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  2. No this is not the case on my aircraft.
  3. I Don't have a DJI, but want one. I have the YUNEEC typhoon H. I got the restrictions taken off by just giving yuneec my part 107 number, then they gave me a code to download onto the drone. A lot of my friends who fly DJI are having problems with airspaces and updates with these drones. Sad they have to deal with that stuff.😢
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  5. Hello @Jure Novak and welcome to this forum. My first thought is that you might have some loose connections. Check all connectors are secure and also for any bad solder joints. Is this now a solid problem or does it work sometimes and not others ?
  6. Hello guys! I have a problem and I hope you could help me. Didn't know where to go to ask a question so I turned on you. I have Wizard220x bought it from a firend worked perfectly. It was very dirty so I took it all apart, cleand it and assemble it all together. First test right after was great esc beeped and motrs were spining. Took it to the field and there I incounterd the problem. When I pluged the battery esc did just the first set of beeps and then they started beeping like crazy. Motor were spining randomly and uncontrollably. Couldn't even bind to my controler. It was realy dangeruos and it happend a fiew times after that. Do you have any idea what could couse this problem. Thank you in advanced. P.S Sorry for my bad English.
  7. My friend, I absolutely see the problem and you have no idea the lobbying I, @Av8Chuck , and a few others have done directly with Brendan Schulman on this issue in another venue over 2 years. I'm simply trying to help you out. Regarding getting in touch with DJI, you can get a custom unlock for the period of your WAA. So, for example, if your COA is good until Sept. 2019, then DJI will give you an unlock for all of your registered craft for that same period. When you renew your COA, renew your DJI unlock and you're good for another year.
  8. Yes, I know that DJI geo has nothing to do with LAANC. That's exactly the problem. I've flown this area we're discussing countless times, zooming up the steep hill, flying back down, on different DJI birds without this ever popping up. A week ago was the first time for this zone. Both birds are current on updates, and yet the P4 still does NOT give me this hassle. As for unlocking ahead of time, that doesn't work here always. Often times this area is socked in with clouds and rain, so it's a case of 'if the clouds are out and you have time, run out there and fly the mission'. THIS is why DJI's micromanagement of airspace is a problem. It would be best if we could submit a 107 cert verification, and they just unlock the zone, leaving us to deal with airspace auth on our own. 107 pilots are not the problem in the illegal airspace operation world. Here's another case...about a week before the debacle mentioned above, I was in a Sfc E 100ft grid. Craft absolutely would NOT liftoff, designated NFZ by DJI only. I hold WAA for this area, and regardless of that, the airport defaults to G space from 6pm until sunrise. So, what if I'm just trying to fly during G class hours, and the aircraft cannot even start because of DJI's fencing? See the problem here?
  9. Before we understand why the video channel is changing I would first like to follow-up on that camera connection to the flight controller as it sounds like from the build video that it could have caused some damage. I managed to capture this from that build video and as you can see the marking's on the board are 5V, GND and V but the red wire is connected to the V pin and the yellow wire to the 5V and this should be reversed. Can you check if this is the case with your kit, if not its something we can eliminate.
  10. I’m jumping in late to this and don’t have much to add beyond what’s been discussed but I’ve seen this type of behavior so I thought I’d share some of my observations. We use two 6S batteries in parallel and I’ve seen this when we had a bad battery. When we checked the voltage it was fine, but the internal resistance was high and the amperage fell off quickly and it didn’t have the power to fly.  It also happened when we had a bad BEC and it didn’t provide enough power to the rail the FC was powered from and it browned out. This can also happen if your powering the FC from the speed controller. You might want to check you power distribution board.
  11. I tried disconnecting the camera and it did the same thing. Here’s a quick video on what the channel indicater is doing. (It keeps doing that so just play it on repeat and you’ll get the same effect) F1F35528-246B-4E17-94CF-09D6DD102E23.MOV
  12. Hi! I'm looking to buy a drone with a good camera (or ability to carry my Firefly 2 2.5K camera) and GPS. My previous and first drone was Visuo XS809HW with which I learned the basics, but I would now like to upgrade to something 'more serious'. Here's what I found in my price range: Eachine E551S (5G 1080p version) Visuo XS812 (1080p version) SG900-S (1080p version) SJRC H1-G (5G 1080p version) SJRC Z5 (5G 1080p version) MJX X103W 2K What do you recommend? Thanks, regards.
  13. In that case it must be something in the build that's not right. I am sure you have checked the wiring but I found this video on the build and he mentions that his kit had some wiring crossed between the flight controller and the camera so maybe simply disconnect camera as you don't need it to test the motors.
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  15. Yes, I think I understood you correctly. You do understand that the FAA system has nothing to do with the DJI system. Just because you get a LAANC authorization, that has no effect on DJI's GEO restrictions. If you look at DJI's GEO map, you will see the restriction they have in place. I'm saying, if you contact DJI, and present a copy of your LAANC clearance a couple of days in advance, they can provide you a custom unlock of their GEO restriction that is saved to your craft and that limit should be removed. '
  16. Reduce noise and flicker in drone video and time lapses with Neat Video 5.0
  17. Aloha and welcome to the group! There's a wealth of experience and knowledge in this group, so stick around and you'll learn a few things from everyone here. Congrats on your real estate aerial video journey. This is the place to share if you're looking for constructive feedback, or just wanna show off some work. Looking forward to seeing some of your vids!
  18. As you can see, this is a problem when trying to climb steep terrain at even 350ft AGL from start point. You can quickly run into DJI's imposed 495ft limit and loose your headroom in short order.
  19. No custom unlock at all, just a straight forward LAANC authorized 400ft grid on the outer edge of the airspace, indicated by the blue outline in the photo below. Note the super steep cliffs in the far edge of the actual LAANC grid. The land below, with houses on it, is also super steep terrain. After obtaining LAANC authorization, I fired up the M2Z only to find this altitude limit of 495ft in place, as indicated by the yellow warning in the top of the screen. Check the pics below to see.
  20. its okay:) gonna tick all the boxes. Yes the battery is charged and connected
  21. Sorry to ask this but is the battery charged and connected as although the flight controller will get enough power from the usb connection of the PC its not sufficient to power the motors.
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  23. I have tried that. The motors do not spin. When I move the master control in Betaflight (I have tried moving each bar by itself) the bars move but the motors don't spin. (when I manually move the motors the red line in Betaflights motors tab does move slightly)
  24. Have you tried the "motor test" in betaflight ?. You will need to select the "I understand the risks....." to enable it as they want to make sure you remove the props but you should be able to test each motor and you don't have to be in arm mode or even have the transmitter on. In retrospect I should have suggested that earlier.
  25. So you received a custom unlock but are limited to 400' above takeoff point?
  26. I think you're missing my point. I can fly there, but if I were to be inspecting tall buildings, or simply fly up the hillside, I'd hit a ceiling. Especially the hillside ascent... This would pose a problem, as the drone would still be under 400ft AGL, but DJI's over reach would stop me from elevating accordingly.
  27. You can pretty easily get any zone unlocked by (over-reaching) DJI through their custom unlocking process. You may however, still have issue with using alternate control apps.
  28. Yes the orange tick mark moves into the orange area in Betaflight for me too. But the motors wont spin. When I tested them with a voltmeter it tells me that they aren’t getting any power...(they ARE armed and I am applying power when I test them) Also I cant seem to upload the video. Might just make a YouTube channel and upload there.
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