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    Sorry, I realized I had the exposure too high on this, re-worked it. Here's the correct version I meant to send you. Catalog should match this one now. This also means there wasn't as much data loss in the highlights as I had thought initially.
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    Recently got back from a short trip to Miami Beach with my family. Woke up at sunrise on our last morning there to sneak in some drone flying at South Pointe Park. Feedback, particularly when it comes to the color grading, is welcome!
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    On the morning of New Year’s Eve, police closed the M48 Severn Bridge when a man was spotted climbing the bridge tower and flying a drone off it. The bridge passes over River Severn and serves as a major motor crossing between Wales and England. The bridge closure brought traffic to a halt in both directions and lasted for about 30 minutes. Alexandru Scutaru, 30, of Northampton, was charged with causing a public nuisance. He was released on police bail with conditions that he not go to either Severn crossing pending a court appearance. Scutaru is due to appear at Bristol Magistrates’ court in February. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) administers the rules for flying a drone in the U.K.; however, they are not responsible for handling violations. Instead, the public is encouraged to report any concerns about drones being used in their area to their local police. Read the full story: Man Arrested for Flying Drone off Severn Bridge, Brings Traffic to a Stop | Legal Parameters of Flying a Drone in the U.K. What do you think of the CAA passing the responsibility of enforcing drone laws on to the police? How might local police prepare to respond to threats caused by rogue drones? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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    Reforestation, a $62 billion industry, is one of the best ways to combat and recover from climate-change induced disasters, such as some wildfires. However, reforestation techniques have not changed in 100 years: trees are still planted by work crews with shovels—a slow, expensive, and grueling process in which recruiting labor is a challenge. However, DroneSeed is working to change that with semi-automated reforestation made possible with UAVs. DroneSeed recently announced the first-ever approval by the FAA to operate heavy-lift drone swarms weighing greater than 55 pounds. The drones will be used to accelerate reforestation by planting and protecting trees. Read the article here. Make sure to share your thoughts on DroneSeed’s exciting work with drones in agriculture and reforestation in the comments below.
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    Thanks for posting this request Alan. I was able to assist Chris at Corporate FL and we completed the project on time. Jim
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    Hello everyone , This is kalyan from India.Iam new for this community.I need some suggestions from you,I am interested to study on UAV for my masters.As the course is offered mostly from USA universities.I am thinking about the job offers after completion of course. Is it really hard to get a job ? I am really tensed about it.And which universities would you suggest me to apply ? Thanks in advance, Kalyan
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    Hello Mr. Hans, If you break the mission sets down via the National Response Framework (NRF) core mission areas of protection, prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery, both UAS and Tethered Aerostat Systems (TAS)™ show incredible potential. Most folks are only thinking about response and recovery, but the UAS/GIS component becomes critical for the preparedness stages as well. Here is a brief example of how we integrated UAS and TAS into a FSE on January 24 here in Miami: sUAS News Happy to have a conversation with you as needed to discuss further.
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    I am selling my slightly used Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 with a bunch of accessories for $1500. It has about 50 flights and just under 7 hours of flight time. The shipping will be included in the price for convenience. If you are in driving distance of me then we can meet in a public place to exchange. Pictures are attached. All included in this bundle: 1 - Styrofoam Original case 1 - Drone 1 - Controller 3 - LI-PO batteries 1- 3 battery charger w/ cables 4 - Propellers 1 - SunVisor for up to 9.7in iPad 1 - Neck Lanyard 1 - 64g micro SD card that is in the unit 1 - Plastic gimbal lock 1 - USB cable
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    @Luke This is cool, I dig it! I had totally forgotten that there are places in the world where being only a minute or two from the highway is cool. lol I like the extra details you included, and the music wasn't overbearing. Nice work!
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    Hey guys, It wasn't letting me upload the images directly, so here's the imgur link Happy to take more if you need 'em. Mavic Pro Bundle
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    I've been to this class in Minneapolis and it was good. They covered a lot of general drone-related topics, but didn't really go too deep into any of them. I didn't find this to be a place to network, but that's not why I was there either. People came, sat through the morning session, went out for lunch on their own, sat through the second half and left. Personally, I was there for photo editing tips in Lightroom and camera settings. This is more heavy on the photography aspect of drones, camera settings, post-processing tools and less about exactly how to start a business. If you're looking for business specifics and pricing, probably not the place for you. UAV Coach has done some great blog posts about that. Here's the gist: Intro Stacy and Randy and their photography backgrounds What is a drone? Brief Intro to drones. Public perception. What DJI drone should you get and what cameras do they have? Brief talk about how to find drone jobs and what industries are using them and liability insurance. DJI Go App and other apps for weather and checking airspace before you fly Basic photography concepts and tips (histogram, light and camera sensors, exposure triangle, camera set up, rule of thirds, proper altitude) Adobe Lightroom basics of editing photos Trade organizations you might be interested in joining Hope this helps!
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    Hi everyone! I'm a videographer who specializes mainly in real estate videography. One of the problems I run into is sharing videos with clients and getting paid in a timely manner. It's a hassle emailing Youtube links to share videos with clients, sending Dropbox folders for them to download the video files and using Paypal to invoice clients, only to have to manually remind them if they are slow to pay. This led my brother and I to develop a platform, through our company Airilo, that allows videographers to automatically share videos with clients after they upload them and allows clients to download the videos only after they have paid for them. With this software, we aim to provide a complete solution for client interaction, video delivery and billing, allowing videographers to focus on what they do best: providing stunning videos. We just finished developing the software and are now looking for beta testers. In this round of beta testing, our beta testers will work with us to identify any bugs in the software as well as provide feedback on which features we will need to add to make Airilo Connect ready for market. If anyone would like to be a beta tester please fill out this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XG2XSG5 More information can be found on our website at: airilo.com/connect. I'd love to hear if anyone else has had a similar problem.
