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  2. We got to thinking what might be something fun for the drone community to use on social media to help promote their stories, images, videos, news and more... We've created some community GIFs for pilots to use freely and unbranded. Check them out and let us know what you think! What other ideas for the community do you think are fun to see?
  3. Hi, this is David Please visit I am trying robots video streaming and steering service. For now, only drone - Pyparrot can be attached. You can attach your robots if you have client-side code - python (** it is in the instruction) Hope this will enable more advanced robots service, in more intelligent way. Thanks,
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  5. Hi @Maik Kellerhals, Great job, always enjoy watching your videos. The editing, colors, and sounds are perfect. Thanks for sharing! - Chase
  6. Hi @Brooke, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It sounds like you have already tried out some great drones. Which of your drones is your favorite or go to drone? Feel free to also share any cool stories/experiences from the last 5 years working with real estate and construction clients. You can also see different types of drone jobs/applications in out 'Drone Jobs' Guide: Best, Chase
  7. Hey, There are many real estate photographers available in the market but, Klapty virtual tours will give your business a powerful boost by enhancing the uniqueness. It helps create fully immersive 3D Virtual House tours, curated walkthroughs, and AR floor plans using 360° photos, 3D rendered images, and fully textured assets. Here are the basic features: It has revolutionized the way to create and publish virtual tours. Create your tour in a few minutes and attract new clients easily, quickly, and for free.
  8. Hi everyone I’m Brooke here in Kansas City. I have been flying DJI Inspire, DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Mavic Air 2, & DJI Mavic Mini for real estate and construction purposes for 5 years now. I’m currently looking to get into branching out into different fields and try out different drones!
  9. I found a not very well known place in Switzerland with beautiful views and great hiking and climbing opportunities!
  10. DJI Air 2s Spotlight mode. Part of Focus Track, the collection of intelligent flight modes of the Air 2S
  11. I too spoke to the VF people and you can't fly a drone there. I'm still looking for a good resource about decent places to fly near (not in) Philly.
  12. Hi donja, This is a Class G airspace and is not within 5 miles of an airport. You ca fly thee all you'd like. It's a beautiful spot... Kevin
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  14. All I can say it that this is so cool! Very, very powerful! I wonder how well this would do in a cave environment to map it? How much does it rely on GPS signals to do what it does? Tim Luttrell
  15. Hi, just joined. I'm interested in getting a drone for recreational videography, but wondering where I'm going to fly it. I saw the uavcoach article on the 5 best places to fly drones in Los Angeles. One of the list is Point Fermin Park. That'd be wonderful, because I live very close by. But Point Fermin Park is part of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, and their policy is the same as the county policy, which, if I understand correctly, is basically is that they are only allowed in designated areas; they mention Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area and Whittier Narrows. So am I missing anything? Overthinking? I'd love to fly at Pt. Fermin!
  16. Can you confirm that this is an unrestricted area? I thought (but may be mistaken) that drones were prohibited here. Thanks
  17. What are you trying to invert from? There’s no free lunch. The flying time you get is directly proportional to the energy you put in. The only thing you can do is changes the energy source, use larger batteries, use higher voltages (ohms law), lift smaller payloads.
  18. Heyy.. Is it possible to power drone using 12v inverter, which can give us more flying time.. Please need a answer ASAP....
  19. A report leaked to The Hill reveals that the Pentagon has found both DJI’s Government Edition Matrice 600 and DJI’s Government Edition Mavic Pro to be free of privacy concerns, and cleared for government use. According to the report, which was the product of an audit conducted by the Department of Defense, the two drones “show no malicious code or intent and are recommended for use by government entities and forces working with US services.” The report was written by Adam Prater, the second chief warrant officer with the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, who has declined to comment publicly on its findings. Only the section of the reporting pertaining to the two DJI drones was made public—the rest of the report remains classified. Read the post to learn about the report and to get some background on the U.S. government's ongoing privacy concerns about DJI drones.
  20. Skydio recently launched Skydio 3D Scan, a new 3D mapping software, with a big event at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The new software is made for both professional inspectors and first responders, allowing them to quickly—and autonomously—create 3D models of critical infrastructure, accident scenes, or whatever they might need to model for the work at hand. The software is available right now for the Skydio 2 at $2,999, and will be available soon for the Skydio X2 series. Read today's post to learn more about Skydio's new software, and how inspectors and first responders might use actually use it in the field.
  21. @Night001 I didn't know about these lawsuits, definitely makes the case even stronger. Thanks for sharing this info!
  22. Do you know that EHang has been consistently sued on claims such as Fraud and Breach of Contract in United States? This probably gives you an idea on what kind of a company it is: In late 2017 EHang was sued by KW Redwood Shores at San Mateo Superior Court (Case No. 17CIV03495), the Complaints were: 1. Breach of Lease, 2. Fraudulent Transfer – Actual Fraud, 3. Fraudulent Transfer – Constructive Fraud. In early 2020, EHang and its CEO Huazhi Hu, CFO Shang-wen Hsiao, Richard Jian Liu and CMO Derrick Yifang Xiong were sued by their ex US General Manager in US Federal Court Northern District of California San Jose Division (Case No. 20-cv-00569-BLF). In early 2021 the court granted the claims against all defendants on 1. Breach of Contract. 2. Fraud, 3. Unpaid wages, Penalties and Interests.
  23. In-depth analysis of all the different zoom modes and compare the Air 2s Zoom result with zooming digitally in post-processing and with filming from a closer distance to find out if there is some loss of quality in the process. Is it digital or a sensor crop?
  24. Okay, so I am a newbie. I misplaced my license, three years ago and my Parrot Bebop 2 sat in the box for three years. Then the Fed sent me a renew notice. Yea! The battery is haz waste, but I got a new one and the thing still flies. I am just starting to fly it. I flew it in my yard a couple of times. Lost the signal twice too... eventually figured out how to regain control and managed to land it safely one of the times. It is a robust little creature anyway. It still works!?! Anyway I live in the middle of a pretty wide free airspace zone, so tomorrow morning, since the wind is easy, I am taking it to a public park. Mostly a baseball field (early) to practice a little more, where the sky is more clear of trees and houses. It is a tiny city park, not a State park and there are no "NO Drones" signs anywhere to be found, so I am going for it. It is no different than any other of the county parks listed for drone flying, so I know of no reason why I can't, presuming it is clear of other people. It is near the Milwaukee River, so I may be able to fly it down there too. Presuming no fishermen. If anyone sees a problem with this. I am open to revision.
  25. I'm hoping they include 3rd Party App connections like the Mavic 2 has. All of the recent products don't have access to 3rd party apps from my understanding, which is a shame with you want to delve in photography and other industries. And would they include the Mavic 3 with the Go4 app, or try to incorporate it into the Fly app. Any thoughts?
  26. Do you know if we are able to fly drones at Amelia island?
  27. With the rollout of vaccines in the U.S. and the corresponding drop in COVID-19 cases, several major drone conferences are returning to their customary in-person format this year. There are also some great virtual offerings coming up, and of course many conferences have gone hybrid, offering both virtual and in-person formats to attendees. To help you learn about all the great conferences happening in the second half of 2021, we made a roundup featuring all of them. Check out the post to see the full list, including dates, event locations, and all the other information we could dig up on the big North American drone events taking place this summer and fall.
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