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    Aloha gang! I'm proud to present a few images from yesterday morning's drone flight. Through LAANC, I was able to get a special authorization from FAA & the control tower manager to fly this location for a beachfront home (not pictured). While the mission was a beach home, I couldn't resist grabbing a couple shots of the airport itself. What I was most impressed with was how smoothly the approval process went. From request filed through LAANC (AirMap) to authorization was less than 2 weeks. I had to submit a custom unlock request to DJI, which was approved within hours, and loaded to the aircraft days before the mission. A quick call to the tower the morning of the flight, and the manager was already prepared, as he authorized the mission. We recapped the mission details (altitude, duration, radius of operation), and ended with 'Call me when you're done so I'll know, until then I'll keep the traffic off your spot as best I can.' This is the second '0 zone' I've been able to get approved for flight. The first was further away from the airport, but not by much. Seems like if you have a solid plan and a reasonable tower manager, there's a good chance you'll be approved. Details about the flight itself: Mavic 2 Zoom equipped with 3mi vis anti-collision lighting (top white, port, starboard), 300ft operating radius, 75ft AGL max altitude. Operation time was 8am-9am. Enjoy & Mahalo for viewing!
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    My friend, I absolutely see the problem and you have no idea the lobbying I, @Av8Chuck , and a few others have done directly with Brendan Schulman on this issue in another venue over 2 years. I'm simply trying to help you out. Regarding getting in touch with DJI, you can get a custom unlock for the period of your WAA. So, for example, if your COA is good until Sept. 2019, then DJI will give you an unlock for all of your registered craft for that same period. When you renew your COA, renew your DJI unlock and you're good for another year.
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    I’m guessing it’s a reasonably busy airport but a small community of operators who ask for permission to fly. Once people in the tower get to know you they’re generally nice about giving permission. Curious, did the requirement to call the tower come with the waiver?
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    Huh!? https://www.c4isrnet.com/unmanned/2019/06/14/white-house-says-america-needs-to-make-its-own-drones/
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    You crack me up. Great shot. I’ll have to take my wife there to see if she can get that thorn out...
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    Hi Just for everyone to know, there is a new drone regulation adapted for drone pilots in European Union. The regulation is going to be similar in each country from the EU. Find out more here: https://www.aerondrone.com/the-drone-blog-article/new-common-drone-regulation-in-europe-adopted What do you think about?
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    I operate a 3D mapping company that conducts surveys and designs for solar projects. I'm seeking a drone pilot in or around Indianapolis, with ability to travel to the town of Woodburn, Indiana. If you're interested in flying the site, please email me at Jason.Steinberg@scanifly.com. In your email, please include your resume and/or why you are qualified for the project. Thanks!
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    That’s a beautiful area. Johnson City was a nice college town. So, you grew up there and you now live in Maui. Have I mentioned lately how much I Hate you!! You know I’m an old jealous, bitter guy and I’m just kidding.
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    I caught this one on your Vimeo feed and called my wife and son down to check it out. Very nicely done!
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    For those interested, this drone has been upgraded to carry a Sony A7RIV 75MP camera integrated with a FLIR Toa1280 SWIR. i think the upgrade is $7.50..
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    Hey Bill, how's it going? Interesting to see you here, do you remember me? Wow, you're flying drones for the District, that's great! Anyway, to your issue... I have had this before and the bottom line is that the Phantom 4 Pro uses barometric pressure for altitude for flying because the GPS is notoriously inaccurate, but it seems it posts the GPS altitude in the photo exif's. Here's a link to folks discussing the issue. https://forum.dji.com/thread-148221-1-1.html Anyway, I agree with Casey, it's well worth getting GCP targets on the ground, typically 4 corners and the center for each flight area. Cheers, Nadine
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    Hey Bill, thanks for posting. I’m a consultant (civil engineer) in Brevard so it’s good to see SJRWMD getting into the use of drones. They’re a great tool, and we use them for almost all of our current engineering projects. We use a Phantom 4 Pro and process in Pix4D. Since almost all of our projects involve a surveyor, we have the benefit of using very accurate GCPs for processing our imagery. As you might know already, the altitude readings are based on barometric pressure. They’re going to be relative readings, meaning that even if you calibrate the drone before flight, the altitude is still going to be some “random” value that doesn’t correspond to any real NAVD88, NGVD29, etc. value. Until you use an RTK model (or something along those lines) or input some type of ground control information, you’re not going to be able to achieve any real level of vertical accuracy. Your horizontal accuracy may also be off by a decent amount (5-10 ft in our experience). Your imagery may also “tilt” in one direction since there’s no vertical control to orient it correctly. To achieve what you’re looking for, your best bet (for having a small budget) is to input some type of ground control in your Pix4D processing. There are some pretty cheap GPS units out there that could give you a decent measurement of x, y, and z. By setting a few targets and inputting some “good enough” values into Pix4D, it will greatly improve your results. They won’t be perfect, as the GPS units have limited accuracy, but it would be a big improvement over no control at all.
