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  2. Thanks, 1)you mean using a power module ?! I am already using one but I need another one which has 2 outputs of 12 vand two outputs of 5.3 v. is sth like this available ?! 2) I found this one also in ardupilot website : what is difference between this and tera one ? which one do you suggest?! @Spitfire76
  3. Can you add some more pics? Especially of the camera mounting? Is the RGB still there as well? Avg flight time with extra weight? Power source for sequoia?
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  5. If you go anywhere near a DoD installation (I say this as I was USAF for 20yrs, retired for 3yrs) and I still frequent many bases. Before entering the gate a warning is placed there specifying that drones are not permitted to be flown on the installations. Doesn’t matter what type. Plain & simple ALL drone use is prohibited. As for DoD personnel, that’s a pretty wide-net and is false. It’s the “on-installation” that is the problem. If you go off-base and fly where it is legal, then as a DoD employee, you’re private time is not controlled.
  6. If the sensor is pointing down it can be used as an accurate way of measuring the distance the aircraft is off the ground. Yes, if mounted horizontally and configured appropriately although several sensors would be need for all round collision detection. No a big deal, in that case you just add a BEC that supports a 6S input voltage and provides a 3s output. Again, I have not used any of their products so I can't say if they work well or not although as I mentioned before I am considering using one of their products for use in a fixed wing UAV. Also I may look into their EVO sensors rather than their first generation Terra Ranger One.
  7. Yeah, I just grabbed a quick link. My point was the ban has nothing to do with airspace. I have not done any work for DOD, but I have done a little for the DOE. Can you elaborate on the "broadening" comment?
  8. And how do you define ban? The Link @Dave Pitman posted was WIRED talking about the Army ban about two years ago. The undersecretary of defense banned cots on May 23 of last year. The overall ban is more complicated than the security issue in the previous ban. The more reasonable point is that this ban is being broadend to include all federal agencies.
  9. Yes it is! Let me know if you have any questions. 207-200-7879
  10. Happy to offer some thoughts on the subject. Have developed snd presented several scenarios to law enforcement on the use of drones by terrorists in urban environments.
  11. As a small fairly new drone service provider, I have already experienced the "I've got a friend who will do it for____", undercutting the pricing scheme I've come up with. Could it be that the larger drone service providers may actually help maintain appropriate compensation for drone pilots? Currently, it seems like a free-for-all with independent drone pilots looking for work.
  12. I was notified by the University of Michigan last summer that we are not allowed to fly in airspace around U of M Campus. This included if we were taking off and landing on private property. The Press Release link you attached to your email concerning cities and municipalities having their own flight rules confirms my understanding. What are your thoughts? Can a school impose flight restrictions for drones? U of M currently BANS all drone flights not tethered or in their "drone operations" area.
  13. Doing an inventory 'clean out' and thought that this would be the best place to start: Professionals to Professionals. No guessing what you get on eBay or dealing with fakes on LetGo. However, I have Lots and not sure exactly what to sell... so I am starting with a request! It may generate a nice discussion board. Aside from some random Autel, GoPro, 3DR, and a few Parrot products, my lab is 80% DJI. So.... Let me know what You are looking for and I will see what I can put together.... then we haggle 🙂 ! I Even have a half-built octo with DJI A2 (and some Big motors) just waiting for that perfect person! Fixed wing airframes too!! R, Lance
  14. Greetings all! I have an almost Identical setup if anyone is still interested. Located in Orlando, but can Ship. Will possibly part out or add on if there is a particular customized 'package' you are looking for. Still utilize, just not as much... and had to invest in some other equipment for another account. Mine is the X5-RAW unit and gimbals.
  15. Thanks, I have two questions: 1) is this for controling the height?! Or is it like collision avoidance sensors? 2) the Adapter Tera one I2C supports 3-4s battery. I have a 6s battery , How Can I use this adapter ?! @Spitfire76
  16. Aloha Franklin, and everyone else in the thread, I live in one of the most expensive places on the planet, so take the numbers with a grain of salt, but I thought sharing the concept of our pricing structure might help. First thing: I charge for photos by 1,000sqft brackets, and video is priced according to time duration. Add-ons include aerial photos, aerial video content, lifestyle content that cannot be shot from the property, sunset session. Second thing: All media is strictly licensed for use by the realtor only, unless licensed to the brokerage (sometimes the brokerage is very small, and pays for the agents' media). Media use is restricted to advertisements for the sale of the property, and for the realtor to use as continued ad content to further their biz efforts. Brokerage can use to advertise for the sale of the property only, and for the duration of the listing only. Ok, so here are the numbers, which should make a little more sense Photo Options: MLS Listing Photo Set (Interior/Exterior ground shots) $400 up to 1,000sqft. + $100 per additional 1,000sqft. (Up to 4,000sqft...if over that size, custom pricing kicks in). Aerial Photo Set $350 Video Options: Full Feature Cinematic Lifestyle (up to 3min max) $1,800 (includes aerial footage where applicable) Social Media Cinematic Highlight (1min max) $1,000 (includes aerial footage where applicable) Add-On Options: Sunset through Twilight Session $250 Off-property Lifestyle Content $250 Again, I work in a ridiculously inflated market, where the median home mortgage is over $800k, so these numbers might look silly to some of you. But the basic structure seems to work decently for me. If you have any questions, hit me up! Mahalo for your time!
  17. Did the same, used a label maker, put one one the front, and screw em—Incase for some reason it should come off in a bad event a second label was placed inside battery compartment as a backup w/ my phone number.
  18. Not exactly. DoD personnel are not banned from using them. They are prohibited from being used on any DoD installation for security concerns. Just like with flash-drives, hidden code could be used to attempt a hack into the infrastucture, something the military doesn’t mess around with.
  19. hi all, i'm JEBO from the Philippines. a videography enthusiast, just started my first shoots month ago with my new mavic 2. i'm here to explore more knowledge about drone piloting.
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