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    All that single shot orthomosaic tells the farmer is where the in-field variablility is on that day, but not what causes it. And unless you are calibrating for reflectance, you won’t be able to confidently compare orthos between two dates. Unless you are a trained agronomist, and/or have scientific training in crop sciences, geography, remote sensing or related - or can partner up as a data collector for an outfit that can do the required analysis - your service (and value to the grower) stops after data collection, since you’re not qualified to provide Rxs (what multitude of soil and other factors are creating that in-field variability? You certainly can’t tell from a single orthomosaic captured on one day and the farmers know that). There are many agronomic service companies that could benefit from quality reflectance maps, but your role would be a service provider to them, not directly to the grower.
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    First RE video for 2019! Fun fact: this house had three offers within 5 days of listing.
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    Yep! You'll get your hard card in the mail in 6-8 weeks. You're good to go in the meantime. Blue skies and safe flying out there
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    I'll second what Chuck said - your work is extremely impressive. I'd also be grateful to see you participate with us in the thread Chuck posted since I'm a frequent poster myself. I've learned a lot and hopefully passed on a few tidbits of my own.
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    In our area most of the professional real estate photographers have added a drone to their toolbox. The aerial photography is just a piece of the overall marketing puzzle. You’ll likely need to have additional cameras to get hired to shoot real estate, but if you can shoot and edit excellent aerial footage you can probably learn the traditional photographic skills.
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    Thanks for the feedback Chuck. The day of the shoot was completely overcast, so those blue skies in the drone shots are total fakes (yay for color masks). I did the best I could with the interior light, plus I was dragging around a FalconEyes RX18 to provide some extra light for the rooms. The house was dark though since the skies were darkening all afternoon. When I cranked up the brightness in FCPX, I started getting noise, so I had to balance between the two issues. In the end, what you saw was about the best I could do given the totality of the circumstances I’m using a Panasonic GH5 with a 8-16 lens for my interior work. I just picked up a 15mm Sigma f1.4 that I’m looking forward to using for interiors on the next shoot.
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    I concur, very well done and I too like the slow steady camera moves. The challenge with slow camera movement is it can significantly slow down the pace of the video and make it feel longer than it is. The cure for this is to not use so much of the shot. You had a few reveals where it took a while to move through the doorway or hall, unless there’s something compelling I don’t need to look at the door or hallway very long. Cut out most of the move and get to the payoff faster. You get the benifit of the move without slowing down the pacing. Also, natural light really saves on time but it’s also very flat. Unless you have a property or realtor willing to pay for the extra time it takes to light, you can use something like DaVinci Resolve to pump up the volume and brighten up the scenes. It will make your shoots appear more three dimentiomal. These are just suggestions on areas you might want to improve in. Quality wise your videos are starting to look really good. Curious what camera are you using? Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.
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    Are you interested in becoming a part of Operation Drone Search & Rescue We are looking for retired firefighters, police officers, military vets and citizens who are FAA part 107 certified to help volunteer for Search & Rescue, Disasters, Infrastructure, Damage Assessment, etc missions when requested, working through a unified command system with Fire or Police Departments, Cities, Governments, FEMA and private citizens. You do not have to be a drone pilot to join but you must be a retired firefighter, police officer, military vet’s, or citizen. We are looking for pilots in command, visual observers, communications, logistics, PIO, webmaster or just boots on the ground. We will set up task force around the country. All volunteers will abide by all FAA regulations and will at no time deploy or freelance own their on. We are looking for Volunteers in Florida at this time but will take volunteers from anywhere in the US. Classes below should be completed within 1 year of start date. Volunteer Requirements Incident Commander NIMIS FEMA 100, 200, 700, 800 https://training.fema.gov/nims/ Jay Manley SAR Course (Free) https://courses.droneproacademy.com/courses/search-and-rescue-with-jay-manley Night Flying By Larry Woods Course Pilot in Command must be FAA part 107 certified NIMS FEMA 100, 200, 700, 800 classes https://training.fema.gov/nims/ Jay Manley SAR Course (Free) https://courses.droneproacademy.com/courses/search-and-rescue-with-jay-manley Night Flying by Larry Woods Course Visual Observer NIMIS FEMA 100, 200 https://training.fema.gov/nims/ Jay Manley SAR Course (Free) https://courses.droneproacademy.com/courses/search-and-rescue-with-jay-manley Visual Observer Training by Larry Woods Safety Officer NIMIS FEMA 100, 200, 700, 800 https://training.fema.gov/nims/ E/L 954: NIMS ICS All-Hazards Position Specific Safety Officer https://training.fema.gov/nims/ Radio Operator's CERT Emergency Communications Module Participant Manual Flight Release Officer Requirements Coming Soon Logistics Officer Requirements Coming Soon Financial Officer Requirements Coming Soon ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST AGREE TO BACKGROUND CHECK AND HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE For information on any of the positions email d_saxon@operationdronesSAR.org