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    we went to check out this factory to manufacture drones. I shot it as we walked through.
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    By far the best response to "new business" inquiry I have read so far! THANKS!!
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    In the firmware that I complied for your earlier I changed it to from 200 to 100 figuring that you still want to have some minimum height during RTL but not as much as 200cm. That's what I used to test with SITL and noticed that if I was currently at 50cm triggering a RTL would make it climb to 100cm instead of 200cm. If its 0 I would expect it to maintain its current height but would prefer to test it.
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    Hi @Trish — congrats on getting certified. I use an iPad mini 4 with wifi+cellular, and the size makes it so that it JUST fits and does not require an additional mounting bracket. I've been enjoying it quite a bit, though I've also been told that the new smart controller is 100% worth the investment. No additional cords and a brighter screen. But the advantage of the iPad mini is that you can run other apps on it — DroneDeploy, Litchi, etc. Hope that helps!
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    I haven't got the chance to do it yet, I got the tera ranger , So I am reading how to work with that still , since I need to still practice when landing , It was still landing hard in stabilize mode the last time I tried flying. I am planning to build the drone for my master Thesis actually .
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    Another one as real estate season gets into full swing here in Cheyenne. The drone footage is all Mavic 2 Pro. There's a story currently going around the interwebz about disabling the GPS on the M2P for "buttery smooth shots" as the proponent author calls them. However I've been extremely impressed with some of the Mavic 2 Pro's GPS-enabled flight modes like point of interest. I see no reason why disabling the M2P's GPS would be necessary or even smart. The object tracking especially is very accurate and allows some of the more complex shots you see like the corkscrew coming around the back of the house. The house itself was a challenge to shoot. It has been empty for a while and hasn't been maintained or cleaned well. Sunflares and sunrays added in post are great at covering up dirty windows though! The gas to the fireplace was also off, so I added the fire in post. And I didn't want to mess with the home theater, so the glare from the projector was also added VFX. Anyway, this was a fun project to put together:
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    Where would you like me to send the file ?. Its 856Kb in size ?. You can send me a direct message if you like with the details. Once you have the file you should be able to use Mission Planner and install it as custom firmware. As you can see from the Ardupilot documentation there are several software simulators http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/simulation-2.html but the simplest is to use Software In The Loop (SITL) http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/sitl-simulator-software-in-the-loop.html Without going into details at the moment I have it running on linux (Ubuntu 16.04) desktop and use another laptop running Mission Planner to connect to it. Most of the same things as using the hardware flight controller. For example you can arm, take off, change mode, execute missions etc. In that case it sounds like the MS5611 is more of an accurate barometer than was used in some of the earlier versions of the Pixhawk.
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    You maybe aware of this but in stabilize mode the throttle simply determines the speed and therefore thrust of the motors. Were you expecting a more controlled decent ?. If so you might want to try descending in Alt hold or one of the other modes that uses Alt Hold to control altitude. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/altholdmode.html#altholdmode-controls As you will see in the above in Alt Hold mode the throttle stick is now controlling the rate of climb or decent rather than simply the thrust of the motors. Also note that a range finder like we have discussed in another thread is good to have if you are using this mode as its more accurate than the built in barometer of the flight controller that uses air pressure to sense altitude.
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    @JBR LIFE Photography Mahalo for opening the kimono and sharing these numbers and your approach with us all. This is great stuff!
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    Flying RC has been pretty standard to use a radio transmitter (Tx as it is called, DJI really screwed it up when they started calling an RC Tx a "remote controller") Actually DJI got a bunch of things wrong with there designs and lingo. IMHO. If you ever consider flying RC in the future (fixed wing, quads, heli's) I think learning and using the standard equipment that you'll find at every RC field (prob. in the world) would be in the "best practices" area. I also think that stick resolution and accuracy would not be anywhere near using a normal Tx. I too practice full scale on the sim and dont use a yoke, which I prob. should, but instead have used a stick with rudder pedals. But it seems interchangeable with flying full scale with a yoke and rudders. That flight stick is a pretty interesting idea though!!! bradp
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    And one more for today. I thought I'd share this small condo video to point out that cinematic video presentations can help almost any property. All ya gotta do is spend a bit of time finding the charm in a place. Enjoy!
