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    Thank You so much for your insight. I look forward to getting my cup of coffee on Saturday mornings and firing up your newsletter. I got a bonus video this morning. My son and I are Part 107 certified. I have a aviation background as an airline captain. My son is probably the youngest drone pilot in the state of Kansas. Thanks Again Theresa
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    Hi, I have had some interest in UAV's and their applications, and have spoken to a few manufacturers as part of my job. It appears that the high quality drones are often times stuck with using cheap inferior connectors to connect batteries, cameras, audio, LIDAR or other components. They are often not weatherproof, unshielded, not secure in shock and vibration, or otherwise unreliable. Many military UAV's solve the issues by using very high priced, very high quality military grade circular connectors. What are the thoughts of standardizing on some high quality connectors for the commercial UAV market, perhaps creating some commonality in these interfaces? This could be an industry consortia effort, creating specifications or standards. I am interested in feedback.
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    Sure as long as you don’t turn it into the DoD. What you say about connectors is mostly true, however, is that a problem? We’ve engineered out most of the Chinese and hobby grade components but we have not gone to the canon style plugs the military uses. Too expensive and too heavy, but the plugs we are using seem more than adequate. I say that squeamishly... You bring up another great point about standardization. Every drone manufactured in the US is different, however I’d also point out that so is every Chinese drone. Because of DJI’s market share they are the de facto standard in the consumer market but even there you can’t use a P3 battery in a P4 - very few of their accessories are interchangeable between product lines and that’s within the same company. Standardization is the key to scaling this industry just try to raise money to manufacture hardware in the US!
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    Yes have already registered for the part 107. Yes you did help. Thank you very much.
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    Took a cruise to Alaska. Not a lot of aerial, but lots of planes and ships...
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    Since I have my own thread going here: Just another day in the office...