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    I can only speak about my experience on the Canadian prairies. It is very difficult to compete against the commercial aerial applicators. They have their own agronomist on staff. They have direct connection with the chemical companies. If the farmer hires their services they do the prescription for free. On a typical day they will cover 10,000 to 20.000 acres. An agronomist is expected to cover 5,000 to 6,000 acres per day. Unless you specialize in a high value crop or find a niche I found it very difficult to be competitive when the work is being done for them for free.
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    Another thing that I’ve enjoyed about sharing work in this thread is to see how everyone has progressed. When I started that thread @JBR LIFE Photography Was kind enough to compliment some of my work, I occasionally get the opportunity to shoot for friends, (I don’t produce real estate media for a living) which is a very different thing than those that do this under the constraints of making a living. When we all get to witness the improvement of @JBR LIFE Photography, who is doing this for a living in a competitive market we can all take a little pride in his work (because I tought him everything he knows...) it really is community we can all share in. There have been a lot of great contributions to the property videos thread.
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    Hi all, I just got this email from one of our https://dronepilotgroundschool.com students: Here was my response back to him, and curious how other pilots in this forum choose to weigh in. --- Hi there, both great models! "Worth it" is highly dependant on you and your goals as a 'dronepreneur' Some quick thoughts: How will you ever know without trying? Both models are perfectly suitable tools for taking high-quality aerial photos / video. I know pros who still use the Phantom 3, which isn't as strong of a camera or sensor set as your two options right now. The magic isn't in the camera itself, but the post-production...see the latest videos in this thread and feel free to scroll back a few pages to see earlier additions. Some great professional real estate marketers sharing their videos! It's a very consultative sales process — you're going to have to hustle and grind and keep building out your list of target clients and proactively reaching out to them to better understand what kind of service delivery (pricing, packaging, turnaround time, etc.) you feel comfortable with. It's a young industry. There's a TON of opportunity out there, but it's not easy money by any means. Building any kind of service-based business is really tough. Hope that helps!
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    Everyone has to start somewhere, my point is for those willing to share their business experiences, not just the technical ones, there’s an opportunity for others to learn what works and what doesn’t so maybe they won’t make the same mistakes. What did you do before retiring?
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    Hi @MaryKay, welcome to the forum. You might want to check out this thread and share your work here: This has been a good thread for showing your work and gathering suggestions on how to improve. Discussing various techniques and equipment is the easy part of any profession. It’s good to have a resource/place to discuss those issues but it’s also important that the discussion include how to manage a business profitably. Do you think if you weren’t retired and had to support yourself, you could make a career out of this? You do nice work.
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    Hi, After Drone Pilot Ground School graduation & certification, I started a year ago with just my Mavic Pro and encouragement from a realtor friend. I enjoy photography so much that I quickly added interior stills and video to my business, but the aerials are what bring the clients. Fortunately for me, I’m older and retired and don’t have to support myself with this work. So I bought a Phantom 4 Pro last June and now have a Mavic 2 Pro for backup and for travel. I love the creative part of this work (post production!) and have gotten my clients all by word of mouth. It only takes a few, so create a portfolio and go for it! Marykayulsamer.com
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    I have been able to "team up" with many local land-based real estate photographers that do the ground level and interior photos and video. I works out quite well because they have the proper equipment for that portion of the real estate marketing and rely upon me for all the aerial work. A win-win for each of us! Jay Burnham http://www.northshoredroneservices.com
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    That's my favorite one yet Jon! Nice work on getting a good balanced exposure between the interiors and exteriors when you're showcasing those views (wow! those views!). I also really like the night shots with the place all lit up. Superb work! Are you using a preset for the opening title or is that something you made in Motion?
