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  2. Everyone says to be a good drone pilot you must a couple of times and this is my first crash! Tried to make a smooth video of Stephanie Midhammar rollerblading at our local skatepark.
  3. My plan is not to necessarily fly over people. The intent is to essentially do a follow-me mode using facial/human recognition like some selfie drones work to get active evidence of intrusion or harassment. I also should note this will not be a service sold to customers, but to protect and monitor my own business and private property.
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  5. The FAA has been working with partners—most notably the U.S. Department of the Interior, the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), and the U.S. Forest Service—to educate drone pilots about the dangers of flying near ongoing wildfire operations for years now. It has helped create the When You Fly, We Can’t campaign, designed to let drone pilots know that their operations over wildfires could actively endanger manned pilots working in that area, as well as those in the fire’s path (since firefighting efforts may have to stop while the rogue drone flies through). It’s also launc
  6. Hello, My name is Travis. I got into flying drones, specifically DJI Mavic models, over a year ago. Within the first 48 hours I found myself overwhelmed with elation. Once I saw through the eye of the drone 400' up, my mind exploded with all the places I wanted to see, capture, and share with others through photos and video. From October of last year to now, I have taken several hundreds of photos and have put together two video montages of my best footage. I feel like my skills are beyond novice and about to surpass intermediate. I am now looking for opportunities to become an expert. Ho
  7. Damn, @Av8Chuck you always knock it outta the park on your productions. Love them all!!! I know you just hatin' brah, cuz I'm down here freezing mah coconuts off in da chilly nights ('bout 74 degrees). But really man, thank you for such high marks in your book of outward views. I take your words at face value, and never fluff, so again...huge mahalos!
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! I like the idea of doing some video structured around intended VFX, it sounds a lot less stressful than what I've been doing so far (getting hired to fix things not originally intended to have VFX, which often makes my job way trickier). Agreed that a lot of what used to be considered VFX is now the new normal.
  9. I added the picture of the unit to the drive.
  10. i just added the pic of the units to the drive.
  11. It is described as RTK, but I don't see the RTK unit(s) anywhere in the photos?
  12. I work for a company that does methane detection and we thought we were going to get into surveying and the company decided not to after all.
  13. Curious what direction you decided to go?
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  15. Got my new HS510-4K the other day. Having similar Android/iPhone issues as reported here. My personal phone (Galaxy S7) can see the drone in the wifi settings and can connect to it, but it shows "no connection" in the Ophelia Go app. I can connect through the app with my work phone (iPhone 8 ) and everything seems to work fine, except the "follow me" function (which is a feature I expected to use frequently). Every time I engage that feature, the drone just rotates to point (roughly) north and stays there. It never moves or rotates in relation to the phone or remote. I'm out in the middle of n
  16. Howdy folks, My name is Benjamin Fenigsohn, I'm the SVP of Business Development for Advanced Aircraft Company, LLC, manufacturers of the Hybrid Advanced Multi Rotor (HAMR) drone. We represent the next phase in part-107 compliant UASs: veteran-owned, 100% made in America, 3-4 hour flight times, and capable of seven pounds of payload. This is NOT your average remote controlled hybrid: think six rotors, 10.5'x4.5'x3.5', and custom-made to be aerodynamic in flight. For this reason we are not mass-market, nor are we designed for crop spraying or cargo transport. Instead, specialty imaging and
  17. I am trying to signup for my recurrent part 107 exam and I called the number like I am pretty sure I did 2 years ago and I got a call back and the person told me the system has changed and I had to get a FAA tracking number and sign up online. Problem is I can't find the tracking number and the site only has initial test not recurrent. I am not sure what to think. The system seems even more archaic than before. Anyone else have challenges with this and figure it out? Heath
  18. · DJI M600 PRO RTF Package · A3 Flight Controller installed with Lightbridge 2 RC, D-RTK and Datalink Pro · Custom LiDAR Quick Release Package · Vibration Isolator Plate for M600 UAV · Premium Power Charger · Pro FPV camera · M600 PRO Custom Travel Case · 6 sets of batteries · Extra set of props + various accessories This DJI M300 Pro RTK was purchased with the intent of doing LIDAR services. We ended up going in a different direction and rarely took out of the case much less flying it, as the a
  19. Bundle includes: · H520 Airframe · ST16S · (3) Batteries And Charger · E50 3-Axis Gimbal Camera · Pelican 1620 Case · Lume Cube Dual Pack Mount · ST16 Hoodman Sun Shade Extras: · Additional 3 batteries ($200 each) · E90 camera ($1299) I have a Yuneec H520 Bundle with some extras listed that I am selling because I do not need/use anymore. The airframe has been in the air less than a handful of times. It is essentially brand new! With all the accessories added we purchased everything f
  20. we live in an amazing world, filled with giant glaciers, staggering mountains and plains dotted with wild animals. Move these 50 awe-inspiring landscapes – from Arizona to Antarctica – to the top of your travel list survey.
  21. 2 gently used Yuneek Typhoon Q500 4K's with extras. Easy to fly and maintain. Superior Video. Stable & Reliable Craft. Must sacrifice. Latest prices attached but will accept best offer for one or both. Contact Lou at or call or text 623.734.7345.
  22. Hi Guys, @JBR LIFE PhotographyI love the use of rain and people. Most of the realtors in my area discourage using people in their videos. I think people want to see people, helps them visualize what they might look like in that home and makes the property video a little more about lifestyle than cabinets.. @AncientAirship thanks for viewing and noticing the improvement in everyone's techniques (accept @JBR LIFE Photography) You know I couldn't pass that up.. Jonathon is a great example of how much of what he does today would have been considered "VFX" work just four years
  23. Welcome! Interesting background. I started 35 years ago writing assembly-language math libraries for supercomputers . Skydio and First Iz are moving along the lines you mentioned, to name a couple. Autonomous drones for event recon is interesting, but approval to fly over people may be challenging. Good luck!! - jim
  24. An in-depth review of the High Dynamic Range video mode in the Mavic Air 2
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