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    Thank you i happy to be here,..
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    Just Wow! Definitely relaxing and beautiful footage. Congrats!
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    The Park at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin is a great place. To my knowledge and also airmap there isn't any controlled airspace warnings.
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    Hi Nick, Talking to the owner before flying and explaining what you are doing, and the flight plan you will follow to keep people safe on the job site may help gain the owner's trust and approval. Perhaps the owner would be interested in using your photographs as well. Also, having your Part 107 and basic drone liability insurance would be helpful as well. If that doesn't work, I agree with Av8Chuck, you will need to weigh whether it's worth the risk to jeopardize the relationship. David
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    Nicely done. where is this shot? Parts look like Tahoe, some of it looked like New Zealand, some like the Northern California shoreline.
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    Thank you and happy flying.
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    Hi @Emmett Long, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! All drones that weigh more than 0.55 lbs must be registered regardless of if they will be used for either recreational or commercial operations. The DJI Mavic Pro would need to be registered, which is a very simply process and the registration can be completed on the FAA DroneZone website. It is important to know that drones can not be flown over people in the United States, but you can still capture great footage without being directly over people. To learn more about U.S. drone laws, I suggest looking at our U.S.A 'Drone Laws' page. As long as the footage recorded with the drone does not make any money (Commercial Operation) then you would fly as a hobbyist or recreational user which does not require any certification. The Remote ID regulations that you are referring to do have operational limitations on hobbyist users but those regulations have not been passed. The FAA posted the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which allows the public to comment on the proposed rule making for Remote ID. The comment period has ended at this time. So personally I would not be concerned with that at this point in time. To learn more about Remote ID, you can check out our article on that topic here. I hope this helps and feel free to ask us any questions! - Chase
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    I have the Q500 and the Typhoon H, Both great drones
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    I own a dji mavic mini which weighs less than 250grams and comes under nano category, wat rules should i be aware of in India and should i register it?
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    Very we’ll done. It would be great if you’d share your settings, length of flight etc.. Either way, please post more, I enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing.
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    The time lapse is a neat trick and I will remember that... Without knowing what editing software you use, I wonder about color grading (which would be the next logical editing step I would use). It appears to be a matter of editing either each photo individually, or the film as choreographed. Great video.
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    Hi @Sleeplessin, Thanks for sharing this awesome video with the forum and welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! This video was very well done from the color grading, sound effects/music, and the overall flow of the video. Nice job! - Chase
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    There are times that you benifit from the property your shooting, they’re awesome, added to your video they look even better. This property, not so much but you still made it look great. Ok, it’s been a while — I hate you. Nice work.
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    Hi @FTL900, I spoke with Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas who confirmed that recreational drone operations can take place anywhere in the park except in designated wilderness areas. This location was not chosen before because AirMap has this location listed as a National Park, which are No-Fly Zones. The park has confirmed that they are not a National Park. The Las Vegas Soaring Club location will be replaced with Red Rock Canyon as it is a more desirable location. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention so we can provide the best locations. Regarding the other locations, what makes a location interesting varies from person to person and we do our best to choose not only a visually interesting location, but one that is also legal. Las Vegas is limited in terms of legal flying locations due to regulations and the complexity of the airspace surrounding the city. We always encourage feedback and ask that forum members respond in a way that's positive and beneficial to other members of the forum. Thanks, - Chase
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    Following up to this thread. This seems to be the definitive answer: http://www.uavexpertnews.com/2018/02/class-e-airspace/
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    Not asking for an apology. Just asking you to watch your tone. Doing our best to foster a supportive group over here.
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    Hey @Av8Chuck, we're a good-natured, consultative, helpful group over here, each doing our best to ask and answer questions and to push the drone community forward in a friendly, community-oriented manner. You raise some good points in your posts above, but I ask of you to consider the tone and approach you're taking, and how to @Uaviator53's point that might discourage folks from asking good questions and putting themselves out there like @Marcel Graham, one of our most active and helpful community members, is doing.