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    Do you have a drone search and rescue story? Share it with us in the comments below. Drones continue to assist in search and rescue missions, most recently saving a trapped hiker at Snowy Canyon in Utah. A search and rescue team in Snowy Canyon State Park, Utah used a drone to help rescue a hiker trapped on a ledge at night earlier this month. Using a drone to save someone’s life used to be something of a novelty. But these days, it seems like drones are being used more and more in search and rescue scenarios, and proving instrumental in those operations. Read more stories of how drones are being used in search and rescue scenarios in "5 Stories Showcasing Ways Search and Rescue Uses Drones to Save Lives." Don't forget to share your drone search and rescue stories with us in the comments.
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    Hi team, Greetings. Am Mr.Meshack Sanga,a Tanzanian boy living in Dodoma City. I want to be trained to be drone pilot.my goals is to use for commercial like mapping and surveys
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    I recently came across this company https://werobotics.org and they partner with Flying Labs which have a location in Tanzania https://flyinglabs.org/tanzania/ It looks like they provide training.
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    I'd like to comment on this subject only because you hit a nerve! You talk about re-licensing, well I don't know about you and how you conduct your business. After reading your comments I would imagine you have a small staff of people. You don't work alone and you have the time to search out any images that you have taken that are re-used without permission. That is really great for you. I'm a one-man shop. I've tried to hire a salesperson but no one wants to live in poverty based on what I could pay them. With that said I don't have time to make sales, process images and then search the web for stolen work. What you talk about is great, all well and fine. What you don't talk about is how the heck you have the time to get it done. All the best to you. Vincent
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    I generally find it very challenging to produce interesting real estate videos using only exterior shots. This project was no exception - a planned business park that has only one complete building. Although the building exterior looked totally finished, the building interior was literally just dirt and a couple of plumbing and power mains. I've never seen anything like it. This was my first time using CrumplePop's Easy Tracker to do the property lines. It was indeed "easy", so I'll probably be incorporating this technique into future projects. Another interesting challenge with this project was that it is in DJIs new approach and departure path geofenced areas. I followed the DJI Unlock website instructions, uploaded a copy of my wide area authorization, and had the unlock code within about 20 minutes. PRO TIP: I discovered the hard way that you need to be logged into the DJI Go 4 app on the CrystalSky in order to see the unlocks; it took me longer to figure this out than it did to get the unlock authorization from DJI. Doh! Anyway, I think this came off pretty well and the clients were happy:
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    Hello everyone! I’m still new to the droning world but I’m on my way to becoming a better drone pilot. I purchased my first drone in December 2018 and just passed my part 107 exam thanks to the help of Drone Pilot Ground school. Excited to be a part of this community. John Hale
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    Welcome @joshatwell to this forum. I just replied to your other post on renovating your old drones Cheers Richard - California
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    The P4P has been taken out of production for some specific reasons and those are believed to be that the image sensor is no longer available, DJI have stockpiled enough to keep production of the lower volume RTK version going but here and now it’s believed this is the reason. This is the same cause the X4S has been dropped as well. As for will there there be a replacement it’s remains to be seen, the dev time needed to produce another camera for this model may not bring enough return now, this was one only camera in this size range with a mechanical shutter so it does leave a gap. the P4P is not a pro tool in the sense it’s like a Red camera however it’s was very good at what it did, at the end of the day it’s all about using the right tool for the job that gets the desired results regardless of costs.