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    Another one in the books! This one went into escrow about a week after listing, along with another I shot two weeks prior for the same new-to-me realtor. It's safe to say she's delighted with the progress since working together! Truth be told, it's the rainbow, not me. 🌈😂🎥🎬
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    https://www.terabee.com If the sensor is pointing down it can be used as an accurate way of measuring the distance the aircraft is off the ground. Yes, if mounted horizontally and configured appropriately although several sensors would be need for all round collision detection. https://www.terabee.com/shop/lidar-tof-multi-directional-arrays/teraranger-tower-evo/ No a big deal, in that case you just add a BEC that supports a 6S input voltage and provides a 3s output. Again, I have not used any of their products so I can't say if they work well or not although as I mentioned before I am considering using one of their products for use in a fixed wing UAV. Also I may look into their EVO sensors rather than their first generation Terra Ranger One. https://www.terabee.com/sensors-modules/lidar-tof-range-finders/
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    Yes it is! Let me know if you have any questions. stefan@nearview.net 207-200-7879
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    Aloha Franklin, and everyone else in the thread, I live in one of the most expensive places on the planet, so take the numbers with a grain of salt, but I thought sharing the concept of our pricing structure might help. First thing: I charge for photos by 1,000sqft brackets, and video is priced according to time duration. Add-ons include aerial photos, aerial video content, lifestyle content that cannot be shot from the property, sunset session. Second thing: All media is strictly licensed for use by the realtor only, unless licensed to the brokerage (sometimes the brokerage is very small, and pays for the agents' media). Media use is restricted to advertisements for the sale of the property, and for the realtor to use as continued ad content to further their biz efforts. Brokerage can use to advertise for the sale of the property only, and for the duration of the listing only. Ok, so here are the numbers, which should make a little more sense Photo Options: MLS Listing Photo Set (Interior/Exterior ground shots) $400 up to 1,000sqft. + $100 per additional 1,000sqft. (Up to 4,000sqft...if over that size, custom pricing kicks in). Aerial Photo Set $350 Video Options: Full Feature Cinematic Lifestyle (up to 3min max) $1,800 (includes aerial footage where applicable) Social Media Cinematic Highlight (1min max) $1,000 (includes aerial footage where applicable) Add-On Options: Sunset through Twilight Session $250 Off-property Lifestyle Content $250 Again, I work in a ridiculously inflated market, where the median home mortgage is over $800k, so these numbers might look silly to some of you. But the basic structure seems to work decently for me. If you have any questions, hit me up! Mahalo for your time!
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    DJI advised me that price increases are now in effect 11am GMT May 14, 2019 due to Tariffs. So if you are reading this yep, it's happened. Now some US resellers have not yet increased prices. I checked B&H and they have the Smart Controller still for $649 (preorder) while DJI is $749. If you are going to buy DJI now would be the time to search and get the best prices.
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    Thanks Jonathon for writing the post and sharing your thoughts. I currently haven't crossed this bridge but have been asked the question about re-licensing recently. Appreciate your perspective. Andrew
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    Thanks for sharing this. The DJI/FLIR solution is very robust and high quality. FLIR is definitely the industry leader in thermal imaging. The hardest part is determining the correct optic for your application. 13mm seems to be a good roofiing choice, 25mm seems to be a good choice for electric utility companies, and the 19mm seems to be good for doing a little bit of everything. FLIR also offers good software for analyzing and sharing thermal images
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    I buy and sell drones I also fix them up a little bit if it's in my scope of knowledge basically I'm looking for a place to buy unassembled drones not Do It Yourself Drones not like those kind of kids like that except for say hubsan or contixo I'm also looking for a good place to get drones wholesale but every wholesale say I see it's just the crappy cheap unnamed brands crap drones I would eventually like to make a living off of buying and selling drones working on them I'm just still in the process of getting my resources together which is why I'm on here asking you guys these questions this form is awesome I appreciate all your guy's help thanks so much
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    Have you flown the Phantom 4? I think you may be over thinking the “training” aspect. The keys to starting a successful career in commercial operations are: know how to fly the drone in any orientation must be a knowledgeable photographer be a subject matter expert in the field you want to support Number one just takes practice. If you fly a couple of batteries a day in progressively more complicated scenarios for two weeks you should be good enough to fly where others would like you too. There are lots of online Photography coarses that can help with number two. You don’t have to be a creative photography expert but you do have to know what it takes to get a well focused and exposed image that can serve the needs of your customer. The commercial part of the job has way more to do with the camera than the drone. The third point is the most important, you need to know what constitutes actionable data for the customer and to accomplish that you must be an expert in the market your trying to do business in. Again this has little to nothing to do with the drone. If your already taking pictures, doing photogrammetry or using LiDAR on a construction site then your already an expert, the drone simply extends your reach. Theres no “easy” button to push that will pull all of this together for you, but it really isn’t that difficult to accomplish either. Where most people who are aspiring to be a commercial operator fail is in their belief that if your a good drone operator then you’ll be successful. Although the drone is the enabler, it is the least important element to success. You can’t be a great carpenter without a hammer, but your success as a carpenter isn’t defined by the hammer. (Something like that).
