respond accordingly.
  25. FlightOfTheNavigator

    DJI Aerial Photo Academy - Reviews? Thoughts?

    I was thinking about going to this also and it could be good just from the networking aspect. Anyone been?
  26. FlightOfTheNavigator

    Getting Insurance

    Never liked insurance, the policies are always vague on purpose so they squirm out of paying. Remember they are not selling insurance to actually help anyone. When it comes to claims it's whole other matter.
  27. MartyL

    Inspire 1v2 refurbished. Crossville Tn

    Hi all I have a Brand new, Excellent condition (bought in October 2018) Zenmuse XT2 13mm, 9Hz, 360X256 for sale. I bought the wrong resolution for my project. Asking $5250, BO, paid $5,700. If interested please contact Marty
  28. Premier Drone Productions

    FOR SALE- Inspire 2 w/ Zenmuse X7 camera FULL Kit

    Plus DJI Original Shipping Hard Case, Original receipts, Air Data logs, , Prop balancing rod.
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