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    AUVSI XPONENTIAL is the largest trade show for the unmanned systems and robotics industry. The 2019 exhibit hall will showcase 700 cutting-edge companies from around the world and more than 150 sessions of educational programming, providing information about the future of unmanned systems policy, technology, business solutions, and trending topics. UAV Coach readers can use the discount code UAVCXPO19 for $25 off of the XPO Hall Pass, $75 off of the Full Conference Pass and $100 off of the VIP Pass. All registration levels include access to the XPO Hall, Keynote Sessions, special feature event Startup Showdown, and special feature event Women and Diversity in Robotics. View AUVSI XPO 2019 pass pricing.
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    Hello, We are a software platform that helps solar companies use drone imagery to survey and design projects. We may need a drone pilot in the St. Louis area, preferably who has some solar experience. At a minimum, we would expect the pilot to be familiar with the concepts discussed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M10GCIg0ka8 If you're interested, please let me know. Best, Jason
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    Thank you for the info.
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    Hi Philip, I really enjoyed this video and you brought up some great points. The point about it being challenging but rewarding is very true. I believe that the challenge is the best part and that anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. I think those that can be business savvy and a good drone pilot have the greatest opportunity for success. Best, Chase Flynn | UAV Coach | Community Support
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    Hi Philip, I understand your frustrations with the halt on Phantom 4 Pro production. I own a Phantom 4 Pro Plus Obsidian and it is a great drone. I personally prefer the look and performance of the Phantom compared to a Mavic. The company decided to discontinue the original pro model and the Pro V2 has been out of stock. I do not think that DJI is going to discontinue the Phantom line. I could be wrong but they have a lot invested into the line and the Phantom series made the company what it is today. DJI also just released Terra Mapping software which is only available for the Phantom 4 Pro. There are some other reasons that could explain the current halt in production. Here is an article discussing this topic further https://uavcoach.com/phantom-4-pro-discontinued/ Best, Chase Flynn | UAV Coach | Community Support
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    Here's a few from the news Drones were not necessarily given credit in every story, but they were considered an integral part of the SAR effort. Drone and search dog help find missing man on family farm Video shows how drone is helping the search for missing Andreen McDonald Response to deadly storm is latest in the growing use of thermal-imaging drones Woodland search in Midlothian for missing man Ross Taylor Autistic woman in Round Rock found safe Calgary hunter found safe after disappearing while tracking animal Another Life Saved by a Drone with Thermal Imaging Community rallies to find lost rescue dog Max The DroneUp Search and Rescue Mission at Amboy Crater How injured border collie was found by drone Mountain Rescue Aspen's Drone Implementation Saves Hiker's Life Drones Saved Four People in One Day Last Week
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    The FAA has ordered increased surveillance of drone operations in areas where reports of risky or noncompliant drone operations are high. Some sights identified for increased surveillance include communities near airports, areas with wildfire activity, and areas with ongoing emergency response efforts. These surveillance activities will be triggered when any of the following scenarios are met: Where 5 or more UAS investigations occur within Class B, C, or D airspace, or 10 or more total investigations occur in any airspace When 10 or more sightings occur at an airport or there is a significant increase in the number of UAS sightings, as notified by AFG leadership When supporting enforcement actions against any UAS operations that interfere with wildfire, law enforcement, or emergency response Intensified surveillance could result in increased ramp checks and enforcement actions against drone pilots who don't follow the FAA's guidelines for operating a drone. Learn more about the FAA's decision to increase surveillance of drone operators in today's post: FAA Orders Increased Surveillance of UAS Operations in Areas Where Drone Incidents are High Share your thoughts on the increased surveillance activity and a possible increase in enforcement actions in the comments below.
