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  2. Hi All! Im in need of some help choosing a new desktop computer for image processing and running GIS software. I'm currently going into my senior year of college majoring in Forestry and minoring in Geographic Information Sciences. This summer I have been working a lot with various forestry technologies and equipment in the midwest north woods. Im reaching out to see if any has suggestions for desktop computers for these applications. I'm looking to spend no more than $400. Anything suggestions would help! Thanks again!
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  4. Hi! I am brand new to drone flying. I travel a LOT and would like to get recreational shots for my travels. I do international travel mostly in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. I am extremely confused on what app to use in order to view where I can/cannot fly and have a few questions below. I was just in Europe and had Airmaps downloaded, when I checked it I basically could not fly anywhere because it seemed the whole areas of Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic that i was in were almost all restricted. I could be reading the app incorrectly? I have also looked at the DJI Geo Map which shows a lot more availability but I wasn't sure if that really covers everything. For example, it shows that you can fly near brussels airport, which I thought requires a 5 mi radius of no-flying without contacting the airport. In short I would like to get your opinion on... What app do you use to read these restrictions easily? If Airmaps, how do I know which areas are restricted vs suggested to be on alert. Are there any other resources I should consider in this that I am not? If you are trying to fly in a restricted area, does the activation of your drone somehow alert authorities or is it simply a matter of them seeing it physically with their eye? What defines a 'crowd of people' it 3 people, 15, 50+? In short I would love to be able to travel and easily see where I am able to fly in a clear simple manner. If you can share any ideas here that would be awesome! Thanks! - Newbie
  5. Hi @Jonalto, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Your image looks great, thank you for sharing! - Chase
  6. Hi @Christina Patrou Vissichelli, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! The drone industry is exciting and there are many opportunities. Are you more interested in drones as a hobby or maybe starting a business? I will provide you with a couple of links to get you started. If you would like to see our Top Drone Picks, here is a link for that: If you would like to see our Drone Jobs Guide: here is a link for that: I hope these help! - Chase
  7. Hi @Christopher Pratt, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Traveling the world with your family and your drone sounds like a great trip. The Mavic 2 Pro is a great drone and its compact size will be great for traveling. Drone laws vary from country to country. Some countries are drone friendly and others are not so drone friendly. Feel free to check out our Drone Laws Guide for additional information: If you want to learn more about drone photography, feel free to check out our Capturing Images Like a Pro Guide: I hope this helps! - Chase
  8. I have a modified camera to do NIR work from Aerial Media Pros for my DJI Matrice 100 and I'm not happy with the results. First, to do NDVI work with this camera you have to fly first with the RGB then again with the NIR. I use DroneDeploy for mission planning and it isn't capable of using two images to create the NDVI, To do that, I used ImageJ - the process was time consuming and ripe for errors. I've never been able to produce an NDVI image that's made any sense to me using this technique. I'm looking at the MicaSense camera, but the one without thermal as it's about half the price. I've had just a little bit of time to use that camera when doing some trial work with OSU - I was much happier with the results. They actually made sense. We used Pix4D to process the images.
  9. Hi @ebo01, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! I also fly the P4 pro, it really is an incredible aircraft. If you don't mind sharing, what caused the P4 to crash when flying in New Zealand? The agricultural drone applications are becoming more popular and are expected to grow exponentially. Feel free to check out our Agriculture thread: I hope this helps! - Chase
