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    We want to thank everyone for being apart of our community and for entering our DJI Mavic Mini giveaway! The winner will be announced on Saturday, February 29th here on the forum and in our weekly newsletter that goes out every week on Saturday morning. Looking for a new drone? Well, our friends over at DJI have given us a brand new DJI Mavic Mini to give away to our UAV Coach community! The Mavic Mini is a great starter drone that combines everything we love about some of DJI's best drones into a small, but powerful package. Click here to learn more about the DJI Mavic Mini. How to enter: Comment here sharing what you plan to do with the Mavic Mini if you are selected as the winner. Will you fly for fun, business, or both? We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to reading your responses! Deadline: 02/27/2020, 12:00 p.m. EST How it works: Everyone who comments on the post in our community forum from now until Thursday, February 27 at noon EST will be given one entry in the raffle. After the window for commenting closes, we’ll do a drawing and randomly select a winner. The winner will be announced in our weekly newsletter on Saturday, February 29. Note: The raffle is open only to those who reside in the U.S. or Canada. Each individual gets one entry in the raffle. Multiple comments will not equal multiple entries. Blue skies and safe flying!
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    Yeah DHawk, everyone has been friendly and professional to this point. I was very attracted to the business model and the fact I will receive support, marketing, and jobs. I can still work my FT job in the meantime. Update- I just received my login info for the 107. I'm excited and more confident in my investment now. So far so good!
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    We're celebrating our company's 5-year anniversary this week. Our team can't thank you all enough for reading, for training with us, and for helping to push this industry forward. It's been a wild ride. Here are a few thoughts on what we've learned. Would love to hear what you've learned as well! Please share.
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    New short film "Autumn Fires". Filmed entirely with the Mavic Pro. Polar Pro ND Filters.
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    Hey gang. I'm curious. Those of you who made the investment and got your materials. How much money have you actually made? and in what period of time? That is ultimately the bottom line.
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    Sounds like everyone that has moved forward with Drones Force is happy and given what was promised. I really appreciate all the feedback and please keep updating as you move forward with your business.
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    Have a great fourth of July Weekend. Check out this aerial tour of the USS Alabama, a World War 2 Battleship that played a part in many campaigns in the Pacific Theater.
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    Hey everybody. For the past twenty years, Louisiana has been a well sought out destination for the film and television industry. Dubbed "Hollywood South", the state has produced billion-dollar box office hits, Academy Award Winners, and everything in between. We will be taking a look at some of the most famous movie locations in Louisiana, so sit back relax and enjoy your tour!
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    Aloha gang, I had the joy of spending three full weeks in my homeland of east TN, a hop and a skip from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As any sane person would do whilst visiting their grandkids, I made sure to rent a cabin...across the street from the park boundary...with a great launch and landing area on the deck. Here are a couple of my favorite shots peering into the park and surrounding area. Enjoy!
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    I know there's a LOT of knock on the Sony Alpha cams these days, for not having jumped into the 10-bit recording world. But I'll tell ya', 8-bit video is NOT as hopeless as most might have us believe. This piece has a lot of fun aerial work in it, from both the M2P and the M2Z. Ground footage was captured on an A7R3, using S-log2. Enjoy!
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    Welcome to the forum. Great website, videos and pictures. Nice Job! I have many questions but I’ll let others welcome you before blasting away... @JBR LIFE Photography I heard this guy wants to come to your island paradise, better watch out. @Msdi, I’m joking. We do that occasionally. But seriously you guys should talk. You can see many of his property videos on the photography for real estate thread. I look forward to learning and seeing more Of what your doing.