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    1. Scope of work Aerial Infrared thermography of transmission power line using drones for hot spot/Fault detection. Classifying the severity of the fault base on known relevant methodology and the current load percentage. Using radiometric thermal imaging system and appropriate platform (Drone/VTOL) Analyzing and reporting. 2. Characterization of requirements 2.1 Defining of flight profile (Height, Velocity, Background, Clutter, Distance from object, Angle, Field of view). 2.2 Choosing the write platform (Drones, VTOL, flight time depend on payload weight. Charging on site, Autonomous capability, stabilizing capability/Gimbal, integration of payload to the platform, communication, level of data security). 2.3 Choosing radiometric thermal imaging system and NOT thermal camera, choosing the right optics for measuring temperature of faults and not only detecting faults, there is big difference between detection and measuring. 2.4 Elimination of false alarm and solar reflection during flight. 2.5 Measuring the fault temperature based on the right emissivity, otherwise you measure wrong temperature. 2.6 Classification of the fault severity and schedule of the repairing. 2.7 Defining all kind of potential faults in power transmission lines. 2.8 Preparing and defining template of the test report. 2.9 Considering all regulation issues that relevant to the mission in SOW. 2.10 Attention and solution for obstacle in the Flight Route (Parallel of transmission power lines, crossing of distribution power lines, communication network etc.) 2.11 Recognizing the pole in terms of number and coordinates (the pole and drone GPS not at the same position). 2.12 Choosing of Analyzing software or using SDK. 3. Milestones of the project 3.1 Execution of paragraph 2. 3.2 Purchasing of radiometric thermal imaging system including lens. 3.3 Integration of the radiometric thermal imaging system with CCD camera. 3.4 Execution of POC and on site pilot. 3.5 All the analyzing and reporting must made by certificate thermographer with aerial infrared thermography of power transmission line from helicopter.
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    There is thermal imaging camera manufacturer in Beaumont Texas, ICI , (https://www.infraredcameras.com/) that has drones equipped with infrared cameras and cameras that fit on other drones. They are open for questions about their cameras if you are interested. They also have thermal imaging training.
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    This article touches on many aspects: should it be legal to fly in National Parks? why are people not equally outraged that he’s illegally rollerblading? Did Skydio intentially try to mislead the public for commercial gain? did they know they were breaking the law? any and all of these questions could be its own thread. Unfortunately there’s no remedy to change the regulations regarding national parks. It could be argued why does the Park Service get to regulate airspace when the FAA prohibits State and local law enforcement from doing the same? The fact that people had to move out of the rollaerblader’s way made more of an impression on me than the fact it was shot from a drone. Aside from the law they were just rude. The trouble with flying here is that if they would have crashed it would have been difficult, if not impossible to recover the drone. Although I think the environmental aspect is way over blown. It’s illegal to throw things in the geysers yet people throw coins in for luck all the time. Skydio most likely knew that it was illegal to both fly and rollerblade there. They didn’t seem to care. It’s unfortunate, it was a great shot, it certainly inspired me to want to visit. But because of narrow minded bureaucrats and inconsiderate operators the ban on flying in National Parks will never be lifted nor will it prevent this sort of thing from happening. It’s also unfortunate that there is a blanket ban on flying in National Parks. The irony is that if the parks had been so tightly regulated in the 1950s -1970s Ansel Adams would not have been allowed to photograph Yosemite and influence public opinion to the degree that many of the National Parks might not exist today.
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    I've got one on the way. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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    We recently interviewed a drone pilot on this subject. You can learn about how Eric brings on new clients in the AG sector by checking out the interview here: https://uavcoach.com/agricultural-drone-imagery/ Some strategies he calls out include: highlighting cost avoidance and the potential for increases in yields focused conversations on the imagery and the information it can provide as opposed to conversations about the drone hardware and equipment pro bono work to get started This seems to be a challenge for many in the AG sector, but I think Eric brings out some helpful points in the interview.
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    Hey @JohnyWalter — I'm not seeing a picture of your IACRA application. But yes, even if the certificate is 'pending,' you are cleared to fly as an FAA-certificated remote pilot. @David Blezard — interesting that the instructor told you could fly under 107 as soon as you pass the exam. That's incorrect. You need to wait 24-48 hours for the test score to make its way into the FAA's IACRA system, then you have to fill out that 10-15 minute application. THEN, you have to wait for 1) either the FAA to email you letting you know that the temporary certificate has been issued or 2) you can log into IACRA on your own semi-regularly to check whether or not your certificate is in a 'pending' status. Often that happens long before the FAA issues an email. Hope that helps to clarify! Alan
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    Doing the flights and making the maps is not the issue - it's convincing a farmer to pay for it that is the subject of the post.