  10. According of your experience, what is the best Drone for mining?
  11. HI, Just looking into drones. Excited to see where it might lead. Christina
  12. Hello UAV Coach Forum, My name is Chris Pratt, but I'm not the Hollywood celebrity of Guardians of the Galaxy or Jurassic World fame (sorry Star Lord fans). Maybe "Star Lord" could be my "handle" if the drone industry works like military fighter pilots? hee hee Recently I sold my business and plan to travel the world for about 10 months with my family. My hope is to learn drone photography and document our travels with awesome photographs and video. I have no professional photography or aircraft flight experience. About a month ago I purchased a DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Fly More Kit. I've been flying around my house in Manhattan Beach, CA and yesterday took my drone out of "Beginner Mode" so that I could fly it down the street a little ways. Does anyone have experience doing international travel with a Mavic 2 Pro? I don't want the thing confiscated at the airport. A little online research shows that the batteries may be considered a risk. Looking forward to learning about this cool industry. Chris
  13. One of our most recommended drone insurance providers is now available in the UK — SkyWatch. Building on its success in the US, SkyWatch.AI’s UK policies will be underwritten by international specialty insurance and reinsurance group Chaucer Syndicates. Below is a press release from SkyWatch.AI. SkyWatch.AI, the world’s first on-demand, telematics-based insurance platform for commercial drones, today launched in the United Kingdom. Building on its success in the US, SkyWatch.AI’s UK policies will be underwritten by international specialty insurance and reinsurance group Chaucer. SkyWatch.AI is offered by on-demand, usage-based specialized mobility insurance provider VOOM, and will provide UK drone pilots with access to its platform that enables data analysis and active risk-reduction capabilities for users. Using Skywatch.AI, commercial drone pilots can receive instant, flexible, and affordable insurance, while lowering their rates by flying safer. Drone pilots can purchase third-party liability insurance via SkyWatch.AI’s mobile application, choosing either a monthly or per-flight coverage plan. SkyWatch.AI’s telemetry-based risk analysis platform will provide a best-in-class risk map to help pilots plan their flights, get real-time weather updates, and proactively avoid potential hazards. During flight, pilots will be able to use the in-app DJI compatible flight module and get real-time safety alerts as well as post-flight analysis. SkyWatch.AI also calculates a proprietary ‘Safety Score’ for each flight based on the operator’s behavior. The telemetry-based Safety Score, which differentiates SkyWatch.AI from any other drone insurance product, can be used to set an industry benchmark for operators to improve their score as they practice safer flights, as well as contribute to lower premiums with leading insurance carriers in the aviation industry. SkyWatch.AI will initially provide commercial liability coverage with competitive pricing and as well as it's unique Safety Score discounts. In addition to that, SkyWatch.AI will introduce a referral program exclusive to UK pilots. “Drone pilots are innovators in the way they use technology and run their businesses- and they need flexible coverage they can control and adjust to reflect this.” said Tomer Kashi, CEO and co-founder of VOOM and SkyWatch.AI. “Our service currently covers thousands of drone pilots in the US. We’re proud to expand SkyWatch.AI to the UK and provide a solution that helps drone pilots fly safer while saving money on their future insurance policies.“ The UK drone industry continues to rapidly expand. In 2010, only a few commercial operators were permitted to fly drones in the UK. Since then, the number of users has grown by 500%, demonstrating how the UK commercial drone industry continues to expand tenfold. The growing amount of drone users only emphasizes the dire need for effective insurance platforms to cover pilots who pose risks not only to other individuals, but to major operation hubs such as airports. “We provide innovative underwriting products and a first class service to our aviation clients and believe that our partnership with SkyWatch.AI will deliver this,” said Grant Halliwell, Head of Aviation. “The drone industry is fast growing and dynamic and UAV operators want insurance that responds to the unique set of risks that drones confront and SkyWatch.AI definitely does this.” About SkyWatch.AI SkyWatch.AI is the world’s first on-demand, telematics-based insurance platform for commercial drones offered by specialized mobility insurance provider VOOM - dedicated to protecting users for anything they ride, fly, or sail. The SkyWatch.AI platform leverages the power of machine learning to assess and mitigate risks and provide on-demand insurance for drone pilots across the US and UK. About Chaucer (re)insurance Chaucer is a leading specialty (re)insurance group providing clients with proven smart risk solutions for underwriting and claims. Their enterprising and trusted experts offer market leading cross class capabilities, empowered decision-making and a tailored approach. They provide a first class claims service and most importantly, pay valid claims promptly. Headquartered in London, and with international hubs for Europe, MENA, Latin America and Asia, they protect clients in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. They offer clients the flexibility of both Lloyd’s and, through Chaucer Dublin, the company markets. For more information, please visit
  14. I work for the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) and many of our 140,000+ members are using drone and drone services in promoting their new home developments. The NAHB has a annual trade show called the International Builders' Show which will be held in Las Vegas January 21 - 23, 2020. The IBS is a significantly large event with close of 1500 exhibiting manufacturers and approximately 100,000 industry professionals in attendance. Since there is a demand for drones in the construction industry, there is certainly a need for drones services. We are looking for companies wanting to get in front of residential and light commercial builders and exhibit at the IBS. I believe drone services is a great opportunity for drone companies to help builders with their marketing needs. If there are any companies out there that provide drone services and would like to get inform of the entire residential construction industry then please visit our website at:
  15. For aerially inspecting wind turbines and other structures, drone pilots come into action. During our mission in Texas, drone pilot Andrew Haskins from National Drone Pros learned how to operate the Sterblue App — in one day. Andrew is also part of the DroneBase network. Sterblue Engineer & Instructor Ignacio with drone Pilot Andrew inspecting wind turbines in Texas Drones with Sterblue software are already flying in four continents and twelve countries. As our company is growing, our pilot network needs to grow as well. Indeed, we need to rely on experienced drone pilots distributed all over the world in order to ensure fast and high-quality inspection processes. But how does the training for the Sterblue App look like? And who can fly a drone for Sterblue? Get some insights from our training with Andrew who now operates for Sterblue in the US. How does the training look like? Being trained to the Sterblue App on field can seamlessly be done in one day! The App allows to fly automatically around the three blades and four faces of a wind turbine. The production downtime is then optimized with a highly standardized data collection phase. Our training process is carried out in three steps: Pilot qualification interview (30 minutes) Online training (45 minutes) Onsite training (1 day) Before the actual training, we introduce ourselves in a 30 minute interview and check about our past experiences as well as future expectations. This is followed by an online training session, consisting of videos, exercises and tests. Here, the learner can gain insights into the Sterblue solution in an interactive way. The online training can be completed in 45 minutes. After passing the first two steps, we start the actual onsite training. For learning how to inspect wind turbines, Andrew joined our experienced Sterblue drone pilot on field in Texas. We believe that involving the pilot in a real mission provides the best learning experience. On the first day of operation, we met at the wind farm in Texas for a safety walk, before heading out to the first turbine. While training pilots to our App, we take as much time as needed in inspecting the first structures. This way, we can ensure that the pilot is fully comfortable and understands each point of the mission and the App. While inspecting the first turbine for about three hours, Andrew was in control of the drone the entire time with the supervision of our Sterblue instructor. Sterblue App: details of a wind turbine from the Sterblue mission in Texas During the following two days, he kept on inspecting wind turbines guided by a Sterblue instructor. This way, he increased his productivity with the Sterblue solution while ensuring good quality inspections. At the end of his training, Andrew inspected ten wind turbines in one day and a half. On his next project for Sterblue at the end of July, Andrew will inspect 29 wind turbines in less than one week. The perspectives of working with us are promising: the US wind market is big and there is a constant need for inspecting and maintaining wind turbines. How to become a Sterblue drone pilot? In order to create good conditions for the inspection process, you need to meet requirements in terms of Experience Location Equipment License At Sterblue, we look for professional drone operators being experienced from working in the industry. To follow on customer projects all over the world, our drone operators are distributed globally. This is to ensure that each drone inspector can act locally, for long and frequent travels to be avoided. For some upcoming projects, we are especially looking for drone operators in the US. Operating for Sterblue, you need to have specific equipment: Our Sterblue App and 3d automatic navigation software is compatible with the whole DJI product line. Preferably, we are using the DJI Matrice 200 series. Also, you need to be a licensed drone pilot in the country of your operation. If you are interested in working with us, please reach out for us here. We are also looking for pilots for our power grids market! Ignacio and Andrew after the wind turbine inspections