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    Hi @MRaff, would have been helpful to share Airilo is for new readers just seeing this thread for the first time. Dug up this thread for you but feel free to add more context around what this Beta is all about and what your goals and expectations are for folks participating.
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    That is just absurd. Isn't the whole point of drones to get to places where you couldn't otherwise? Just like when cyber crime first came into play they will need to adapt and respond accordingly.
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    If you're a true rookie I would start off with a holystone drone that you can get off of Amazon. They are cheap, they allow you to crash and they will teach you fundamental flight maneuvers. Check out this video for more information:
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    Mahalo, Alan! I had a run through the image, and here are a few notes: In the future, if you'll pull the drone back another 300ft or so, there will be room to straighten the lines of the buildings, without losing the desired scene. I tried straightening this image, but it suffered a loss of sky or the pier, have to choose. Instead of sacrificing the scene, I omitted the process altogether. Found some critical data loss in the sky highlights, toward the center of the frame. I recommend shooting at least -1/3 EV, sometimes even -2/3, and on rare occasions, a full stop below. The Hasselblad seemed to do well recovering shadow tones, so I wouldn't fear exposing for the highlights a little more conservatively. The key to an image like this, as you'll find in the catalog, is brush tool, brush tool, brush tool. Over the years, I've created a few import presets that really help me get close. It reduces the editing time a LOT, because they're custom built to fit the settings I use. It makes shooting for your edit process a ton easier. Enjoy! Lightroom Catalog --------> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a7iwnifhjsochj7/AABK8dUSp3Wy1Iflc5FZL7MBa?dl=0 Edited image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/66osevynonhns92/DJI_0074_original.jpg?dl=0
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    I have also been exploring these devices and I am also pretty new to the drone world. However, I have had two interesting conversations with two different dealers. First, as DavidRansier mentioned, the M210 RTK seems to only work for navigation and, from what one of the dealers told me, the RTK corrected coordinates are not written to any images. However, on the P4P RTK, the RTK corrected values are written to images. The other issue that was brought up with another dealer is that the SIM cards in the P4P RTK are not compatible with the US cellular network. Therefore, getting true RTK is not currently possible. The dealer claimed that DJI is working hard to correct this issue. Has anyone else heard about these issue who can provide clarity? Thanks.
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    I ask a similar question on another forum and was told the RTK equipment on the M210 has issues that impair mapping quality. The P4P-RTK is much better for mapping. The RTK advantage on the M210 helps with positional accuracy when flying near metal obstacles. So I was told. I’ve decided to buy the P4-RTK in Q1 next year.
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    Hi everyone, I recently got a DJI Mavic Air which I'm planning to bring with me when I travel. Can I get some advice on how drone insurance works, whether or not insurance policies have international coverage, and how much can I expect to be paying annually as a hobbyist? I'm not using the drone for commercial purposes, purely just to take nice photos and videos during my travels. Do I even need drone insurance? Will I get arrested/fined by foreign countries if I don't have drone insurance?? Also, if anyone has any recommendations for a good insurance company, please feel free to share the info with me too. I'm very new to this and would appreciate any advice. Thank you!
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    The problem with the approach so far is that it's built on a false set of assumptions, both AirMap and B4UFly were launched to solve a problem that didn't exist. They were white boarded by committees of people who knew little to nothing about the issues professional operators would face and they were responding to the hyperbole from two or three years ago that thankfully just didn't happen. There are not "millions" of drones in the air as predicted, until recently there had been no midair collisions and the recent midair resulted in little damage and certainly no serious injury or death. It's ridiculous to think that operators are going to check with B4UFly, AirMap, DJI, and FAA.gov before every flight especially when there's such a potential conflicting information.
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    I hadn't considered it from this angle, but I see your point of view for sure. One thing I'll point out that I think you'll appreciate, is that these maps will be integrated into the B4UFly app, meaning you'll be able to see which grid you occupy by zooming into the map. As I understand, this will also be integrated into AirMap. But definitely, in print, this means little. It's the resource they currently have, so it's better than the first go around we had a year ago. lol That was a fun experience in finite map plotting!
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    Drone professionals operate at the intersection of manned aviation and terrestrial-based resources. The FAA provides this map thinking it means something to a drone operator, to some degree it might. But that map/chart is more meaningful to a pilot in the air than an operator on the ground. The lines in the grid actually "cover" a distance on the ground, if a drone operator zooms into this map how can you determine if the house you want to scan is in the No-Fly zone, or the house next door? The width of the line is probably more than the width of a street. I'm guessing you choose whatever map you want to be displayed under the grid, a more useful map for drone operators might be a street map, but there's really no point of reference. Hopefully, they'll get this sorted and running soon.
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    One thing to remember is surveying laws vary by state. Here in California, if you are setting ground control for aerial mapping it falls under the California Professional Land Surveyors' Act. If you are not a professional land surveyor and you want to utilize ground control to increase your positional mapping accuracy I highly recommend you consult with and hire a professional land surveyor to set the control for you.
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    You can always count on the government to fowl up things to the point that nobody is going to follow the rules. This of course due to no response from the FAA for waiver requests. I’ve been waiting for three Waivers I requested over three months ago. Here is the funny part. I included with each request a Previous approved FAA waiver that match my request exactly. The FAA has already approved waivers exactly like my requested waiver. This is beyond comprehension.