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  2. Hey Pilots Philip back here and recently I had a fairly close encounter while flying my drone near Biloxi, Mississippi. After flying, heading home, and going over the footage I realized that I was about 50 ft away from a lurking alligator! I document this encounter below: Let me know what you think! Best,
  3. Baylands Park in Sunnyvale right off 237 is by far the best place to fly. Plenty of other UAV Pilots and a large field for use.
  4. Hello all, sorry if this is long, looking for thoughts on my “Dad Plan” My Daughter is a rising JR at MTSU, video and film production - her passion is really editing but we have all come to the conclusion that out of school she will likely need to do both filming and editing as she gets her start - she has already gotten herself involved with a number of community projects, doing all the filming/editing for a couple local celebs YouTube channels, charity video for a nonprofit in town and is doing all the online worship work for Church(Covid style) - I upgraded her gear from using my canon 6d to her own GH5s so she has the gear to get through school and likely a start after school with quality gear. So I think she needs to have every possible tool n her toolbox as she starts out, so I think she needs to have drone footage as part of her offering. Now the Dad plan: - Sign up for the drone pilot classes on line get us both 107 certified - sign up for the 2 person training class - learn to do this right - Buy either a pair of DJI minis to learn with over the next two years (yes Dad gets to have a new hobby too) and good enough video to use in her advocacy and school projects - or - get a mid range unit in that $1k price - Buy Her something pro-level for graduation So does any of that make sense? I realize her whole career choice is very much a “by the job” or 1099 type career and as a guy with 27 years at the same company that terrifies me and I want to make sure she has all the tools to get started right out of school.
  5. Regarding your "Top 5 Best Places to Fly in Philly", #5 (Valley Forge Model Airplane Field) is strictly OFF LIMITS to drones. I attempted to fly there and they said not possible, that you have to be a member of their Model Airplane group and take some type of course and fly a drones. I've gone there when it was empty during the off season but if anyone is there, you're grounded.
  6. @Jazee you can actually put in known coordinates in the P4RTK, and can achieve accuracy of down to 5-10 cm without GCPs. There are 2 issues : 1) the known point must be in global coordinates. 2) you will have to use the appropriate conversion between ortho height and Ellipsoid height to enter into the base station. We still prefer using GCPs for accuracy and quality, but it’s still much fewer GCPs and a quicker more efficient workflow. I don’t have experience with any other PPK drone so can’t benchmark this, but it’s an easier workflow and better results compared to the standard P4Pro
  7. I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression; “Booe for the best, plan for the worsts.” I really hope all the hype about 5G comes true, especially as it relates to UAVs. But I think it will be similar to the hype about thermal. Some technologies aren’t baked enough, Don’t work well enough, or too complicated and expensive to be integrated into UAV workflows. Sure, it might be great to have 10G download capability, but how fast you could stream data from the sensor the UAV is carrying has never really been the gating factor to a succesful UAV program. I would argue that the security issues around 5G and RIDs reliance on it will make things much worse. I’m not suggesting that smart people won’t figure out ways to consume the additional bandwidth but I’m not sure how Verizon’s goal of connecting 1M drones over 5G helps me make money in the foreseeable future?
  8. Exactly! This whole mapping thing drives me crazy. Go buy this and that gizmo and we still don't have much ato z training which really prepares drone pilots to work, sell and fly with confidence. Very frustrating, time to just go back to photography.
  9. Hi we have been using sensefly tir sensors data, DSM and DTM (20 cm). Directional filters and edge detection image processing techniques used and subtle topographic anomalies detected. Earlier Landsat TM data modelling was done (indices development: clay mineral, hydrothermal, iron oxide) to identify prospective locations in association with UAV data. Share your email to send related research articles. Best regards Babu
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  11. 5G sounds great! Unfortunately, it relies on a dense, short hop, transmission system. Large urban areas are the most likely candidates to benefit by 5G. So, I agree that 5G will be great for future drones operating in 3% of the united states. The remaining 97% will probably be happy if the have solid 4G. This is the consensus of most ISPs that are not Verizon. By the time 5G starts finding it's way into rural America, low earth orbit internet will be a thing, no ground-based infrastructure needed.
  12. For the last several months, the drone industry has been buzzing about 5G and its implications for drones. Drone Industry Insights (DII) alone has published two different reports on the topic since the start of the year, and several other industry publications have weighed in as well. So what is 5G and why does it matter for drones? Read today's article to learn what 5G might be able to do for drones, including a list of benefits and needs 5G might address in the drone industry.
