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    However many are needed to tell the property's story. Most MLS systems limit the count to 30 images for the realtor, but many of the properties I shoot are high end luxury, so the realtor often creates a dedicated website just for the home. In the MLS listing they add a link to the website, as opposed to an external video link, because all the media is on the one page. So, a 4,000sqft home might produce 60-70 images, but some of those are macro details, some are wide spaces. It's up to the realtor to put it to use and figure which they like, I don't have the time or energy to play photo god for them. Plus, it's agonizing when they come back with 'I don't like this photo, do you have any others?'
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    DJI Matrice 210 RTK drone in like new condition for sale. The drone is mint but used, everything is aligned and it works flawlessly. It is free from scratches and has never had any issue/crashed. I've had this for over a year and used it about 12 times for a few projects. Price is $6700 (plus shipping), Included are Matrice 210 RTK V1 drone with dual gimbals installed Cendence remote controller Crystal sky screen 2 TB 50 batteries 2 Crystal sky batteries 8 propellers 2 battery chargers, cables and hard case.
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    Thanks, Chase. I just printed this very information about two days earlier. I wanted it as proof, just in the very rare event I got questioned by authorities as to what guidelines I was following. I think this is very helpful information for at least us newbs and I appreciate the time you took to place it here. Thanks so much.
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    That's what I needed to hear! The real estate market is not as lucrative here so I am looking for options to appeal to small real estate agents as well while not underpricing my efforts. Providing a webpage for them could be a way to up-sell as well. I do like that you don't play photo god that's not something that I want to do either. If I limit photos delivered that is definitely something I would run accross.
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    @JBR LIFE Photography my follow up question would be, since you charge by square footage, how many photos does that usually entail? This is all great information that I am excited to use in my business. I am building Keen Drone Imagery to become the go to drone experts for commercial, real estate, and industrial services in the North Rockies (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming). I been flying for almost a year and are expanding my skills in videography, mapping, and other aerial tech. If anyone has any links or resources they think I should know, please share!
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    I'm editing in FCPX, although I keep a copy of Resolve on my computer because 'one day I'm gonna diversify'...yeah...right. lol Definitely looked hard at the GH5 lineup, and went with Sony just because I was hell-bent on having a full frame camera that could also shoot solid video. But that's when I didn't think 8-bt vs. more even mattered. Oh how we continually learn costly lessons... lol. Thanks for the outside perspective. I think I'll take your wisdom and compliments, and decide to just keep rocking the Sony cams for the rest of this year, and take another look at possible upgrades sometime mid to late next year. I need to stop blowing money on gear and save up some cash for a house!
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    Here's one I wrapped for delivery today, and I'm pretty pleased with it so far. All shot on A7Riii in custom S-log2, worked in FCPX, custom LUT, etc. Some of the slow-mo scenes required 1080p since I needed the extra frames. The biggest challenge to this project was the dark style of the interior. This is a Bali-influenced home, with deep orange wood tones, earth colored walls, and dark trim work around the doors & windows. Add to the mix immediate shade from the jungle and a bright sunny ocean view just past that, and you have a crazy contrast situation that requires a LOT of consideration of post-process to set up the scenes properly. Lighting was definitely used here, but in moderation, so as to not blow out natural shadows and such. After a lot of color work, and heaping helpings of Neat Video, I think the overall result is solid. But y'all have more eyes together than I have alone, so feel free to critique it all you like. I've nothing to lose by improving!
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    I’m loving it so far. So much flexibility in post.
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    I’m all for upgrading. You get better equipment and then learn how to get the most out of it. Are you grading with Resolve? The other thing you might want to check out is the GH5(S). I know it’s not a full frame but I believe it’s 16bit linear and much improved lowlight. I use a speed booster lens adapter with L-glass so it reduces the crop and is a stop faster. I think your doing great, I don’t think you need to upgrade for the sake of your property videos. I get why you might upgrade creatively but the next level gets more expensive than your current customers can probably afford.
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    Here's my latest. The Mavic 2 Pro continues to be my workhorse and was responsible for all the exterior shots in the video. For the interiors, I'm still getting used to working with a new camera (A7iii) and shooting/grading in slog2. There weren't any noteworthy views, so I opted to let the windows blow out.
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    Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend and had the opportunity to get out and fly. As fall is quickly approaching, I wanted to share a picture I captured a while back. The image location is Alderman Lake in Highland, Michigan. It is a part of the Highland Recreation Area which was formerly owned by Edsel & Eleanor Ford. The lake is located just down the road from Haven Hill which is where the Fords built their retreat in the rolling hills to get away from the city and stress of building an automotive empire. The lake is one of many owned by Highland Recreation area and even today it still feels like an escape from everyday life. This picture shows the transition from Spring to Summer, I will probably go back to get some pictures of the trees changing colors. I encourage everyone in the forum to share a drone picture, looking forward to seeing the work of others in this community! Best, - Chase
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    @JBR LIFE Photography, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! This was a really cool building to take pictures of. I had a giant tree and power lines directly behind the drone which made it a difficult shot to take. Best, - Chase
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    Hello! Thank you, I am happy you liked my images. The images are not super-processed but sure are post-edited, also because are always captured in RAW mode. Frankly, I don't like the images that are super filtered, also because I also sell them on some photographic agencies and they ask to avoid as much as possible the strong post production. I have used aperture for years, but now it i too old and it is no longer maintained as Apple dismissed this program so I have moved to Exposure (it is almost identical to aperture) and Affinity, a very good low price and high quality software that can be saw as a photoshop alternative, but more oriented to digital photography.
