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    Ha! Nailed it. I'm 6'1" and I need to do more squats so I can comfortably get lower. Good call though.
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    Thanks Chuck! Regarding your final comment, I moved to this "total production" model late last spring and that has helped the business immensely. Realtors around here didn't seem to be interested in exterior aerial video only (photos are a different story), so this year really marked my transition from drone videographer to just plain old videographer who can also fly drones. Anyway, I'm using the standard GH5. Since I also use it for stills I wanted to retain the in-body stabilization. Both GH5 versions will record in 10 bit 400MB/s, but I generally shoot in variable frame rate 60p/23.94p. That keeps me from having to slow down the video in post. If there's a lot of contrast in the shot I will switch to the full 10 bit mode to give me more leeway in post, but that is a rarity. For the rest of your questions: I average one of these videos every 10 days. I do not charge nearly enough - this video cost the client $300. Unfortunately Cheyenne is a very immature market in terms of understanding the value of anything beyond traditional photos for RE marketing. Since the realtors pay for my services out of pocket, I have to keep prices low for now. In terms of cost to produce, that is difficult to say. I've been using FCPX for almost six years so I'm fairly quick at editing; I think this video took me about 2.5 hours in post to complete. On scene shooting time was about two hours for the interiors and multiple return trips for the exteriors due to the extreme haze at the time. So in terms of cost for me, much of the expense of this business is up front costs: drones, cameras, lenses, computer, etc. The only recurring expenses are insurance, the monthly Adobe fees, annual dropbox and website hosting fees. Once you have everything in place the per job cost is minimal since there are no consumables. I'm fortunate that photo/video production is just a side job for the moment. Every dollar I make goes back into the business until I retire from the Air Force here in six months (cannot wait).
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    Very well done. That’s a big house. Which GH5? I’m using the GH4 and was set to buy a GH5 but then they released the GH5S which is better in low light, records 10bit internal at something like 400mb/s but doesn’t have the five axis in body stabilization. One direction I was hoping this thread would take would be that we discussed how long it took to produce, how many productions people do in a week, month or year, how much did it cost to produce and how much did the customer pay to produce it? There was a time when no one wanted to have this type of discussion in fear of giving away trade secrets or educating the 15 year down the street who just got a MAVIC. But I hope most of the 15 year olds and starving college students have gone back to school and left the work and conversation to us “professionals...” actually it’s all a ruse, I just want @JBR LIFE Photography to divulge all that info so I can move to Hawaii and charge all of his customer $1 less and take all of his business.. its nice to see others focused on the whole production and not just one aspect, Aerial or photography.
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    Hey guys! Really enjoying the videos and it's cool to see the skill progress over the course of the three page thread. @JBR LIFE Photography love how you're already incorporating the Mavic 2 Zoom dolly zoom into your work! Very nice! Here's one of my recent projects: For the hardware I'm using an Inspire 2 with the X5 and a GH5 on a Ronin-S for the interiors. This shoot was a bit challenging because the air here in Wyoming was very hazy because of the wildfires to our west. Also this property is still for sale if anyone has a spare $1.1M laying around. Anyway in the spirit of this thread, I'll throw a technique out there: I always choose the music first, lay down that track in FCPX, and use that to help shape the video. I get my music from AudioJungle; my clients have been very happy so far.
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    Rich, I suspect that KAPF has an FAA contract Tower (FCT) rather than one that is manned by FAA employees. Seems that these towers are not in the LAANC program and it's hard to find information on what's coming next regarding these airports. But I would not assume that the Airmap tag about "coming soon" means very much. FAA at the moment is not prone to issuing airspace waivers as you suggested. That does not mean you shouldn't apply for it however. The problem comes in when you are looking to transition from one grid to another and the altitudes are different. FAA does not really want to hear that you will do this and that to mitigate risk. You're best shot is to apply for the lowest common denominator. If the adjoining grids show 100/200/300 AGL altitudes, then you would be best to apply for 90 AGL. I'm not saying you can't get more than that - just saying that might make it easier. If you get it you can always reapply for higher. I am constantly flying in 0 AGL grids, literally under approaches to my airport and I have never been denied yet. I typically get approval in less that 36 hours but I make it easy on them. If I really only need 75 AGL, that's what I ask for and get. Even though I'm smack under a few approaches, if a manned a/c was at 75 feet then he's going into the marsh and has much bigger problems.
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    OK but me and Alisa get the Master suite...