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    I have problems with statements and articles that ascribe false reasons for UTM. Right now as I write this, drones are already integrated into the national air space. This is accomplished by confining them with current regulations to areas that are not populated to a great extent by manned aircraft. UTM is not about drones and aircraft. It is about my drone and UPS's drone in the regulated and relegated airspace that UPS wants for themselves. That is only a problem when they don't want to keep an eye on their drone like I'm doing with my drone. Hence...THEY are the problem, not me. They should absorb ALL the costs of the integration within that air space with no preference shown just because they are willing to pay fees to the government. Put them in the 100 feet between my drone and the manned aircraft operating altitude. WHAT, that's not safe?!! Well wait until drones or cargoes start falling out of the sky from mid-air collisions that are bound to happen from BVLOS operations. Especially with the tethered cargoes hanging down from drones that are not in view of a pilot. How many telephone wires, electric lines and small branches are hit every day by drones flying within sight now? Let me take a few minutes to climb down of this high-horse and you all be safe out there. bf
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    Hey Alan, I'm sorry for being a bit cynical with regard to how seriously the FAA will be taking comments. I assure you that I will try to be positive, polite, and concise when I post my comment on the site. My cynicism is mainly born from watching the FCC's request for comments when the proposed dismantling the protections for net-neutrality (2017). I just went back and looked it up and there were 23,952,772 individual comments on the FCC's site. I didn't read them all, but I remember news agencies that were keeping track reporting that most were against the proposal, 20+ Million! The comments were ignored. This NPRM will receive no where near the scale of reaction, IMO. So, I'll admit, I am indeed cynical that they don't plan on doing exactly what they want regardless of the comments. Now, maybe it will all work out somehow. Either it will be quashed by adults at DOT, as @Av8Chuck alluded to. Or perhaps all of our craft (90%) will be easily up-gradable to meet the requirements as the NPRM says they will. And maybe we won't be taken to the cleaners by the new network service we will be required to subscribe to. And maybe all of the software handshaking that has to work perfectly to enable a mission to be flown will be solid. And then, maybe it won't negatively impact all of our uas related businesses. But that is a lot of maybes in there. Dang, more cynicism! I will be delighted to be wrong and the FAA is malleable to the fine arguments and reason presented in the comments. However, reading the thing it looks like the FAA went even farther than even the suggestions of the ARC in some cases. Not a great start.
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    There are times that you benifit from the property your shooting, they’re awesome, added to your video they look even better. This property, not so much but you still made it look great. Ok, it’s been a while — I hate you. Nice work.
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    Hey Chad. @Av8Chuck is correct - there is no standard nor requirement to have a manual. You are correct - there is little out there to give you guidance (HINT @Isabella | UAV Coach and @Alan Perlman, maybe a future blog post or guide with a starter template?) Getting started I wouldn't spin your wheels on it. Put a good checklist in place that covers safety and procedures for equipment and operations. If and when you start working with bigger clients or government agencies, you may need something more robust. I put mine together because I needed a Safety Management System to get a waiver, and an operations manual was an easy way to do it. Bonus is it sets us apart as a professional aerial media company as I go for larger clients and contracts. I ONLY did it because I had to. I suggest you skip the paperwork and spend your time marketing and practicing your skills.
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    You are required to follow the instructions on the COA, no more, and no less. I have COAs that require a phone call and others that require checking and adhering to the ceilings defined in the UFM and no other requirements. So, read your COA and do what it says and that's it.
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    However many are needed to tell the property's story. Most MLS systems limit the count to 30 images for the realtor, but many of the properties I shoot are high end luxury, so the realtor often creates a dedicated website just for the home. In the MLS listing they add a link to the website, as opposed to an external video link, because all the media is on the one page. So, a 4,000sqft home might produce 60-70 images, but some of those are macro details, some are wide spaces. It's up to the realtor to put it to use and figure which they like, I don't have the time or energy to play photo god for them. Plus, it's agonizing when they come back with 'I don't like this photo, do you have any others?'
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    Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend and had the opportunity to get out and fly. As fall is quickly approaching, I wanted to share a picture I captured a while back. The image location is Alderman Lake in Highland, Michigan. It is a part of the Highland Recreation Area which was formerly owned by Edsel & Eleanor Ford. The lake is located just down the road from Haven Hill which is where the Fords built their retreat in the rolling hills to get away from the city and stress of building an automotive empire. The lake is one of many owned by Highland Recreation area and even today it still feels like an escape from everyday life. This picture shows the transition from Spring to Summer, I will probably go back to get some pictures of the trees changing colors. I encourage everyone in the forum to share a drone picture, looking forward to seeing the work of others in this community! Best, - Chase
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    This one was interesting because normally I don't get hired for $200K houses. In this case, the property is located in Albin, Wyoming which is a very small town on the Nebraska border. It's about 45 minutes from Cheyenne so the agent figures that this would be the best way to get prospective buyers to see the beauty of the place without doing a lot of showings for the "just looking" crowd. I think his reasoning is spot on.
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    We scanned this ship at sea and this is the resulting 3D as-build model.