  13. Spitfire76

    Powering my drone

    That's too bad. That hardware has been "end of life" for awhile now and the last version of ArduCopter that will run on it is 3.3 and the latest is 4.x. That being send APM and 3.3 should still work. If you have a 3DR type power module then it will pass battery power to the ESCs and also supply +5v to the APM but you should have a separate BEC for the raspberry pi. Some ESC have a built in BEC but I see that the ones you are using are "opto" and don't have a BEC.
  14. Did some digging this morning and found this.
  15. Thank you for the suggestion Spitfire76, it worked for me. I had been struggling for this but couldn't figure out a way . I also thank those who have responded.
  16. Could not agree more. This company is a scam. Order a phantom 3 battery and it never showed up. Called and left messages and emails but zero response. Don't waste your time on this company.
  17. Have you calibrated the ESCs ?. If not you do this by connecting a ESC directly to the receiver's throttle channel. Do one ESC at a time without the the flight controller involved. First make sure that the props have been removed. Turn on the transmitter and move the throttle to full. Connect the battery so the ESC and RX are powered on. You should hear some beeps and then move the throttle to minimum. You may hear some more beeps. Disconnect the battery. Reconnect the battery and check that when you move the throttle up the motor RPMS increase. The above procedure sets the min and max range for a ESC. If you already did the above and its still not working then what happens when you change that motor with one that's working ?. Does the problem move or stay with the ESC ? what happens when you connect that ESC to another port on the flight controller ?. Again does the issue move or stay with the FC's port ? If the issue follows the same ESC its possible that the configuration has changed or was not set like the others - what make and model of ESC are you using and what firmware is loaded ?.
  18. Guys this the issue I'm facing and I'm not able to find the solution for it. Can someone help??
  19. Hello, Looking for some help or suggestions. I recently purchased a zino and I’m having inconsistent doc connection. It’s very frustrating! I’m using an iPhone 11promax. Any help would be great! Also I seem to be getting some type of an alert right at takeoff that I can’t understand. I believe it says something about return home. Thanks
  20. In another drones for good story, researchers from the Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) in Germany are using drones equipped with visual and thermal cameras to study the active Santa Maria volcano, located in Guatemala. In a series of survey flights made with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, GFZ researchers captured both visual and thermal data that allowed them to create 3D models of the volcano, including a 3D topography and temperature model of the volcano with a resolution of only a few centimeters. Read today's article to learn more about how the GFZ team used drones to study volcanic activity in the Santa Maria volcano, and for some beautiful videos taken of Volcan Fuego, also located in Guatemala.
  21. If you are referring to the FAA part 107 certificate then you don't have to take the "Initial" test again but the "recurrent" test which is a subset of the initial test (less topics and questions).
  22. Hello @Sana and welcome to the forum. To use a Pi as a FC you need of course to add sensors (gyro, accelerometer, etc) that are typically built into a FC like the Pixhawk but it looks like there is still a solution from Like most I personally prefer to use a Pi as a "companion computer" connected to a FC like the Pixhawk. Maybe you could provide some more details about your project and what you need to demonstrate to your professors.
  23. Hands on review of the DJI Mavic Air 2. Unboxing, main features and flying test
  24. Hello , I'm an engineering student and I have to design a drone controller using raspberry pi .. so do you have any useful research or links to follow up to built mu controller
  25. So I watched 4 videos and read a couple how to's and looked at the User Manuals regarding the Phantom 4 RTK and the associated base station. I'm sort of having a hard time believing what I'm seeing/reading.... Nothing I've seen or read shows the ability to place the base station on a control point with known coordinates and enter those coordinates into the base station (or remote controller). This means, while the P4 RTK will have phenomenal position accuracy relative to the base station, there will still be a high degree of error for the absolute world position coordinates. Everything I've seen and read proposes two solutions: 1. Use ground control points, which is laughable as to me the purpose of investing in an RTK drone is to eliminate the need to do that except to do an accuracy check without including the control points in the processing. 2. Connect the remove to a "Custom RTK Network" (term used in the Ground Station interface) which means you don't even use the base station! 3. Use PPK in which case you don't use the base station and you turn the RTK function OFF! Of the three above solutions, #2 is the "cleanest" as #1 you don't need an RTK drone for and #3, from what I've read the PPK workflow is pretty involved. Does anyone know regarding #2 what the process is to find appropriate server credentials to input in (flying in the United States?)
  26. Hello, Everyone I am a new member with 1 year experience in Drone world . I have acquire my own drone DJI Spark Combo and looking forward to get a license . I have started registering drone company of my own in South Africa which i plan to cover the whole of Africa. The need for Drone Service is very important especially here in Africa where many poor rural community are unable to access quicker medical or does take monthly medication therefore they have to travel quite far to collect their medication . I am looking forward to learn as much as I can on this platform and maybe have partnership with other members here . Looking forward Thank you in advance! Dannie
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