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    I just registered a new business and bought my first aircraft (Mavic Pro 2) today! Stoked to have embarked on this journey and THANK YOU everyone in advance for being a part of the community and lending your advice and knowledge.. it's priceless. When pulling back and thinking about operations of this new business a few things become clear and to be honest, kind of daunting at this point. 1) We need a place to log EVERYTHING. Where do you schedule flights, track individual flights, keep tabs on pilots and maintenance, file documentation and certificates, prepare your checklists and standard operating procedures? I've done as much looking into Skyward as I can. Is that the only and best option for accomplishing this? Is there another app that can do all of this? 2) Regulations and Safety are no joke. I want to be as prepared and compliant as possible from the get go. Skyward also offers a "Take Flight" package which consists of about 200 pages of info pertaining to everything from insurance and regulations compliance to free flight checklists and standard operating procedures, to pilot contractor agreements... and a lot more I'm sure. 3) 3D models: As for a "flight management" app, one that will integrate with the "General Operations" app (Skyward or the like)... I've been keen on Drone Deploy. But their 3D point mesh models aren't anything to get stoked about (I haven't seen any impressive results.) There is Pix 4D, also not impressive, and Capturing Reality. Capturing Reality is the best rendering I've seen, are there any others out there that would compare? The idea here is to be able to capture a 3D model of a bridge as seen in this video:
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    Just an opinion. the Standard is a very good option for a starter, but..............the only thing I would throw out there is for just a bit more you can get into an Advanced or P3P. Actually I would suggest the Advanced. Reasons: The standard uses WiFi for signal and the Advanced uses Lightbridge Technology which is a game-changer as far a signal strength and distance. All 3- have same flight times and batteries are identical as far as that goes, but the Advanced also has 2.7K video available. Yes the P3P has the 4K, but not worth the extra especially for the average user just getting their feet wet. Again, for just a hundred bucks or so more, you can upgrade to a much better package regarding your distances, controller, etc. If that is not of any concern, the Standard is a good option for sure. Actually, if you look on Ebay, you can find the Advanced used with many times a lot of extras for $500-$650.
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    For a newbie just getting started, the Phantom 3 is a great start.
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    More batteries are always a good addition. The flight time per battery is pretty limited (15-18 minutes on a good day). A charger that will handle multiple batteries at once is always a plus for larger shoots. A case is a smart move. A larger (and faster) SD or micro-SD would be a good addition as well.
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    I'd price it out. You might not need everything in the bundle, but could also save you a lot of time doing research on the different accessories. I bought the Mavic bundle as an example and didn't need the travel bag it came with but use everything else pretty regularly. Amazon is good about showing retailers who bundle, but DJI has a few bundles as well directly on their site sometimes.
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    We have created a unique structure for how we charge for real estate photography and videos, which is based on square footage of home (as well as any other living space such as guest house), property size and value of listing price. Although we've been told over and over by our real estate clients that we aren't charging nearly enough compared to what everyone else is charging, we have more work than we even know what to do with...hence the rapid expansion from 56 offices in 2015 to 260 by the end of 2018. The infrastructure of having a team of video editors on board has allowed for our franchise owners that are shooting photos and videos to do just that and not have to worry about learning how to edit. Although we shoot real estate videos, that is only a small portion of what we do. We utilize aerial video for a great number of our clients that we build and manage their websites and perform internet marketing services for, such as wake boarding videos, social media campaigns, brand marketing and commercials for businesses, tourism, weddings, construction companies, building inspections, and government contracts with fish & game, transportation departments, etc. The possibilities and potential are endless and more and more have become a big part of our business.