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    In short, it would generally be illegal to shoot down someones uav. The FAA considers them aircraft and willfully damaging them is forbidden and punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 2 › § 32 That said, if you remember, William Merideth got away with it in Kentucky. Even in states or municipalities that have enacted more stringent uas legislation, taking the law into ones own hands and shooting down a uas that was not threatening your safety would be seen as a crime (in most states). Here is a short article that addresses the subject. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/theres-a-drone-flying-over-my-house-can-i-shoot-125546065994.html
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    I have a new client. I need a second VERY experienced drone photographer as a backup to sign a subcontract with my company, with their own full comprehensive liability insurance. Mavic 2 Pro drone. Simple construction job (images and 1-3 minute video) 2x's/month on weekends for a year. If you take the images, you get 80% of the payment. Please only reply if you want to team up.
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    Nicely done. Keep this video, it will be worth something someday. In normal times, even when the park is closed there are people in it cleaning, doing maintenance etc.. Here’s what I hope you’ll take as constructive criticism. During a lot of the dissolves the motion started on the second clip (what you were dissolving to) in the middle of the dissolve. If the motion had begun prior to the dissolve the video would flow much better. Your video is such a stark reminder of what we’re all going through. So with tongue in cheek I thank you for sharing..
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    To all the recreational flyers out there, This effort by the FAA to have all drones identified while flying reminds me of "register your gun" laws that have been creeping forward year after year. They go after the gun and settle for the size of the magazine this year, and next year they come back for the gun again. "They" never quit. It is the right to fly in your back yard that they will eventually go after. They want to make deliveries to your back yard. Tell me how they can do that and stay under 400 feet without flying over all your neighbors back yards. If they fly down the street and over the top of the house to the back yard, they will have to violate flying over moving cars. This BVLOS business is rampant with unsafe flying and the potential for drones and cargoes falling out of the air. Knowing my drone is in the air won't get me out of the way. That will only happen when I am not allowed to fly. The proposed Remote I.D. rules are the blueprint for getting rid of club fields. It is the creeping rule that doesn't allow for the start up of new fields or the replacement of fields that get closed for whatever reason. "They" are a patient master. Be well and stay safe, bf
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    Hi @Jennifer Kemper, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Congratulations on becoming Part 107 certified, it is great to hear that you are actively seeking more work opportunities with your drone. We have a dedicated chapter in our 'Drone Jobs' guide for insurance (Chapter 5) : https://uavcoach.com/uav-jobs/#guide-5 I hope this helps! - Chase
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    Congrats, Alan and your team! I also always look forward to your weekly newsletter. Thank you too for your training and support! V.
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    Hello all, I have been a certified pilot for about a year and live in Raleigh, NC. I recently took the plunge... quit the day job to focus on a 3D printing/ 3D scanning/ Drone service business, hoping to network and get my drone service business "off the ground" (pun intended). www.triangleprototype.com
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    Congrats! Celebrating 5 years of flight as well!
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    You should check out the Mavic Mini
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    Absolutely. ATC through LAANC. Have a look at #5 https://www.faa.gov/uas/recreational_fliers
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    Bruce does a brilliant job of explaining the consequences to our hobby if this rule is allowed to go into law. He challenges the FAA on its pretense to be in the name of safety. He also doesn't believe that the AMA will be effective in influencing the FAA's decisions based on its inability to stop the repeal of 336. I would encourage anyone in this hobby to watch it.
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    I could use a set. I will produce a video showing the benefits of using them under the following conditions. Vote for your favorite scenario: Beautiful sunset over a naked beach. I’d say topless but that would be sexist. On the tarmac next to Airforce One while it taxis for takeoff. A hyperlapse of the scoreboard at the Super Bowl. An aerial shot of the CA Governers motorcade as it travels through Another wildfire invariably started by PG&E on his way to the ribbon cutting of the bullet train in Victorville at night BVLOS. (Imagine all of the high contrast shots of smoke, fire, and flashing lights) Im open to suggestions.