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    I think they're going through some growing pains. I called and left a V/M and never heard back. I then called again and spoke with someone who got our mailing address wrong and didn't inspire a lot of confidence in their company. I emailed their CEO who apologized and said they're planning to move everything to online booking. Hopefully that'll help.
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    REALLY!! You couldn't have received say a 99 so I had a chance to beat you at something!? I'm really trying to like you but this kind of thing makes it difficult! I think I hate you again, I hate all of you guys... Congratulations everyone. "I think, therefore I am." "I am micromanaged, therefore I am not!"
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    I need to second all of this. Took mine last week and got a 93 - the cram sheet made it simple. Thanks Alan!
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    Aloha UAV Ohana, When most folks think of Maui, they imagine beautiful sandy beaches, sapphire blue water, and palm trees swaying in the wind. These aren't incorrect descriptors, by any means, but there's much more to this island than just the magazine & travel ad material. There's a decently sized motorsports community here, ranging from bikers to drag racers. We have a motorsports park with a corner-carving track, a motocross track, a drag strip, a dirt stock car track, and a range of offload trails that people tend to use for blowing off a little steam now and then. There's just something timeless about burnouts and donuts, no matter what you're driving. I had the pleasure of filming a project for a small group of motorheads, cruising upcountry and around parts of Haleakala. Thought I'd share a little vid of some of the action. Enjoy!
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    Aloha everyone, thanks for taking a minute to step in... I posted this video already in the film forum, but I wanted to share here, just in case no one caught it. A client recently came to me with a similar example of a video and asked if it's something we could create. Of course, I like to take an idea and see how I can elevate it, so we did exactly that. The concept here is to let the home owner tell his unique story, and tell a few important details of the house itself. I set up an on-camera interview, asked maybe 3 questions, and it was like opening the flood gates. This wonderful older Italian gentleman poured out his heart, telling the tale of how he built this home and raised his family. In the end, we came away with the video posted in the link below, and so far I've gotten random texts from other realtor clients telling me they saw & loved the presentation. Feel free to offer creative input and such, as I'm plenty thick-skinned enough to handle critique. Enjoy!
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    Damn bro, wife rollin' around in a Lambo!.... not a bad life you've made Fun vids, thanks for sharing!
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    Greg seems to know a thing or two about this technology. http://www.dronescholars.com/home-page
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    Thank you! Here's another shot, in color.
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    This is what I expected. Plus, I had some "inside info" and by that I mean my brother lives in Sunset Beach NC and was right in the crosshairs. He elected to take a hurrication and come south to my place to ride it out. He was back Sunday am with no damage whatsoever and his power was back Sunday afternoon. Flooding is a big problem and water is always the most serious side of these storms, but no big demand for drone operations The big guys have their own nowadays or at least a contracted operation that they know and trust. They certainly don't want me flying around their cell towers or high tension lines (I agree).
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    Man I'm following all your post totally mesmerizing you're really good. haha
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    Wow mesmerizing photo you got there! Nice!
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    Aloha all, Just wanted to throw a big Mahalo to Alan for the bang-up job he and the crew are doing with UAV Coach. I crammed for the test using the prep-course for a couple evenings, flew to the Big Island and passed the test today. I'm proud to add that my score was 100% Very helpful course layout, loved the experience, thanks again for the effort!
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    Hi @Archangel1, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum. We're so glad to have you join us. Photography and videography is one of the most popular interests among our drone pilots here. You can take a look at the Aerial Photography forum category, and you will likely find many topics relevant to your goals. Also, check out a recent article we posted http://community.uavcoach.com/forum/28-aerial-photography/. We interview one of our flight instructors about incorporating drones into her photography / videography business. You might glean a few pieces of advice to use in your own quest to start and aerial photography business. I look forward to getting to know you more and seeing you around the forum. Best, Isabella Marketing Manager, UAV Coach
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    Outstanding fellas! @Av8Chuck are you about ready for another Maui trip already??
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    With all that you contribute here you have a sense of humor too!? I hate you.. i know that’s probably a saying somewhere but your unicorn reference was laugh out loud funny. But as a moderator I have to add a point to your permanent record for using the word “fart.” Flatulence... J/K
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    Wow ! steady hand man. Good job.
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    Following up to this thread. This seems to be the definitive answer: http://www.uavexpertnews.com/2018/02/class-e-airspace/
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    So the facts here are thus: 1. you live in an awesome place 2. you are skilled at your art 3. you have great luck 4. an even better eye. 5. you're an evil little man for rubbing our noses in it. j/k
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    You see, I'm no stranger to a baked potato so when I engage my core that's then the jello starts...