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  2. That’s why I brought this up. Maximum all up weight for sUAV in the US is under 55 pounds so it can’t be used here commercially without a waiver. Not the end of the world but that could seriously effect sales.
  3. I received a Wide area class D authorization from the FAA. Do I still need to contact the ATC to let them know of my operations? I thought that is what the Authorization was for.
  4. @Ch38carl - That's great that you've registered for the free exhibit hall. This year, they've exceeded all past exhibitor records and have more than 200 exhibitors. It will surely be a great opportunity to learn more about a variety of UAS applications.
  5. Honestly, I am not allowed to give out too much details of the products. Sorry. I am not the one making decisions and I know little 😞 The focus of the product is long hour fly. The gasoline tank is 32L, exactly 55lb. It is medium size UAV.
  6. Hi All, Im excited to share Drone Run: a new and innovative set of accessories for almost all drones that makes flying even more fun. It included a timed landing pad and checkpoint sensors for you to create your own time trial course. Im here to offer the drone community 30% off, just sign up on out website here! We will be launching next week, see you on kickstarter! Thanks for your time. Alex
  7. Welcome. Can you share a link to your YouTube Channel?
  8. A new silicon valley startup specializing in using drones in warehouse inventory tracking.
  9. Airbus recently announced plans to partner with San Francisco-based 3D-printing startup Local Motors Industries (LMI) to make drones and self-driving cars using 3D printers. The new venture is called Neorizon, and its first project will be to run a “microfactory” building new transportation products like drones and self-driving cars—also called “mobility solutions”—to test the use of 3D printing for creating vehicles. Read today's article to learn more about Neorizon and Airbus' investment in the future of transportation, including drone taxis and modular 3D-printed cars.
  10. Alan Perlman and "Isabella | UAV Coach " I have just confirmed with another firm that it is in fact that is either getting spoofed because of lack of DKIM/DMARC, or is itself sending out SPAM. I have blocked the domain on our end to stop the flood, and they have stopped receiving SPAM. I suggest someone look at this sooner rather than later.
  11. Thank you for inviting me here at this community! I am 71 yrs "young", retired from Danish Police and living in the jungle of North East Thailand. Among other things I have been amateur photographer since I was 14 and fascinated of making videos for my YouTube Channel and other purposes. The drone technology opens up a lot of exiting and fantastic possibilities for me. Finally I have bought a "hobby-drone" for training, a JJRC X11 (same as Bugs4) only with 2K camera - when I feel I have the neccesary skills I have a dream of a more professional drone with 4K camera! Right now I am working on getting a license and insurance so I won't get into troubles with authorities. Not that I think anyone in this tiny village care, probably just shake their heads for one more of my crazy ideas, but if I bring the drone to other places I have to have the papers in place. I look forward to good ideas, techniques etc for more fun.
  12. At 9:15 on October 15th, in the Haicheng Park of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, a drone quickly took off and then flew away. It has 4 cups of freshly brewed coffee in the "belly" and flies to the future research and development park 3 kilometers away to send "Express". Next, the drone distribution area will gradually expand from the test scene of Hangzhou Future Science City to the whole city of Hangzhou. On the same day, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the "Special Class of UAV Test Operation Approval Letter" and the "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Logistics Distribution Operation Permit" to Hangzhou Send Bar Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first “license” for the pilot operation of a certain type of urban scene for UAVs issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Yin Shijun, chief engineer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that the issuance of this license is a milestone in the field of unmanned aviation in China. Send Bar Logistics is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Xun Ant Network Technology Co., Ltd. The ant ant established in 2015 has grown into a key enterprise in the domestic commercial drone field. Before being granted the operation permit, “Xun Ant” has completed more than 20,000 logistics operation scenario test flights in the test area of Hangzhou City and Huzhou Anji and other mountainous areas, and passed the specific operational risk assessment organized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. And flight verification. At present, in the test site, there are 10 drones delivering nearly 100 dispatches per day. Zhao Liang, chief operating officer of "Xing ant", said that in order to ensure the safety of drone flight, more than 90% of the company's routes are planned to be over the rivers of the city; for various complex weather conditions, there are different plans, "if suddenly In extreme weather conditions such as winds above 5, the drone will not take off; if it has taken off, no one will slow down and fly to the nearest safe standby point." As a leader in China's industrial drones, MMC has made in-depth research and development in industrial drones, and has made great progress in wind resistance, waterproof and dustproof, and can continue to use in complex climates. During the trial operation, the company will use the air distribution network in Hangzhou to provide safe and efficient medical first-aid supplies transportation and instant delivery services in the same city. The far-reaching service distance of the point-to-point is currently 20 kilometers. It is estimated that by 2020, the company will initially build an air distribution network throughout Hangzhou, providing 1,000 operating capacity per day.