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    Sorry, but even in the ten minutes of controlled flight, he was in violation of several rules the rest of us have to follow. (Unless he got a waiver for BLOS and Flying Over People.) And to say "I didn't see any activity on the runways..." is like saying, "Oh, I fired a gun at the highway, but traffic was light." The moment he realized he had a flyaway, he could have (should have!!!) contacted authorities, notified them of the system failure, given information about location, altitude, heading, and drift, etc. They would have shut down the airport. These actions might have saved lives, AND, might have saved him from some of the fines. I fly near a military base all the time, with permission, and when I'm in the air, with my tiny little drone, they shut down operations on the base. I asked why they would shut down operations on a huge naval air station, because I was flying in a very small area at < 400' (where their floor is 1000'), and the answer was because of potential flyaways. At all times, safety for manned aircraft is paramount. I'm grateful when I'm given permission to fly in restricted airspace, and I try to follow the rules. I've been a 107 pilot since the start, and I'd like to keep my license and ability to work. This guy didn't Cowboy Up, the moment he lost control, and deserves what he gets. ¶¶¶ About that losing control: we don't have details about that. He didn't implement RTH procedures? The Phantom just wasn't responding? He had video signal. Some weird unknowns here. ¶¶¶ And, did he check for NOTAMS and TFRs beforehand? Presidential TFRs can have as great as a 30 NM radius. We don't have those details. I think the article said he was four miles from the airport. ¶¶¶ Anyway, no sympathy for him... not from me.
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    I’ve done this with LightRoom and LRTimelapse, it works great but it’s a lot of extra work. I color correct 4K in resolve and it gets almost as much DR with much less effort. If your shooting stills it’s hard to beat the A7RIII, if your shooting 4K video it’s hard to beat the Panasonic GH5 with 10bit internal. The Sony A7RIV is a good hybrid with something like 65MP stills. I’m not sure if it has as high a burst rate as the A7RIII? Good luck.
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    Im a helicopter pilot and it’s not uncommon to land in spaces where there’s obstacles about 20 feet from the rotor. I’m low and slow and if something unexpected like a lawnchair flies up it’s easy to pull in a bit of power to arrest the decent or just move off to the side if there’s room. My point is when helicopters come and go the pilot is on high alert, if a drone appears out of nowhere I’ll deal with it. Can it be dangerous absolutely, is it dangerous, not necessarily. It’s like when a squirrel runs out on the road, if you see and it’s safe to stop, slow down or move around it you do, if it’s not, you hope for the best and look back to see if it made it. Despite the total over reaction drones and manned aviation can live in harmony...
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    Dave and Secure Hover, et al., I charged $25 per hour drive time, then I charged $175 per hour flight time, and .58 cents a mile. The one thing that I did not charge for is post processing. I am really glad you mentioned that since I had 2gb of video to upload, and over 425 pictures at 5mb each, LOL. Was a fruitful day, learned allot, it was clear, calm and cool. Took the day off from my full time job, and made a cool $500+ for this event. Appreciate your input, and will add the post processing in next time as my 50GB fibre connection to my house took four hours due to the site that was accepting the upload, Cheers fellas................and as my good friend Alan Perlman always says..................Blue Skies................. Jeff
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    This week the FAA granted the broadest approvals for drone delivery they have ever issued to Flight Forward, a subsidiary of the United Parcel Service (UPS). The approvals come in the form of a Part 135 certification, which gives Flight Forward the permission to operate a “drone airline.” Part 135 certification is the same certification smaller airlines, such as charter airlines, receive from the FAA and the U.S. Department of Transportation in order to operate. Alphabet Inc.’s Wing (originally Project Wing) was the first drone company ever to receive a Part 135 certification back in April of this year. However, Wing’s certification is limited in scope. Read today's article to learn about the difference between Wing's and Flight Forward's Part 135 certifications, as well as requirements for any drone company that wants to get into the delivery business.
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    Here's one I wrapped for delivery today, and I'm pretty pleased with it so far. All shot on A7Riii in custom S-log2, worked in FCPX, custom LUT, etc. Some of the slow-mo scenes required 1080p since I needed the extra frames. The biggest challenge to this project was the dark style of the interior. This is a Bali-influenced home, with deep orange wood tones, earth colored walls, and dark trim work around the doors & windows. Add to the mix immediate shade from the jungle and a bright sunny ocean view just past that, and you have a crazy contrast situation that requires a LOT of consideration of post-process to set up the scenes properly. Lighting was definitely used here, but in moderation, so as to not blow out natural shadows and such. After a lot of color work, and heaping helpings of Neat Video, I think the overall result is solid. But y'all have more eyes together than I have alone, so feel free to critique it all you like. I've nothing to lose by improving!
