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  2. Two participants in the FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program (UAS IPP) have received approval to conduct beyond visual line of sight drone operations using detect-and-avoid technology in place of a visual observer (VO). Both approvals were granted from the FAA based on Iris Automation’s proven collision avoidance system. The approvals were given to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Kansas Department of Transportation—both are UAS IPP participants. Historically, all FAA-issued Part 107 BVLOS waivers have required some ground-based visual observer to mitigate the risk of non-cooperative aircraft entering the mission area—an expensive and unscalable restriction on the use of drones for commercial purposes. Learn more about these two flights that marked industry firsts in today's article: Iris Automation Detect-and-Avoid System Earns Second BVLOS Waiver and Trust of FAA The latest Iris Automation approval is just one of many successes to emerge from the UAS IPP. Share your thoughts on the progress made by UAF, KDOT, and other UAS IPP participants in the comments below.
  3. Hi @Shaun Deardorff, No problem! Good choice on the name, I tried to find your Instagram but could not find it. Just wanted to look at some of your drone work. So far the outlook has been positive, I just started really pushing marketing in the last 2 weeks and have had a state park who may be interested in hiring me for promotional work in the near future. They are restoring some buildings and there is not a set completion deadline yet, but I was still able to make a contact out of it with the hopes that they will hire me. I am also talking to a custom home builder who is building a house down the road. As for servicing/payment, I have set up a Square account and this allows me to create professional looking quotes and invoices that I can send directly to the client. Square will of course take a small percentage of each transaction. However, the cost is worth it because clients are going to want a simple payment process where they can receive an invoice and pay online. With Square, the invoice can be paid right from the email that is sent to your client. I hope this helps and let me know if you have anymore questions. Best, - Chase
  4. China National TV news introduced how MMC's commercial drones assist local police doing traffic management in Shanghai. About different payloads for different purposes in patrol and emergency management:
  5. Personally I would go with the Toughbook. I was using an Apple device and it doesn't do well at all in the heat without and lot of babying. Another consideration is weight. I don't know how you operate but we have to pack stuff into remote and limited access sites occasionally and carrying a lot of equipment through the brush is a real pain. Finally, will it work with the aircraft you fly? Can you link it on the job site easily or is the process cumbersome. Last point: power consumption. I know everything has a battery that will work forever under adverse conditions....I've got a few of those too. The fact of the matter is heat and cold change all that and are you going to need a power source to run your stuff when the battery fails in 100°+ heat after two hours?
  6. I want to know the key differences between Telemetries and transmitter receiver used in uav's .On many sites what i have found is that telemetries is used to get aircraft physical information and can also control the aircraft but i want to know much more details about it. please help thanks in advance
  7. I am Cajethan Ndukwe, from Nigeria and also certified drone pilot. My area of specialty is on drone mapping and I subscribed to this forum in other to get more insight on drone mapping. I use DJI Phantom 4 pro v2 drone. In your full support thanks Cheers Ndukwe C.C
  8. Hey guys, If anyone is interested, I was recently asked to do an interview for a really cool website called Exilian. The site helps facilitate all kinds of creative projects. Here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out: I hope my answers are entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent…lol. Please feel free to share! That said, this week’s new free tracks are: On my History page: ANCIENT TIMES – (Looping) – Perhaps for a history-themed project? On my Sci-Fi 8 page: ESCAPE FROM CYBERPUNK CITY – This piece might sound cool in a dystopic urban-based project. And on my AMB - Urban Ambience page, some really nice large city street ambience: STREET CORNER_5-30 – Trucks, taxis, horns, people talking, distant brakes squeaking, cyclist passes, etc. STREET CORNER_5-29 – Scooter idles at corner, traffic passes, brakes squeak, baby heard, air brakes from truck, people talking, trucks pass, distant brakes squeak, etc. Enjoy and keep being creative!
