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  2. Hi @MarcL, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Thank you for making us aware of this issue you encountered previously at Valley Forge Airplane Model. We appreciate the information and will be changing this location. Best, - Chase
  3. Hi @robert619, I see this is your first post, welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Thank you for sharing where you like to fly your drone in San Diego. That looks like a great spot to fly a drone with some great scenery. Nice photo! Best, - Chase
  4. Hi @Michael Randall, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! The inspection, emergency response, and agricultural applications continue to see growth. From what I have heard, agricultural applications are expected to be one of the quickest growing applications. I will link a few threads that you may be interested in below. Feel free to ask the community any questions you may have! Inspections: Agriculture: Public Safety / Emergency Services: I hope these help! - Chase
  5. Hi @Jay Abola, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Everyone starts with zero experience, with continued practice you will get there. Learning to fly a drone and also learning to edit pictures/videos is the best part of becoming a drone pilot. The Mavic Air is a great starter drone, please let us know what you like about the drone as you learn to fly it. To get some photography inspiration check out our Aerial Photography thread: We also have a photography guide that you can feel free to check out: I hope these help! - Chase
  6. Hi @KneeBeard, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It is cool to hear that you will be attending the FLIR course. What area of thermal imaging is the most interesting to you? Please let us know how the course goes when its all over! Best, - Chase
  7. Hi @Carrin Cabral, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! You are correct, there are so many drone application opportunities to specialize in. If you would like to learn more about different drone jobs/applications, feel free to check out our Drone Jobs Guide. Here is a link for that: I hope this helps! - Chase
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  9. Hey guys, I’ve got some cool new music ready for everyone. Free to use with attribution: On my Dark / Ominous 2 page: MIDNIGHT MIST – What lurks in the mist? Muah hah hah! On my Sci-Fi 7 page: CROSSING THE LIGHT YEARS – This might work under the intro to a space-themed game or project. And on my Technology 2 page: DIGITAL DAYDREAMS – Maybe one day machine-beings will daydream…I wonder what it will be about. Enjoy!
  10. Good advice on practice. Training flights are FUN! Each maneuver is scalable. Circularizing your flight, especially in tight regimes, is the toughest! This is by courtesy of Scott Burgess, PhD, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and their small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) program. Have fun, and to borrow from Scott Manley (youtube - DSnM), "Fly Safe!" Basic maneuvers to practice to proficiency: Square flight pattern with aircraft heading away at all times Square flight pattern with aircraft facing toward at all times Square flight pattern with aircraft pointing into the square at all times Circle flight pattern around the square with the camera continuously pointing at the center at all times
  11. As a retired law enforcement officer (California) I can tell you your drone footage would not be admissible evidence and it is certainly not a good idea to appear as you are spying on your neighbors. No, you most likely would not get thrown in jail, but you should let the police handle the situation by telling them you could see the possible stolen item from plain site and let them investigate further.
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  13. I like to fly at the northern end of Fiesta Island in Mission Bay. Most of the island is in the Lindbergh Field restricted area, but the northern 1/2 mile is unrestricted. It includes sections of Mission Bay near Bayfront Park, shoreline on 3 sides of the island, and wild sandy areas in the interior of the island.
  14. Well a couple of other things but I am running out. When you plug in the battery do you hear the same beeps as on the video ?. The beeps are generated by the motors from the ESCs. Also do you have a second battery to try in case the one you have is bad ?.
  15. Thank you very much! I have watched that betaflight video and copied it and it still didn’t work. So this would eliminate software problems I’m pretty sure. I will double check my reciver. Also yes every other wire you mentioned is correct.
  16. and lastly you might want to have a look at this second video on the Betaflight setup for the Q215 if you haven't already.
  17. Hello! Looking to network and learn from other pilots here. I have my FAA 107 and will be attending the FLIR course here in July to get my Level 1. Currently I fly a Mavic Pro and an Air. I have done some volunteer video for the local fire department my son is on.
  18. It looks like the only other leads that you had to solder were for the receiver which according to the video should be in this order.
  19. You make a good point about not buying the FPV goggles if the drone is not working. I just wanted to check if at least something was working. Since this is came as a kit can you double check the wiring and solder joints. Red wire from battery should go to the + and black to - but of course you would be in real trouble of that was not the case. The small capacitor has a grey line to indicate the negative -
  20. To add to my previous post although you are getting a bad logging message is the rangefinder actually operating ?. One way to test it without flying is to simply to go to Initial Setup in Mission Planner and under Optional Hardware select rangefinder it should show distance.
  21. Yes it was plugged in tight. No I haven't tried connecting the camera to anything yet. Why pay for goggles if your drone doesn't even fly yet right?
  22. Hi! I don't know if this is the right place to ask, if it is not please feel free to move my question into the correct forum. 😬 I work in a medium sized governmental institution. Multiple of our departments want to make use of uavs. Since I race FPV copters I was asked to give them a broad introduction to the thematic, even tho I have no clue about camera systems and "professional" uavs. The UAV should have an RTK system and a gimbal with a regular camera for aerial photography and gis (this is the focus), switchabel to a thermal camera for finding fawns in cornfields and hunting wild boars and a multispectral camera for agriculture (e.g. what and how much fertilizers is used if I'm not mistaken?) Multiple collueges will be sent to flying courses, ...but "easier" handling will probably be best. Can you give me any tips on proofen uavs that have the necessary functionality and can carry the cameras? Could the DJI Inspire 2 solve the requirements? We will of course contact retailers to advise us aswell, but I would like to at least be able to give my collueges a general direction of where this exciting journey might go. Thank you so much! P.S. Sorry for my englisch...
  23. Greetings. After many years as a photographer and an RC CP Helicopter Pilot, I've finally put the 2 together to start a new venture. I'm interested in piloting for just about anything at this time, but I intend to get into inspection and agricultural survey, or emergency response. I was a remote duty medic for the Commercial Deep Sea Diving industry, and have worked in Emergency Medical Services for most of my adult life in one capacity or another, usually as a volunteer. I'm in the process of forming a new company to provide my services.
  24. I would imagine that's normal behavior as you have configured a rangefinder but have disconnected the hardware. LIDAR is referring to the rangefinder what ever type you have configured. This we need to troubleshoot further. Is it constantly reporting bad logging ?
  25. Hi, I’m Jay from the Philippines. Zero experience on flying drones but I went ahead and got a Mavic Air last weekend to get me started. Looking forward to learn some best practices on piloting and aerial photography. Maybe you guys can point me to a some threads or links so i can start reading up? Cheers.
  26. Hello, I have a problem of bad logging in mission planer hub , as soon as I connect the rangefinder it shows bad logging, and as soon as I disconnect the rangefinder it shows bad LIDAR Health how could I solve these two problems? @Spitfire76 Thanks
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