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  2. If your a group of friends, who love RC, with a friendly rivalry trying to prove who’s the better pilot at you local flying club then it’s not commercial. But, if on the other hand this is an organized competition where there are sponsors, or spectators pay at the gate to watch, or the event is published to YouTube to increase awareness of the event then it’s considered commercial. it doesn’t matter that you were paid, it’s if you participated in a commercial activity. If this is an AMA type sponsored activity they should be able to inform you whether you need a 107. Either way, you’d have all the plausible diniability to fly first and ask for forgiveness. If it’s a small event in the middle of nowhere then do it and have fun. If your Someone who lives by the letter of the law, you never exceed the speed limit, always cross the street in a crosswalk, or never remove the tag from your mattress, you should get your 107 or find a different evocation. Otherwise, fly the event and enjoy what your doing the way that it’s been intended for more than 100 years and forget the FAA. Here’s another thought, if you participate and are unsure what to do, once your done send me the good stuff your sponsors gave you. I’ll take the risk for you...
  3. Hi Kevin, that's a really good question but I don't know the answer. As you may know the FAA repealed section 336 in the FAA reauthorization act of 2018 although as far as I know the rule changes are still in transition. Have you checked with the AMA since they organize a lot of competitions ?.
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  5. I have Phantom 4 pro (not v2) and prefer litchi so I don't use dji go. For mapping, I use Drone Deploy for stitching / mapping photos. Seems to work well.
  6. Phantom 4 pro v2.0 is a Great Drone ! Save the Phantom 4 pro ,DJI work Horse.
  7. Got a question regarding competition flying. I've not heard of this angle being addressed so before I go to the FAA, I thought I'd see what the experts have to say about it. And while my interest is more in the tradition fixed wing RC, I know you guys are probably more up on the rules than anyone else. So.... The difference between commercial and recreation flying as it pertains to Outdoor competition/contests. If an individual competes totally on his own dime, is he still considered to be recreational? And conversely if an individual has at least one sponsor, say his local hobby shop, who provided something, say an engine, kit or even a discount on purchases. Is he then a commercial competitor and must have his 107 in order to legally compete? Like I said, I haven't heard of anyone addressing this question. Thanks all, Kevin
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    We shoot mostly with the Sony a6500 24MP m4/3 with a 135mm lens and a7RIII 43MP full frame with a 70-240mm lens.
  9. Dave Pitman


    well, probably with the raw image but not the posted jpg. Do you shoot with full frame for these?
  10. Av8Chuck


    Absolutely makes sense! A question I will often ask UAS operators is what problem are you trying to solve? If your producing videos for YouTube you can’t beat the cost performance of just about any Chinese consumer drone. If your deliverable requires high resolution, tac-sharp, well exposed, images from a 40 foot standoff for an enhanced visual inspection then the cameras sold with those drones are not capable. Not sure how to share this image but as you can see we’ve captured the entire pole but can zoom into the cotter-pins in the bolts on the connectors with great clarity. You can see the threads on the bolt, easily read the seriel number and barcode on the transformer and the entire pole is in focus. We tried this with an I2 and X7 with a 50mm lens and it didn’t come close.
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  12. Larado


    I know it is awesome to have great features like longer battery life and avoidance ability and speed and presets for many flying situations, but honestly I care more about the camera and what it is capable of doing. I like to be able to change lenses or even cameras and have faster speeds for slow motion and other professional abilities for the camera. does that make sense?
  13. Welcome @Klee Miller to this forum - Richard, Northern California.
  14. All that single shot orthomosaic tells the farmer is where the in-field variablility is on that day, but not what causes it. And unless you are calibrating for reflectance, you won’t be able to confidently compare orthos between two dates. Unless you are a trained agronomist, and/or have scientific training in crop sciences, geography, remote sensing or related - or can partner up as a data collector for an outfit that can do the required analysis - your service (and value to the grower) stops after data collection, since you’re not qualified to provide Rxs (what multitude of soil and other factors are creating that in-field variability? You certainly can’t tell from a single orthomosaic captured on one day and the farmers know that). There are many agronomic service companies that could benefit from quality reflectance maps, but your role would be a service provider to them, not directly to the grower.
  15. Or just going smaller more capable drones, it makes more sense for a lot of people than to carry a large bulky drone , being able to fly 25minutes take 4k videos be able to have a stable flight a couple of miles and on top of that a lot of people don't notice when it passes right by them since they are so small.
  16. I am a photographer and professor excited to expand into aerial photography. I am in Tucson AZ and plan to start with real estate and roof inspections. Thinking of starting with the Mavic air and hoping to take the 107 soon.
  17. I can only speak about my experience on the Canadian prairies. It is very difficult to compete against the commercial aerial applicators. They have their own agronomist on staff. They have direct connection with the chemical companies. If the farmer hires their services they do the prescription for free. On a typical day they will cover 10,000 to 20.000 acres. An agronomist is expected to cover 5,000 to 6,000 acres per day. Unless you specialize in a high value crop or find a niche I found it very difficult to be competitive when the work is being done for them for free.
  18. Drone footage: How to nail exposure and how to avoid difficult light situations
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  20. Yep! You'll get your hard card in the mail in 6-8 weeks. You're good to go in the meantime. Blue skies and safe flying out there
  21. my issue has been solved!!
  22. AUVSI XPONENTIAL is the largest trade show for the unmanned systems and robotics industry. The 2019 exhibit hall will showcase 700 cutting-edge companies from around the world and more than 150 sessions of educational programming, providing information about the future of unmanned systems policy, technology, business solutions, and trending topics. UAV Coach readers can use the discount code UAVCXPO19 for $25 off of the XPO Hall Pass, $75 off of the Full Conference Pass and $100 off of the VIP Pass. All registration levels include access to the XPO Hall, Keynote Sessions, special feature event Startup Showdown, and special feature event Women and Diversity in Robotics. View AUVSI XPO 2019 pass pricing.
  23. In our recent article, we highlight five drone startups to keep an eye on in 2019; each will compete in the AUVSI Startup Showdown for a prize valued at $35,000. Each participating company will compete on stage at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 this May in Chicago. There they will have to pitch their business to a panel of industry leaders and an audience of unmanned systems professionals. A five-minute, live question and answer session with the judges will follow. Each company has demonstrated new and groundbreaking achievements, from increasing a drone's flight time by 70% to developing live, 3D mapping software. Get to know all five finalists competing in the AUVSI Startup Showdown. Which of the five finalists to you think will win the AUVSI Startup Showdown? Let us know in the comments below.
  24. Anyone have any experience with P4P+ controller and mapping software? I have been reading that 3rd party apps are not comparable with the P4P+ controller.
  25. Should be receiving my C Fly dream does anybody own one, are there any issues with the product that I should know about.
  26. Hey pilots. recently DJI halted production on the Phantom 4 series. DJI has its "reasons" but this is a blow to the drone industry because the Phantom 4 Pro is widely regarded as the best all-around drone on the market. The industry is leaning too much toward to hobbyists with a steady stream of foldable drones while leaving out more serious commercial pilots (we are their customers too!). I believe the community needs to come together to show our dismay with DJI. I think the best action to do is by contacting DJI ( with our thoughts. If enough people reach out to them, it could give them a reason to change course.
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