  9. This morning, I saw a news report. In a reservoir in a city in China, law enforcement officers used drones equipped with thermal infrared cameras to detect nighttime illegal acts and take photos for evidence. A water reservoir is undoubtedly a key place for a city and an important source of water for urban drinking. Therefore, how to effectively protect the water source, for law enforcement agencies, often need to face the challenges of various illegal activities. How to protect water sources, traditional methods generally rely on manual inspections, can only be opened along the shore, with the naked eye. However, with the development of drone technology, the application of thermal infrared equipment in the inspection of drones has improved the efficiency of inspection and expanded inspection scope. Not only that, but the drone thermal imaging equipment can also judge whether there is sewage discharge according to the difference in sleep temperature, and combat the illegal discharge of sewage. For the application of drones, not only in the field of inspection, but also in the field of drones, the drones have been developed in many fields such as surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, urban management, and sport management. In the various application fields of the drone, the drone is used as a working platform to carry out different tasks by carrying different tasks, so a good task load night vision is very important. As a leading manufacturer of industrial drones, MMCUAV has released mission loads for a variety of scenarios since last year. The Thyea T2 is a thermal infrared pan-tilt camera for fire rescue, inspection, and other fields. The characteristics of Thyea T2 are: with 50Hz refresh rate, resolution up to 640*512, reaching the advanced level in the industry, and also supporting 4x digital zoom, which not only meets the requirements of fine analysis but also has a long imaging distance and can maintain large security. Distance, increase; temperature measurement accuracy up to 0.06 ° C, temperature range -20 ° C -150 ° C, for most of the inspection, detection, search tasks can be satisfied; at the same time can also carry out regional temperature measurement, pointing temperature measurement, Pointing movement, high temperature alarm, automatic inspection and many other functions.
  10. NO.1 UAV Factory’s off-the-shelf portable Ground Control Station (GCS) . It is described as a flexible and universal solution for controlling unmanned vehicles andpayloads. By using modular electronics compartment (MEC), application specific hardware can be quickly installed. The GCS can be configured to control unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), ground robots, bomb disposal robots, remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and other robotic devices. Key Features Universal off-the-shelf ground control station Based on fully ruggedized Panasonic CF-31 Toughbook Integrated Toughbook docking station User dedicated modular electronics compartment with threaded mounting base Two, 50 W stabilized 12 V power outputs for electronics compartment A comprehensive set of connections: 2 serial (RS-232), 5 USB, 2 Ethernet, 1 video in, 1 VGA in (optional), 1 Microphone in, 1 Audio out,PCMCIA slot, HDMI Super bright 17” and 13” touch screen displays 10-32 VDC input range Hot-swappable dual lithium batteries Intuitive power monitoring display (battery status, input voltage, internal temperature, power consumption) Over-voltage, over-current, reverse polarity, battery over-discharge protection User-serviceable fuses Removable Cordura bag for accessories Carry handles, wheels and shoulder strap for convenient transportation Ruggedized and lightweight designNO.2This is Etlas NEO II from MMC UAV. It features high integration, military-grade IP 54 ingress protection, and it combines all the functions of image transmission system, data transmission system, handheld remote, image display system, and industrial laptop.Key Features Combining all functions of image transmission system, data transmission system, handheld remote, image display system, and industrial laptop Equipped with Photon A10 transmission system that integrates high resolution image link with data control station for bidirectional transmission Adopts dual LCD screens with the upper one showing images and the lower one showing ground station system interface, with 1500 nit brightness screen It is resistant to water, dust and shock and able to work perfectly under difficult working environment such as dust or rainstorm 4-hour battery life satisfies long-time operation It measures only 406*306*93mm and weighs only 8kg, which makes it quite portable and convenient for emergent outdoor flying operations It has an 8-kilometer transmission distance and can satisfy most needs for remote control and image display. It has multiple data connector ports which are adaptable with multi-rotor drones, fixed-wing drones, robots, industrial controller and monitoring gimbal, etc. SpecificationsSize(L*W*H) 406*306*93mmWeight 8kgMaterial Aluminum Alloy PlasticComputer Intel Core i5, 8GB Storage,128GB SSDScreen Upper screen:15.6-inch LCD /Resolution 1920*1080Lower screen: 12.1-inch LCD /1500 nit Battery 4S Lithium BatteryVideo Output HDMITransmission Distance 8kmWorking Temperature -20℃~60℃Storage Temperature -30℃~70℃
  11. Thank you @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach for all of the advice! I actually already came up with a business name, Airmage, designed a pretty cool logo, made an Instagram to showcase my photos and footage, and am in the process of developing a website. I veered away with anything 'drone' in the name, as the word drone has a negative connotation, so after some thought and creativity, I came across the combination of 'Air Image,' or 'Airmage.' I will have to check out more about advertising as well. I recently applied for a drone delivery service called Zing, in my area, but have yet to hear back. Hopefully I can set up a website soon and start getting clients. So far what has been the outlook for you in terms of clientele and servicing/payment? Thank you for the feedback! Shaun
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  13. Hi all, My name is Josh Caldon. I have been flying for 19 years, most recently as Captain of a Hawker 800. I got my sUAV license in the last year and started a company, Caldrone LLC, in Albany, NY to be able to work with my son taking and editing pictures and video with our Mavic Pro. I look forward to "meeting" and learning from many of you. All the best, Josh
  14. I could throw out a bunch of superlatives, but none of them would do justice - simply outstanding work!! regards, - jim armstrong L5
  15. So I've been dabbling in drone videography for a while now. Recently I decided to try and learn a bit about color grading ( working in davinci resolve ) and used a clip I shot recently on the Mavic 2 pro. I like the result but I plan on reshooting it. I would love to hear feedback on how I can make this shot better. I am interested in any constructive criticism that can be levied whether it is about the color or not. I have 2 versions that I like... "Warm" : "Cool" : The cool version is the closest to reality. It was an overcast day. I noticed the spectrum was dominated by blues so I gave it a slightly red/yellow offset to make it feel more "summery" but I can't decide which version I like better in a subjective sense and I'm curious if either feel objectively "off". Thanks! P.S. I added several atmospheric sounds. . . I've seen it too many times to tell if they feel disconnected.