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    Coming soon... Here's a frame grab from a home I just recently shot. The video is still being worked on, but I wanted to share a before/after color grade. A7riii 4k S-log2 (-7 contrast), using a pair of Dracast 1000LED bi-color square panels. I didn't want to make weird lighting, so I made sure to not crank the lights to full power, only enough to help lighten the forward wall. This video is being worked in FCPX. Before
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    This is lovely! I especially appreciate the contrast between straight & curved lines. Well done!
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    I started my own drone business two years ago while in college. All of the information I learned through organizations like UAV coach helped me get my Part 107 and make a successful business that got me through college (I just graduated in April). I now am working on taking my business to a new level and am customizing a drone platform to fit one of our biggest client's needs. The opportunity to see all the vendors and hear where the industry is moving at the Commercial UAV Expo would be a huge help in learning what is possible and how we can use the technology available. The blessing would be two fold since our budget wouldn't allow us to attend otherwise. Ps. Thanks for the newsletters. They are extremely helpful. Best, Derek Phelps
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    Color looks better in this video. Started to go a little towards red later in the day but that’s normal. The dynamic range is impressive. Higher contrast in log generally looks better but it also pumps up the chroma. You can shoot “flat” which will help keep truer colors but requires more color correction in post. It’s not like your footage doesn’t look great as is, but if you wanted to spend a bit more time color grading you can get much richer and truer colors plus the added benifit is the image will get sharper by adding contrast in post. More a bit like the conversation we had when we started this thread regarding flying a GH4 or Sony, the better tools you use the more you can push the image to make it look the way you want it to look and not the way drone/camera manufacturer intended. Color and contrast can become as creative a tool as shallow depth of field because over distance they falloff in a similar way as DOF. That’s why the aerial footage that might have looked, and to most people who fly DJI’s, looked great to you a year ago looks 2D/flat compared the the rest of the footage. Your shots are becoming more 3D which makes the property look more interesting. That green tint in your footage is the reflection of my envy. Keep up the great work.
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    Here's the most recent one...dark wood, yellow walls...jungle living with an ocean view, off-grid yogi place.
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    Chuck, I fear you missed the point of my post. You see the video was only one part of the overall marketing piece. The rest of the marketing included interior and exterior still photos along with full MLS details of the proeprty. The video was meant simply to augment all the parts that you felt were missing. Sorry that I did not explain that the video was only a portion. I was attempting to reply with only point-of-interest and reveal footage to the question originally posed. Regards, Jay https://jayburnham.photodseck.com
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    One thing I learned a long time ago, so it’s a bit “old school,” is that you always need to payoff an establishing shot. If you don’t you just frustrate the audience. I’m not sure what this video is selling, I assume it’s the larger home in the middle. If so, I want to see the inside of the home, what amenities does it offer, what views does it have from inside the house? I’d like to get a sense of what it might be like to live there. This video certianly did a great job of establishing its location but it didn’t pay it off. Realtors will often say that’s ok because they’ll pay it off in person, the video is just to get potential buyers to come to the home. But, there’s not enough “meat” in the video to get someone to travel to the location and anyone interested from within the area already knows how spectacular the area is. There’s no right or wrong answer here, I very much enjoyed the aerial in this video, but I wanted to get more of a sense of the property.
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    Aerial media can do many great things for a property showcase. Aside from seeing the condition of the rooftop and the surrounding area (which can be both great and not great), an aerial shot can give a perspective otherwise unavailable to the average photographer standing on the ground. For example, last night I had a shoot where the bottom of the home is mostly garage, and the second floor is all the goodies. From the ground, the house looks pretty good, but you still cannot see much detail from the outside looking in, especially at dusk (when we do the dreamy lights on, dark blue night sky combo). So, the answer was to park the drone about 12ft high to balance the perspective and give a peek into a beautifully lit up home at dusk. In terms of video, it's also important to use low angle methods with your drone, because you can cover a lot more distance in one take than running through the yard and around the pool with a gimbal cam. Essentially, you can create CGI style panning & orbiting effects, but with real life video footage. Solar panels on the roof are another reason for aerial media capture. Sure, you could climb a ladder or rent a bucket truck, but one is less safe, the other much more costly. Drones fix that problem in short order. I've even flown drones up large elaborate stairwells to move the video sequence from one floor to another. (DISCLAIMER: Make sure you have more than enough general liability insurance, in case your drone goes whack and you take out a $100,000 chandelier). Personally, I don't really consider the drone anything more than another tool in the box to get a job done. Aerial shots help to create a more robust media package overall, and that's what I market, rather than specifically marketing drone services.
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    One of the best uses of drone photo/video of residential properties for sale is the use of Point-of-Interest and Reveal videos which highlight the houses AND the surrounding area of land. There are many more, of course. Here is an example of what I mean: Regards, Jay Burnham North Shore Drone Services
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    In short, it would generally be illegal to shoot down someones uav. The FAA considers them aircraft and willfully damaging them is forbidden and punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 2 › § 32 That said, if you remember, William Merideth got away with it in Kentucky. Even in states or municipalities that have enacted more stringent uas legislation, taking the law into ones own hands and shooting down a uas that was not threatening your safety would be seen as a crime (in most states). Here is a short article that addresses the subject. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/theres-a-drone-flying-over-my-house-can-i-shoot-125546065994.html