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    Hello Forrest and welcome to this forum - Richard, Northern California
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    I don't recall seeing any tutorial on using this forum. So in a nutshell.... Once you select "community" in the top menu it will show the different categories that @Alan Perlman setup. If you "START NEW TOPIC" from here it will ask you which category to post it in. Alternatively you can first select the category and then "START NEW TOPIC" to post in that category. In the post screen enter a title, tags and text. You can add files to the body of the post but there is a limit on the file size but I don't recall what it was but it will let you know if you exceed it. For videos its better to just add the URL. The quote button will add that post to your reply which is what I did above. This is useful if you are replying to a specific post and not the previous one. The bottom left has a "notify me of replies" and if you select this it will send you and email notification when someone adds to that thread of posts. Once you have created a post or submitted a reply to a post you have a certain time to edit it but after that timeout you can not edit or delete it. I use the top right "unread" a lot as it does just that and displays all unread posts in all categories. Hope this helps Richard
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    Off-the-shelf, consumer drones afford anyone the ability to take professional quality aerial imagery and videography for any number of reasons (from chronicling vacations to professional endeavors like real estate photography and aerial inspections). Much like the growing number of drone uses, drone designs are on the rise as well. When deciding what kind of drone to buy, consumers have dozens of options. Consumer drones are evolving rapidly, with early generation models being overtaken by lighter, more compact, and increasingly sophisticated models. A recent evolution in drone development is the foldable drone. In our recent article, we highlight some of the best foldable drones: The Best Foldable Drones | Light, Compact, and Portable Drones With Folding Arms What are some of your favorite foldable drone models? Have you flown any from our list? Let us know in the comments
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    I started with a SPARK and had hours of fun with it. Took some great photo and video. At the time I was not flushed with cash so I purchased what I thought was best and could afford..Was very happy with the Spark. Then about 6 months later DJI ruined it all by bringing out the Mavic Air. I gave into temptation and got myself one of those and was fortunately lucky to sell my Spark to a friend. Yes it is better flying and better pics etc. If you can afford it I would recommend starting with the AIR. Easier to transport around (folding arms) and higher quality video and pics. If you can not afford the dearer one I am sure you will get lots and lots of fun flying with a Spark and capture some great video etc. Later when you can afford it you can always step up a level or two.
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    Very nice job. I liked the music, worked well for just 1 minute.
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    It is. You need a Part 107. It would be great if you have experience with Ardupilot. We’re starting contractors out as camera operators with the opportunity to become UAV operators once you’ve demonstrated proficiency flying our Y6’s. Probably the more difficult aspect of this opportunity is the length of deployment in the field. The coverage area is from Bakersfield to the Oregon boarder and we won’t know the assignments until after each crew is trained. Depending on how many people we hire for this project will determine how long each team will be deployed. It could be as long as three weeks at a time. Our SOW is until the end of April but it’s doubtful the project will be completed by then so there’s the possibility it will be extended. I’ll post a job description shortly.
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    While the winter has historically been a lean time for the commercial UAV industry, I have been very fortunate to scale up this winter, to the point where I am getting the most amount of jobs (mostly reoccurring jobs) in my career. I have to give UAV Coach a big thank you for my recent successes and I would like to share some of my experiences and secrets with this community. Below is a video I produced on this subject. And if your looking for any tips or things I may have missed please let me know in the forum.
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    A small job I did for a friend that owns their a real estate company. Nothing to fancy, nothing compared to @JBR LIFE Photography. Just looking for some feedback so I can improve in the future.
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    Chris, thank you for posting this. That was totally ridiculous on that individual's part. I hate to say it but we know his issue was not really about drones; pretty sad. Kuddos to you though on staying controlled. That would have been hard for me especially when he was disrespecting and profiling you. Anyhow, keep up the good work bro.
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    Is there a time limit on editing a post? I 'd like to replace the first video with this shorter version: