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  2. Join energy and robotic leaders at the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit on June 12-13 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriot in Houston! Connect and learn from fellow energy UAV/Robotics experts & specialists, energy company UAV operators & executives, regulators, UAV/Robotics hardware, software, data technology specialists all specifically aimed at efficient, successful & safe drone operations globally around critical infrastructure/energy facilities. Get $100 off with early bird pricing through April 30th! Save an additional 20% with code: EDRS20 This is the only event exclusively focused on the business and technology of UAVs/Robotics (aerial, ground/surface & subsea) in energy operations.
  3. DroneBase is seeking a senior level “Chief Pilot/Pilot Success Lead” who can support the company’s rapidly growing flight operations and increasing drone pilot network capabilities. The hiree will build deep technical training and work between many departments such as operations, sales, product, and engineering. Read more about the job responsibilities and required qualifications in this post on our website. Apply for Chief Pilot/Pilot Success Lead at DroneBase on LinkedIn. Are you currently looking for work as a drone pilot? Let us know how your search for work is going and whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, contract, or freelance work in the comments below.
  4. Deputies make first-ever drone rescue in Collier County
  5. Ryan Deremo is a Drone Pilot Ground School alum and owner of the aerial services company SkyFly Cinematics, which is based in Los Angeles, CA. Ryan started his aerial work doing shots for wedding and real estate, and eventually broke into movies and television—in fact, we interviewed Ryan a while back on how to get started doing movie and T.V. work with drones. I recently sat down again with Ryan to hear about his experience as the drone pilot on set for the new Hollywood film Breaking and Exiting, a dark romantic comedy about suicide prevention and awareness. Check out the interview here to learn about Ryan's work on set, and chime in with any thoughts or comments you might have.
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  7. Would be interested in hearing from CA pilots on the introduced bill.
  8. WILMINGTON, DE – April 16, 2019 – Drone Workforce Solutions, LLC (DWS) announces the launch of a one-of-a-kind digital database that connects certified drone pilots with corporate, business and government partners around the world. The Drone Workforce Solutions Pilot Portal will offer potential clients access to the most experienced and talented pool of drone operators the industry has to offer. Under Drone Workforce Solutions’ comprehensive vetting system, all American pilots will have passed the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 exam. This vetting system offers corporate and government partners the comfort of knowing they are hiring highly-qualified pilots who can supply a diverse range of drone services. The Drone Workforce Solutions Pilot Portal is now available. With just a click of a button, DWS can send information about potential clients and job opportunities to drone pilots; including the project location, the pay rate, the duration of the job, and the type of equipment that is required. In turn, pilots will be able to communicate with DWS about their availability. FAA certified drone pilots are invited to log on to to set up their individual profile. “At Drone Workforce Solutions, we believe in connecting the right pilots with the right skills to partners who need them. Our handpicked drone operators meet standards of excellence for our clients that are unmatched by any other company in the business,” said Theophilus R. Nix, Jr. Esq., Founder and CEO, Drone Workforce Solutions. “Drone technology is rapidly transforming the way companies, governments and entrepreneurs operate. The Drone Workforce Solutions Pilot Portal will become an essential meeting place for experienced drone professionals and aspiring drone technology innovators.” About Drone Workforce Solutions DWS is a global technology and strategic business solutions company providing solutions to help solve operational challenges faced by its clients through the use and integration of drone technology and its applications. DWS also provides drone training and education through its state-approved Drone School. CONTACT Drone Workforce Solutions 877.397.4353 Drone Workforce Solutions Global Drone Portal Launch Notification 4-16-19.pdf
  9. Hello, I am Kevin Hiatt a recently retired airline pilot and aviation safety executive. I have a great background in fixed wing aircraft operations and safety processes. I would like to learn as much about UAVs and perhaps break into the commercial sUAS market. I look forward to reading more of all the information that is provided on UAV Coach. Thanks for a great website!
  10. DJI drones helped track and stop the Notre Dame fire Source 1, Source 2 , video Gabriel Plus was later reported to have said: A video from the French Ministry of the Interior shows some of the drone footage as well as their operators. As we fully support female drone pilots, we’d like to point out that in one of the shots, a woman is seen holding the controls Of interest: Mavic 2 Pro , Matrice for public safety
  11. Hey guys, Here are this week’s new tracks. Free to use with attribution. Enjoy! 8-BIT ANTICS – Maybe for a cute retro-2D game? Or something else? Chiptunes 3 | THE ANT HILL GANG SADDLES UP AGAIN – And they’re off…the most incompetent gang to ever (attempt to) ride across the west. They’ll probably get lost. Anyhow, this might be fun in a comedic western-themed piece. Funny 6 | TECHNO RANDOMNESS – Unlike many of my tracks that are built layer by layer, this one was done “live” (in real-time) by improvising with two of my synths at the same time. Perhaps useful in some kind of wacky technology-based puzzle game? Puzzle Music 4 | DYSTOPIAN SUNSET – Perched atop a mile-high structure, the machine-being stares out over the shimmering grid, wondering what the night will bring. Sci-Fi 7 |
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  13. Today through April 18, tickets to the Drone Focus Conference in North Dakota are available for $50 off. For $50 off the regular Drone Focus Conference registration price: Use promo code AprilFlashDF Discount link: Drone Focus Conference will take place on Wednesday, May 29th, at the Avalon Events Center in Fargo, North Dakota. This is one of the best unmanned systems industry conferences in the Upper Midwest! Learn from 20+ speakers from large corporations, small startups and other businesses that have found innovative ways to utilize autonomous systems as they provide insight on the latest developments in the UAS industry. The speaker lineup this year includes Brian Wynne, President of AUVSI, the world’s largest nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community; Kevin Switick, President & Co-Founder of AVIAN, a services-based company founded by U.S. Navy test pilots; and Tony Fernando, the UAS Program Administrator for the Minnesota Department of Transportation—just to name a few.
  14. Hi all, I just got this email from one of our students: Here was my response back to him, and curious how other pilots in this forum choose to weigh in. --- Hi there, both great models! "Worth it" is highly dependant on you and your goals as a 'dronepreneur' Some quick thoughts: How will you ever know without trying? Both models are perfectly suitable tools for taking high-quality aerial photos / video. I know pros who still use the Phantom 3, which isn't as strong of a camera or sensor set as your two options right now. The magic isn't in the camera itself, but the post-production...see the latest videos in this thread and feel free to scroll back a few pages to see earlier additions. Some great professional real estate marketers sharing their videos! It's a very consultative sales process — you're going to have to hustle and grind and keep building out your list of target clients and proactively reaching out to them to better understand what kind of service delivery (pricing, packaging, turnaround time, etc.) you feel comfortable with. It's a young industry. There's a TON of opportunity out there, but it's not easy money by any means. Building any kind of service-based business is really tough. Hope that helps!
  15. Hi all, I recently severed my signal line transmission cable on my Mavic Pro. I see they are available for sale, is this something I can replace my self?
  16. I am a videographer and web designer looking to extend my services to aerial photography. Oscar
  17. Hi, there. I wanted to purchase a drone but I don't know much about it. Could you recommend one or send me the link for the one you bought?
  18. After what seemed like forever, working the puzzle of weather, availability, cleaning, etc, I've finally been able to wrap this piece for a 9,000+ square foot oceanfront home, listed at just under $30M. Enjoy!
  19. Well done, you made for a very interesting exterior-only presentation! I love the CrumplePop tracking you used, definitely going to look into it for FCPX. I've been using another platform that works most of the time, but sometimes (the most important times it seems) it totally fails. I'm with's annoying to have to jump through DJI's hoops to accomplish what the governing airspace body has already approved. Glad it worked out for you, and let's always hope for the best in that area. Thanks for sharing, nice vid overall!
  20. Parrot announced their ANAFI Thermal Drone earlier to today. Price is $1900.
  21. Hey pilots, I am heading to Orlando, FL for business in a couple of weeks. I have one afternoon open, and you know what that is going to be used for 🤗. I know Disney is off limits so where are some cool places to capture with a drone in Orlando or the vicinity. Let me know!
  22. My best advice is to fly all the time, if not every day. Consume drone-related content every single day. Find ways to add value and have some fun!
  23. Thanks so much, I have contacted them.i am waiting for response.i will update you once I get reply
  24. I recently came across this company and they partner with Flying Labs which have a location in Tanzania It looks like they provide training.
  25. Hi team, Greetings. Am Mr.Meshack Sanga,a Tanzanian boy living in Dodoma City. I want to be trained to be drone goals is to use for commercial like mapping and surveys
  26. In our Beginners Guide to Drone Mapping, we share a few different mapping software options out there. DroneDeploy, Pix4D, and PrecisionHawk are a few that make the list. You can compare the software features and find more software suggestions when you check out the guide.
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