  16. Hi @Shaun Deardorff, Welcome to the forum and congratulations on recently becoming Part 107 Certified! I am in a similar situation as I have started to build my drone service company. I have been working overtime building out every aspect of the business so when I start to get clients (I actually just received an email from a potential client as I type this) I have all of the systems in place for a smooth customer experience. The first piece of advice I will offer you is to come up with a unique name that will stand out among your competitors. I have seen countless times where I see ten drone companies with similar names. Having a generic company name makes it very easy for a potential client to forget who you are. A great logo is also just as important as it conveys to your customers what you do and who you are. I decided to name my company Galactic Droneography and made my slogan "Out of this world Droneography" I have had many people tell me how much they loved the name and logo design. I tell you this to show the importance of standing out with creative branding. @Alan Perlman is correct on the importance of getting a website up as quickly as possible with a portfolio for potential clients. Even if you only have a few photos it is a start, just make sure you put up your best work. Sqaurespace is a great option for a website, I personally used Wix and have been very happy with it. I can't speak for all of the SquareSpace features but on Wix it will pull the colors from your logo and helps you set up a nice looking website that looks like your brand. Or you can do what I did and make your own design in the Wix Editor. My first version of my website was very basic and that's okay because you can always go back and revise the design and order of the pages later. I have lost count on how many times I have revised my website. Here is my website if you would like an example: Its important that everything you do has a similar design style. Whether it's a Facebook cover photo, website, YouTube Banner, it should all reflect your brand and be easily identifiable. As for looking for clients, always be researching and thinking about who your clients could be. Instead of targeting realtors, I have been reaching out to custom home builders. This is more of a niche portion of the market but it shows custom home builders the importance of having aerial images and videos when the showcase the homes they build. You can also offer to take progress videos or photos of home build for project management and promotional purposes. I have built out a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with all of the potential clients I would like to do work for. You do not have to limit yourself to one niche either. If you are really good at photos and videos, there are numerous applications for that. Sending emails explaining how you can solve a problem for them can be very effective. I try to keep the emails simple without sounding like this email has been sent to 1500 people. The worst thing that can happen is they say that they are not interested or they do not answer the email. Just figure out what works and what does not work and improve the process along the way. Posting content in local Facebook pages can also be very effective in getting the word out. Just be sure to only post once a week on those types of pages so it does not get annoying to others within the group. Facebook ads and Google Ads can also be an option and you can advertise for $1 a day on Facebook and around $2 a day to start on Google Ads. Running some ads at the start can also help get the word out with the hope that overtime you can bring in more organic traffic to offset the balance between organic and paid traffic. A word of advice on Facebook ads would be to be strategic with how many days your ad will run. If you want to start off with a dollar a day, only run that ad for seven days. Facebook will work harder to push that ad into peoples timeline compared to if you paid $1 a day over a period of 30 days. I hope I was able to provide some helpful information and feel free to ask any questions. Best, - Chase
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  18. Hey @Shaun Deardorff, thanks for joining the forum and congrats on getting your license. Some quick comments, happy to flesh this out some more with you and looking forward to your response and others in this forum chiming in. Despite a handful of full-time drone pilot job listings here and there (scroll to the bottom of the guide to see some), I'd encourage you to think about building out your own freelance business that could maybe turn into something more full-time down the road. The sooner you can get a website and portfolio up, the better. You can use something like SquareSpace to get started. Take a look at other drone pilot websites in different cities to see how they're pricing and packaging their services. Throw something up as soon as possible, it doesn't have to be perfect, but you need to have some kind of professional presence, particularly when you start reaching out for work. Which brings me to my