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  3. Thanks for posting, @Joel ! Yes, please upload photos. Love that this comes with the LowePro backpack — it's the same backpack I use with my Mavic(s) and I REALLY like how portable and easy it is.
  4. Big G The Mind Mentalist


    I Invented 2 Infant Products The First Of their kind in The World and I am from The first State Delaware....I bought A Drone for My Business and I wanna learn how to Fly My Drone so I can do Commercials, Videos and become Certified...
  5. Alan Perlman

    Where to I start???

    Hey @Roderick, thanks for bringing the conversation to the forum and welcome! People learn and are motivated to move forward in different ways. So while this event might not be for everyone, it might be a great fit for you and what you're looking to learn. For what it's worth, here's something I found on their website that should give you peace of mind: What is the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? If you attend Drone Command Live and do not feel like it was worth your investment, you can receive a complete REFUND. There is no risk. Register today! (To receive a refund, you must request the refund before you leave the event.)
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a new drone flyer wanting to take decent quality photographs from the air. I've had an interest in radio controlled UAV's from an early age, but it always took second place to photography. Now I have limited mobility, a drone seems an ideal way to take photographs that I wouldn't otherwise be able to get.
  7. JCFP

    Getting Insurance

    I just signed up with, because while they charge for each separate drone (both monthly/annually and per flight day), their flight coverage takes care of a whole day and has unlimited distance, something that Verifly would have piked me on. Had a pretty hellacious time securing the right forms to shoot in the LA area, with a mixed experience: - they were very responsive, - on one set of COIs/Endorsements, I had to insist they read everything in the last request, whereby they found language that completely countered what they'd just told me - and then they botched that last set of docs. Meanwhile, I'm 10 minutes away from the stated FilmLA office cutoff. In the end got everything I needed and was able to shoot, no doubt due to some sacrifice on their end, but I don't know, paying $160 to insure a backup P4P for 2 days ($5M policy) seems beatable. Curious to see more of what others are finding.
  8. AirUpThere

    We Explain the FAA's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)

    Great news! Would props on a DJi phantom count as a ”exposed rotating parts that could lacerate skin”?
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  10. Working in the insurance industry and interested in starting a company providing services such as aerial inspections of roofs .
  11. Philip Moore

    Getting Insurance

    @BillH I might be late, but I also use Global Aerospace as well. And yes they do cover liability and hull insurance. If you go through them talk to my buddy Joe Ernster.
  12. Philip Moore

    Hobby FPV pilot looking to network.

    Hey, @BeFunkFPV welcome to the community. I have been able to make the leap to professionally flying fulltime. And I would love to offer my advice. A good all-in-one solution for a starting drone is a phantom 4 pro, which is good for a lot of different industries. Also, check out my Youtube channel, as I have good advice for beginning drone pilots. Look forward to seeing your development. Best,
  13. DJI Mavic Pro for sale. Includes Extended Flight Combo, The Original DJI Carrying Bag plus a $129 Lowe Pro Viewpoint Bag ($129) that is brand new. Over $1430 of gear Total. Asking $1300 Total. I got it to film stuff for my blog but just ended up hiring photographers as I tend to be in the videos and it's a bit hard to be both in front of + behind the camera at the same time. I've flown this thing like two times. I have barely used it. It's in great condition and perfect for someone who wants a great machine at a discount. Would like to do an in-person dropoff/pickup, but flexible depending on the buyer. I will upload photos later tonight. Happy to answer any questions you might have.
  14. Last week
  15. Hello im looking for someone who I can get together with to take a look at the quads I built and hopefully get them flying. I live in Waldorf MD. If there is someone who could help me that would be great. Please email me at Many thanks Russ
  16. Interesting, I didn't know that!
  17. Alan Perlman

    Phantom 4 Pro for sale

    Yah, this is a great deal.
  18. Jay Burnham

    DJI Aerial Photo Academy - Reviews? Thoughts?

    I too would like to hear more about it from anyone that has attended. Thanks, Jay
  19. Kapitonov

    New Multispectral Camera by Sentera

    Wow, for me it's interesting as well actually. Who has already used that camera?
  20. Archangel1

    Phantom 4 Pro for sale

    Hi Joey! Looks nice! Good luck with your sale.
  21. Joey Ambrose

    Phantom 4 Pro for sale

    Phantom 4 Pro for sale with very low flying time. Everything is included to fly except phone or iPad. Excellent condition. Purchased as a backup and flown for about 5 hours by a licensed pilot for real estate work. $800 plus $50 shipping from Tucson, Arizona Whats included. (1) DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone (1) DJI Battery (8) DJI Propellers (1) Phantom 4 pro remote (1) Original Carrying Case (1) Wall Battery Charger (520) 200-5858
  22. BillH

    Getting Insurance

    Hi Isaac, The company I first mentioned (BWI as the broker with a policy through Global Aerospace) is providing 1 M Liability as well as covering my drone (also known as hull insurance).
  23. Isaac Garza

    Getting Insurance

    Hello all. As a newbie to drones, I understand about liability but dont see any thing about Hull insurance. Any suggestions on companies that maybe handle both? Thanks
  24. Steven Brown

    New Member

    Hi my name is Steve Brown and I am the Owner of Sky View Drone Services. We are located in Defiance Ohio and supply several types of services. Thanks and have a great flight !!!
  25. Great thanks Alan. I've used the LAANC function in Airmap before, but didn't think of also notifying hospitals, heliports, and such until after. I do like the fact Airmap gives you a way to communicate the end to your flying via your remote's device, as opposed to Skyward, which I think one would have to do manually. One issue I ran into with Airmap, though, is they will only let you schedule LAANC submission for one drone at a time. I just applied for my backup in Skyward as a workaround, but obviously, it'd be nice to be able to do both at once and concurrently. Anyway, thanks for the info!
  26. Tcrooksy

    DJI Aerial Photo Academy - Reviews? Thoughts?

    Alan, keep me posted on how you like it if you go. I thought it would be good exposure so I signed up for the one in Detroit. Could be a good networking opportunity for you and Drone Pilot Gtound School
  27. Alan Perlman

    Getting Insurance

    Yes, there's,, and Really interesting thread, thanks for getting it started @BillH. For what it's worth, we had a great experience working with Lance VanWormer at to build a custom policy for us for our drone flight training classes. The underwriter was Old Republic.
  28. Alan Perlman

    The Airilo Connect Beta Program is Here!

    Hi @MRaff, would have been helpful to share Airilo is for new readers just seeing this thread for the first time. Dug up this thread for you but feel free to add more context around what this Beta is all about and what your goals and expectations are for folks participating.
  29. Alan Perlman

    DJI Aerial Photo Academy - Reviews? Thoughts?

    There's one in Nashville that I thought about signing up for. Curious what others think as well.
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