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  2. Malta, focused on the capital Valletta. Time lapses, drone footage and 4k video. I could not do as much drone footage as planned, due to local restrictions, but I hope you will like it
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  5. Hello Community, Wendell is my name, from Uganda East Africa. I joined this community to gain knowledge and also actively develop the drone community in Uganda. I am interested in the construction surveying application of drones. I also hope to get a new drone from your recommendations. Thanks
  6. Hey Guys! My husband & I have recently started up our drone business and have accepted a job for a company. We thought it would be a nice gesture as well as a great way to promote our business to alert local business that we will be flying our drone around the area. Do you guys have any recommended resources that provide examples of a professional way to address this? We have love the advice & contract ideas from DroneLaw.Pro, but we unfortunately don't have the budget to purchase the documents at this time. Thanks in advance!
  7. Dragon Springs expansion will pollute the environment
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  9. Hello everybody! I have a client in Nevada that needs some aerial photography done, but unfortunately I cannot make it to the shoot myself. I really want to help this client so I am biting the bullet and finding another pilot to do the job! All the job requires is for you to deliver 10 photos and 60 seconds of video. From there you will send me the raw photos and videos and I will take care of the editing and post processing. Here is a link to my website where you can find more details and fill out a form to be hired for the job. It will only take about 25 minutes for the shoot, a really easy way to make $100! Fill out form here - Location: Zephyr Cove, NV 89448, USA (exact address given to selected pilot) Estimated Shoot Length: 25 Minutes Pay: $100 Contact me with any questions, thanks! Sam Krochman
  10. Hi @John Green , Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum, we are glad to have you! @Philip Moore offered some great advice. Just fly as often as possible and have fun with it. I also found it helpful to always be aware of the surrounding area before flying. This will make you more confident and safe. If you want hands-on training we offer drone flight training in various locations throughout the country. Here is the link for that: I hope this helps! - Chase
  11. @Sam Krochman, I also have a Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Plus, it is a great drone! I tend to favor the Phantom series, they really fill the gap between the Mavic and the Inspire series. Best, - Chase
  12. Hi Chase! I am currently rocking the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and I love it! Clients don't typically know the difference between different platforms, but they like the quality that it produces and they trust my judgment on which platform will deliver the best results. - Sam Krochman
  13. Hi @Jeffrey Scott in Denver, Sorry to hear about your Mavic Pro! There is nothing worse than having a damaged drone. I would suggest sending it into DJI for repair. These repairs can get very complex. I also have heard of people having more issues after trying to replace parts. Best, - Chase
  14. Hi @Sam Krochman, It is great to hear about the success you have had with your business! We are glad that you have continued to be a part of the UAV Coach community. What drone do you fly the most? Is there ever a specific drone platform that your clients ask for? Best, - Chase
  15. Hi @Hawkman, The Mavic Air is a great drone, best of luck with your business! I have linked our guide for key things to consider when starting a drone business. I hope this helps! - Chase
  16. Hello Fellow Pilots! My name is Sam Krochman and I am the CEO and founder of 191Above Aerial Photography. I started my company back in late 2013, and I have been flying ever since! I am also proud to say that I was the first recipient of the Drone Pilot Ground School scholarship, and I received my training through UAVCoach. Alan and Isabella at UAVCoach have been tremendous helps and I attribute a lot of my success and I am very grateful to them for giving me a shot in the industry. I got into the drone industry accidentally and I never knew how much I would love it. I originally purchased a Phantom 2 Vision+ for a school project, and then I realized that I could really make a difference in the real estate industry by providing aerial photography services. If you are interested in a little bit more detail of how I started, visit Since the start of my company I have done all sorts of jobs of all sizes. I have provided services for multi-million dollar homes, and projects that extend hundreds of miles up and down the west coast, see for examples! I am so happy that I am a part of this amazing community and I look forward to continuing discussions throughout this forum! If you have any questions for me or want to chat, please feel free to shoot me an email or reply to this post. My email is, you can also connect with me through my website, Happy Flying! Sam Krochman
  17. Thanks Chase for the offer...i am sure as I get more into my UAV, I will have plenty of questions. Best, Kevin
  18. Hi Chase. I purchased a DJI Mavic Air and my plan is to be a certified drone pilot to monetize my work. UAV Coach is very educational. Oscar
  19. It's right in 107 §107.41 Operation in certain airspace. No person may operate a small unmanned aircraft in Class B, Class C, or Class D airspace or within the lateral boundaries of the surface area of Class E airspace designated for an airport unless that person has prior authorization from Air Traffic Control (ATC). The types of Class E are: E1 – Class E Airspace at and above 14,500 feet MSL E2 – Class E airspace areas designated as a surface area for an airport. E3 – Class E Airspace Areas Designated As An Extension To A Class C Surface Area E4 – Class E Airspace Areas Designated as an Extension to a Class D or Class E Surface Area E5 – Class E Airspace Areas Extending Upward From 700 Feet Or More Above The Surface of The Earth E6 – En route Domestic Airspace Areas E7 – Offshore Airspace Areas E8 – Class E Airspace Areas Designated As Federal Airways Class E2 is what is contained in 107.42 and not E3 or E4 which are designated as an Extension. Further, you can compare what the UAS facility map covers for an airport with Class E extensions and note that the grids do not include that airspace. A comparison of the airport in Olympia Washington for example.
