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  2. Aloha and welcome to the group! There's a wealth of experience and knowledge in this group, so stick around and you'll learn a few things from everyone here. Congrats on your real estate aerial video journey. This is the place to share if you're looking for constructive feedback, or just wanna show off some work. Looking forward to seeing some of your vids!
  3. As you can see, this is a problem when trying to climb steep terrain at even 350ft AGL from start point. You can quickly run into DJI's imposed 495ft limit and loose your headroom in short order.
  4. No custom unlock at all, just a straight forward LAANC authorized 400ft grid on the outer edge of the airspace, indicated by the blue outline in the photo below. Note the super steep cliffs in the far edge of the actual LAANC grid. The land below, with houses on it, is also super steep terrain. After obtaining LAANC authorization, I fired up the M2Z only to find this altitude limit of 495ft in place, as indicated by the yellow warning in the top of the screen. Check the pics below to see.
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  6. its okay:) gonna tick all the boxes. Yes the battery is charged and connected
  7. Sorry to ask this but is the battery charged and connected as although the flight controller will get enough power from the usb connection of the PC its not sufficient to power the motors.
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  9. I have tried that. The motors do not spin. When I move the master control in Betaflight (I have tried moving each bar by itself) the bars move but the motors don't spin. (when I manually move the motors the red line in Betaflights motors tab does move slightly)
  10. Have you tried the "motor test" in betaflight ?. You will need to select the "I understand the risks....." to enable it as they want to make sure you remove the props but you should be able to test each motor and you don't have to be in arm mode or even have the transmitter on. In retrospect I should have suggested that earlier.
  11. So you received a custom unlock but are limited to 400' above takeoff point?
  12. I think you're missing my point. I can fly there, but if I were to be inspecting tall buildings, or simply fly up the hillside, I'd hit a ceiling. Especially the hillside ascent... This would pose a problem, as the drone would still be under 400ft AGL, but DJI's over reach would stop me from elevating accordingly.
  13. You can pretty easily get any zone unlocked by (over-reaching) DJI through their custom unlocking process. You may however, still have issue with using alternate control apps.
  14. Yes the orange tick mark moves into the orange area in Betaflight for me too. But the motors wont spin. When I tested them with a voltmeter it tells me that they aren’t getting any power...(they ARE armed and I am applying power when I test them) Also I cant seem to upload the video. Might just make a YouTube channel and upload there.
  15. It’s a rather nice grip truck. I doubt that if DJI studios was asked to do the whole production they would turn it down. DJI customers who shoot commercial projects should be really concerned about this. DJI is going into competition with their own customers. Most DJI users won’t care because very few of them make money at that level, but DJI won’t stop there.
  16. Hi All, Just joined, thought to drop a Hi. I am an amateur photographer for a lot of years already. Just decided to develop my hobby into the drone's world, as it fascinate me for a while now. Thinking to start with a mid-quality drone, to practice a bit before buying a Mavick Pro one (or something else nice, which I haven't found yet) Wish everybody here and there happy flying! Me, from Little Israel. Guy
  17. I think you'd be opening up a can of worms for yourself if you showed the drone video to law enforcement or your neighbor found out about it even though you stated you could see some of your stolen property from the ground without a drone. So in a sense you did have probable cause to want to investigate further but it's probably still illegal to do what you did... some sort of Peeping Tom law. And I can understand you wanting to see if other missing things were up there too but I think you could possibly get in legal trouble, and also have drama with your neighbor, if you share that video with law enforcement. More potential trouble for you than what it would be worth probably. But given that, you personally now have proof of what kind of person your neighbor is so you are fully aware anyway. Install a few security cameras around your home and signs that say the area is under video surveillance. That footage you can definitely provide to law enforcement when you film your neighbor stealing your property the next time and you'll also be able to get them for trespassing. Or just move away from your thief of a neighbor if you can.
  18. Here are a couple of screen shots from my setup. The first is one is with the switch in disarm and the second is when its armed. You are right it looks like the square to the left does not turn orange but whats important is the small orange PWM indicator moves from the gray range to the orange range.
  19. I'll show you a quick video of what happens. The switch that I move is the arm switch. Also why does the channel indicator move like that?
  20. So i can move the switch (and Betaflight sees that i move it) but it does not turn orange
  21. Anyone else wonder what else they are carrying in that large box truck? It can't be just a single Storm setup and a spare..
  22. I’m guessing it’s a reasonably busy airport but a small community of operators who ask for permission to fly. Once people in the tower get to know you they’re generally nice about giving permission. Curious, did the requirement to call the tower come with the waiver?
  23. Thank you for sharing your video. It was great! I am just starting to do drone video for realtors.
  24. Interview with Richard Lopez, the National UAS Operation Executive with Hensel Phelps Construction Co.,
  25. I recall seeing this article about Parrot along with 5 other companies being selected by the DOD to develop a drone for the US army and from what I understand the other 5 companies that were selected are Skydio Altavian Teal Drones Vantage Robotics Lumenier
  26. Hey Everyone! I was recently accepted into a wildlife biology master's program, and my project is going to focus on using UAV's for remote sensing of breeding wading bird colonies. I was asked to research which drone we should purchase for our study, and I've found a few likely candidates. My number one choice is the DJI inspire 2. Given the drones battery life, ability to fly autonomous transects, durability, speed, and ease of use, it seems like an easy pick. I had a question about the zenmuse x7 though. I plan to fly transects over the colonies at a height of around 30m, take dozens if not a couple hundred pictures, put them all together using a program like pix4d photogrammetry, and manually count and identify each species of bird in the colony. There will be fairly dense vegetation throughout the colony and the bird species in the study are 1.5-4ft in height (given the species in question). I will be using an airboat to get fairly close to the colonies. Which lens would work best given the conditions and purpose of the study? Do I need more than 1 lens if I lower the altitude to around 20M or raise the altitude to 40m? I’ve also considered going with the Yuneec Typhoon H Plus. What are the pros and cons to choosing a Typhoon H Plus over an Inspire 2 (I know it performs better in windy conditions and has a longer battery life)? From what I’ve read, the inspire 2 has a better camera and lens selection. What are people’s ideas on this? And how does the autonomous flight and app compare to the Inspire 2 Thank you! Ro
  27. Keyframes always sound scarier than they really are. In the end, once you get a good workflow down, it's not a bid deal. Personally, I don't like putting images on screens because it detracts from the view. BUT, I realize I'm shooting places that fairly consistently have epic views out the windows. Maybe if there's a movie theater, then I'll add something to the screen, but usually I keep it to the visual appeal of the structure and environment. Fireplace fire is fun. I have a fire plugin, I'll send you a link via email.
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