  16. Hello everyone I am new learner for UAV Photo processing. And recently I faced a question . The attached files are two orthomosaic photos I maded with Agisoft Photoscan. The Two orthomosaic photos are maded by Micasense RedEdge photos taken from different dates. But one photo , named"Problem" , seems to have problems. I can't figure it out why the individual photos taken by Micasense Rededge don't not have problems . But when orthomosaic photos are maded by individual photos , there are some clear strides showing on the orthomosaic photo. Please help me figure it out . Thanks a lot
  17. Hello everyone I am new learner for UAV Photo processing. And recently I faced a question . The attached files are two orthomosaic photos I maded with Agisoft Photoscan. The Two orthomosaic photos are maded by Micasense RedEdge photos taken from different dates. But one photo , named"Problem" , seems to have problems. I can't figure it out why the individual photos taken by Micasense Rededge don't not have problems . But when orthomosaic photos are maded by individual photos , there are some clear strides showing on the orthomosaic photo. Please help me figure it out . Thanks a lot
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  19. Hey Guys, how are you doing, I have an ecommerce store where I sell a safety device that prevents your drone from crashing, I was just wondering if anyone would be interested? and I would also like some advice
  20. Am i the only one who is paranoid to lose my drone in a bad crash?
  21. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for my photo editing. Like someone above mentioned, Premiere will be familiar to you if you already use those 2 programs. I use Premiere for all of my video editing. I also like that I can pay ~$55 a month to one manufacturer (Adobe) and get all of their programs. My business partner uses the same programs and it allows us to transfer files to each other easier.
  22. Thanks for the input. I think it was a fluke, because we've flown in that area before. Yesterday, we were literally on a private airstrip, at a house with a hangar, and no problem. We are in the area of Portland (OR) International Airport and there are Oregon National Guard jets going in and out all the time there, so my husband checks the maps carefully. However, with all the technology today, it wouldn't surprise me if someone came up with a way to hack into the system, just because they can. We've had neighbors come out and ask what we are doing, but they are usually okay once we explain we are real estate photographers and not interested in anything but the house that is for sale.
  23. Here's an image from a recent shoot in Captiva using my Mavic 2 Pro.
  24. Beautiful images - as are all of yours! Thanks for sharing your approval process. I had a recent positive experience myself where a particular location was in Class D airspace with "automatic authorization coming soon" as noted on AirMap. I applied for authorization on DroneZone and rather than waiting 90 days... I received authorization within 48 hours and they even expanded my request parameters a bit. What a great feeling! Anyways, thanks again for sharing your awesome work and experiences!
  25. I use Final Cut Pro X and highly recommend. Most of the professional video editors that I know use Premiere Pro or Final Cut. Perhaps watch a few tutorials on these editing systems – along with the others recommended in this thread – to compare and contrast features, pros and cons, etc. You might also look at Sony Vegas. FCPX is only $299.99 and is incredibly robust and user friendly. Good luck!
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    Hey everyone I need to know do I need to apply for authorization from each airport if I live in an area that has three hospital helipads and I am within five miles of a military base and another airport. So that's four known places but looking at several apps there are several more airports within five miles. So do I have to get a general authorization (if there is one) or do I have to contact each airport. I hope someone has encountered something similar to my issue. Yes this authorization process is a bit confusing at best.
  27. I fly near many private strips and untowered airports and have not experienced anything like that. Check your airspace. As Chuck said, DJI can be a pain, but there is a process to unlock it when needed. The database is inaccurate for sure. Are you near any of the newly announced no fly zones near military bases?
  28. If you use Adobe, Premiere Pro will look familiar to Lightroom and Photoshop. If you are an Apple user, Final Cut Pro might work for what you are doing.
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