  13. Sorry for the delay. Notifications are turned on now. Thanks!
  14. The primary difference is that the Advanced version only has forward obstacle avoidance while the 4 Pro V2 also offers rear camera-based avoidance and side IR-based avoidance. I personally find myself turning off avoidance most of the time. A lot of people bought the Advanced because of the seriously discounted price compared to the Pro. Unfortunately, DJI doesn't make this model anymore so the good deals have mostly dried up. The cameras are the same, the power, flight time, etc, are all the same. I hope that helps!
  15. Has anyone else has issues with uploading images from a SlantRange 3PX sensor? I keep getting errors in the stitching and every pass is a different shade of green. Also, I’ve had issues with the SlantRange service team. They are very hard to get a hold of and after a summer of flying I still haven’t gotten any answers on what’s going on with my sensor and why my images look so bad.
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  17. I'm interested in this but want to know the key differences between this model and the Phantom 4 Pro v2. Thank you, Jackie.
  18. XAG is conducting the world's largest cotton defoliation operation, 'Take Off for Harvest Time,' in Xinjiang, China. The operation involves the use of fully autonomous drones to ensure a cost-effective, eco-friendly machine harvest. One million hectares of cotton fields have already been defoliated with XAG's crop-spraying drones, and it’s estimated that this year's operation will exceed 1.3 million hectares. The operation continues to grow, showing a 200% increase compared to 2018 when XAG served approximately 0.45 million hectares. Learn more about the operation in today's post, and let us know what you think of the massive drone crop-spraying operation in the comments below.
  19. I fly at Chesapeake Bay Radio Control Club in Crownsville, MD in Anne Arundel County. This is an AMA club. While the club's field is within controlled airspace of BWI Airport, the club obtained a letter of agreement with BWI Air Traffic Control in August 2019. Folks at the club are really friendly and always welcoming to guests. The field can be found here on Google Maps and the club website is here.
  20. The Joint-stock company Riga Yeast was the oldest yeast manufacturer in Baltics, dating back to 1847, when Albert Wolfschmidt founded Factory of liquor and yeast. It was a first and most popular distillery which produced famous Riga Black Balsam (Black Bam). Company also exports vodka, liquors and other spirits outside of the globe!
  21. No worries, Thank you. I read the title too fast and did not realize it is the Advance model. I was looking for P4P, but will most likely be looking into the Mavic 2 Pro. Thank you.
  22. I have been following and researching the sUAV/UAS/drone industry since the 333 exemption. I have been flying uav's the entire time. Due to the fact that FAA regulations impose fewer restrictions on flying a drone recreationally I've been waiting to get my commercial license (while practicing, creating a portfolio and logging hours) while the industry evolved. Now the time has come to get my license. And after following Mr. Perlman since he first started, UAV Coach was my obvious choice. My company will be based in Hawaii and we will offer drone services.
  23. Heck yah, @Spitfire76, you're one of our OG members. Didn't know you found out about us through the interview with Randy — I still listen to his podcast today and was grateful for the exposure a few years ago. Hope you'e been well and that our paths can cross soon enough. Appreciate your long-time support.
  24. Can you share pictures and specs? One thing to keep in mind, in the U.S. the all up weight limit is under 55 pounds. If your helicopter can fly for 6 hours without a payload, chances are the fuel is more than 55 pounds.
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