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  21. Hey everyone, I am looking for other pilots that have the Yuneec Typhoon H, (NOT the Plus or Pro) My issue is after I have done the firmware update for the ST16 Controller and the Typhoon H. My H will not take off or even start the blade rotation, it shows on the top right that I have linked to 18 GPS sats and on the left, I have linked with up with 16 and under that is shows that the H is trying to Aquire. Now I have watched several videos on how to update the H from Yuneec and still have the issue. I have also tried to put the Typhoon H into IPS mode and it does not enable! I have opened a ticket with Yuneec to help me with the issue but because of business hours, I won't know anything till Monday. I am curious if any others have encountered the same issues and what you have done to fix the problem. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  22. Anyone else heard of this job board for drones, My friend sent it to me, seems interesting, lots of jobs.
  23. First of all, Nathan Cool rocks! Buy his books and watch his videos. I use his flambient method for my interior stills, bit of a learning curve. Same experiences for me as for others, realtors do like having someone who does it all. I use Dropbox to send to realtors or their office managers. Our local MLS limits photos to 5mb and every MLS is different. I do a 5mb and full rez version of each photo. No branding on videos I think is a MLS universal rule. Adobe’s Photography Plan (Lightroom+Photoshop) is all you need for (stills) post, starts at $10/mo. Good luck!
  24. In your lecture 3.4 class 'E' airspace at the 2:00 minute mark you discuss the class E extensions that 'technically you don't need authorization to fly in those extensions'. Can you locate the FAR that supports that assertion.
  25. It seems like California is trying to overstep its boundaries again. The designated uav areas are regulated by the FAA(ama fields).
  26. Hi, My name is Aziz from Saudi Arabia. I am now preparing for my new project in commercial UAVs training and operating. Firstly let me put you in the general status of commercial UAVs in Saudi Arabia, tow months ago Saudi Arabia government allowed UAVs for commercial purposes . There are no companies in the Saudi market specialized in commercial UAVs ,also there are no UAVs academies or schools. At the same time, there is a demand for UAVs services such as training, operation and consulting. I am currently preparing the required and place. Because there are no companies in the past, I do not have much experience in this field. Please help me in providing advice or guidance or provide me with any information that may benefit me in : Where can I find qualified trainers to contract or get their services remotely? Who can offer studies and consultations? Where to get the curriculum? People do customized training courses such as training firefighters or people working in oil and gas? Business model ? Any advice or information, no matter how small, may help me a lot. Thanks Aziz alenzi
  27. Another thing that I’ve enjoyed about sharing work in this thread is to see how everyone has progressed. When I started that thread @JBR LIFE Photography Was kind enough to compliment some of my work, I occasionally get the opportunity to shoot for friends, (I don’t produce real estate media for a living) which is a very different thing than those that do this under the constraints of making a living. When we all get to witness the improvement of @JBR LIFE Photography, who is doing this for a living in a competitive market we can all take a little pride in his work (because I tought him everything he knows...) it really is community we can all share in. There have been a lot of great contributions to the property videos thread.
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