next point! I'd start developing a target list of companies to work with in the area. Real estate brokers, agents, firms, construction companies, property management companies, car dealerships, anyone that would benefit from high-end aerial photographs or video footage. As an example, here's how Derrick Ward got started: Anyways, I hope this at least begins to answer your question. It's a new industry with lots of opportunities, but it's not a transactional kind of sale — meaning you're really going to have to hit the pavement, understand a consultative sales approach, and be OK with tweaking and improving your process along the way. Would recommend reading SPIN Selling and The Ultimate Sales Machine if you're interested in developing a best-practice outreach process. Stay in touch and safe flying out there, Alan
  19. Hello, I work for an architectural/engineering company that has a drone team. We are interested in starting to flying drones in New York City, however we know there are legislative issues. I have spoken with one of the council members who is pushing a bill to allow drone usage in New York City, but the bill is stuck on the Mayor’s and Police Commissioner’s table. Does anyone have a suggestion in terms of moving this forward? Thank you! The New York City Council - File #_ Int 0403-2018.pdf
  20. Israeli-based drone delivery company Flytrex has received approval from the FAA to begin making food deliveries by drone in Holly Springs, North Carolina next month. Flytrex’s FAA approval is the result of their partnership with North Carolina’s IPP—read today's article to learn more about the proposed delivery route and how North Carolina has been helping to push the drone industry forward. Flytrex has already been making drone deliveries in Iceland for one year and in North Dakota for almost a year without incident. If the Holly Springs delivery program is a success, it will mean one more step forward toward making drone deliveries a reality in the U.S. What do you think—are you excited about this new drone delivery program in North Carolina? Share your thoughts and opinions here on this thread.
  21. Hi Enrico, I'm glad that some of my work will be helpful! Attribution information is here: Enjoy!
  22. Hey Eric, thank you for this nice link. I heard just some pieces here and there and many of them sounds really good. And it is very appreciated the possibility of looping. For more complex soundtracks until now I have used jamendo songs but in many cases your work will be very useful. Usually I will produce videos documenting my projects and works and at the bottom I always put the production page with the music and the CC 3.0 license logo. I suppose it is ok for you when I use some of your pieces? Enrico
  23. Thank you Chase, I will explore the various topics of the forum. Cheers, Enrico
  24. Hello everyone. I'm new here and I can tell you that I have read and learnt quite a lot of things in my few hours on this platform. My name is Remi. I have skills in GIS, emergency management, and a tiny skill in photography. I see myself learning lots from you pros here, and maybe someday with the right skills and adequate knowledge I gain here, I'll have my personal drone to help establish my business. I'm positive that the UAV COACH Community will be on my home screen for a very long time. 👌
  25. We have read many news about fire caused by drone battery. Some of them are due to battery overcharing, when a LiPo battery is overcharged, the anode of the battery becomes plated with lithium metal and the cathode produces carbon dioxide. The pressure inside the battery rises as more gas is produced until the outer skin of the LiPo bursts and vents gas. LiPo venting is usually accompanied by flames which leads to the entire battery destroying itself. Overcharging can be prevented by charging LiPo batteries to a maximum of 4.2 volts per cell (or 4.35V for lithium high voltage packs) and charging at a safe current setting. Some due to over discharging. When quickly discharged in situations such as a drone race, a LiPo battery will heat up. If excess current is drawn from the battery causing it to overheat, gasses will form inside the battery. Like overcharging, if enough gas forms and the LiPo bursts, it will commonly vent with flames. If a LiPo is discharged below its stated C-rating, there should not usually be a safety issue (unless, as happens occasionally, LiPo manufacturers lie about the C-rating of their batteries). That is why I am supporting smart battery in terms of problem detection. Recently I went to a drone exhibition and got to know this samrt battery by MMC UAV. The battery claims to free yourself from safety precautions by adopting such functions like over-charge-and-discharge protection, voltage balance, over-current-and-voltage protection, self-discharge protection when inactive for long time, short-circuit protection and cell damage detection,etc. MY QUESTION is whether this kind of so-called "SMART BATTERY" really that safe enough and still powers drones as the usual ones?
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