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    @JBR LIFE Photography, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! This was a really cool building to take pictures of. I had a giant tree and power lines directly behind the drone which made it a difficult shot to take. Best, - Chase
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    I started my own drone business two years ago while in college. All of the information I learned through organizations like UAV coach helped me get my Part 107 and make a successful business that got me through college (I just graduated in April). I now am working on taking my business to a new level and am customizing a drone platform to fit one of our biggest client's needs. The opportunity to see all the vendors and hear where the industry is moving at the Commercial UAV Expo would be a huge help in learning what is possible and how we can use the technology available. The blessing would be two fold since our budget wouldn't allow us to attend otherwise. Ps. Thanks for the newsletters. They are extremely helpful. Best, Derek Phelps
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    I removed the riffraff, happens from time to time. Thanks for flagging!
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    Hi @FTL900, I spoke with Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas who confirmed that recreational drone operations can take place anywhere in the park except in designated wilderness areas. This location was not chosen before because AirMap has this location listed as a National Park, which are No-Fly Zones. The park has confirmed that they are not a National Park. The Las Vegas Soaring Club location will be replaced with Red Rock Canyon as it is a more desirable location. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention so we can provide the best locations. Regarding the other locations, what makes a location interesting varies from person to person and we do our best to choose not only a visually interesting location, but one that is also legal. Las Vegas is limited in terms of legal flying locations due to regulations and the complexity of the airspace surrounding the city. We always encourage feedback and ask that forum members respond in a way that's positive and beneficial to other members of the forum. Thanks, - Chase
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    Hi @Shaun Deardorff, Welcome to the forum and congratulations on recently becoming Part 107 Certified! I am in a similar situation as I have started to build my drone service company. I have been working overtime building out every aspect of the business so when I start to get clients (I actually just received an email from a potential client as I type this) I have all of the systems in place for a smooth customer experience. The first piece of advice I will offer you is to come up with a unique name that will stand out among your competitors. I have seen countless times where I see ten drone companies with similar names. Having a generic company name makes it very easy for a potential client to forget who you are. A great logo is also just as important as it conveys to your customers what you do and who you are. I decided to name my company Galactic Droneography and made my slogan "Out of this world Droneography" I have had many people tell me how much they loved the name and logo design. I tell you this to show the importance of standing out with creative branding. @Alan Perlman is correct on the importance of getting a website up as quickly as possible with a portfolio for potential clients. Even if you only have a few photos it is a start, just make sure you put up your best work. Sqaurespace is a great option for a website, I personally used Wix and have been very happy with it. I can't speak for all of the SquareSpace features but on Wix it will pull the colors from your logo and helps you set up a nice looking website that looks like your brand. Or you can do what I did and make your own design in the Wix Editor. My first version of my website was very basic and that's okay because you can always go back and revise the design and order of the pages later. I have lost count on how many times I have revised my website. Here is my website if you would like an example: https://www.galacticdroneography.com Its important that everything you do has a similar design style. Whether it's a Facebook cover photo, website, YouTube Banner, it should all reflect your brand and be easily identifiable. As for looking for clients, always be researching and thinking about who your clients could be. Instead of targeting realtors, I have been reaching out to custom home builders. This is more of a niche portion of the market but it shows custom home builders the importance of having aerial images and videos when the showcase the homes they build. You can also offer to take progress videos or photos of home build for project management and promotional purposes. I have built out a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with all of the potential clients I would like to do work for. You do not have to limit yourself to one niche either. If you are really good at photos and videos, there are numerous applications for that. Sending emails explaining how you can solve a problem for them can be very effective. I try to keep the emails simple without sounding like this email has been sent to 1500 people. The worst thing that can happen is they say that they are not interested or they do not answer the email. Just figure out what works and what does not work and improve the process along the way. Posting content in local Facebook pages can also be very effective in getting the word out. Just be sure to only post once a week on those types of pages so it does not get annoying to others within the group. Facebook ads and Google Ads can also be an option and you can advertise for $1 a day on Facebook and around $2 a day to start on Google Ads. Running some ads at the start can also help get the word out with the hope that overtime you can bring in more organic traffic to offset the balance between organic and paid traffic. A word of advice on Facebook ads would be to be strategic with how many days your ad will run. If you want to start off with a dollar a day, only run that ad for seven days. Facebook will work harder to push that ad into peoples timeline compared to if you paid $1 a day over a period of 30 days. I hope I was able to provide some helpful information and feel free to ask any questions. Best, - Chase
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    It's often challenging to find a legal, safe, and visually interesting location to fly your drone, especially in a densely populated area with one or more airports. After a round of comprehensive research, our team compiled a list of where to fly a drone in Chicago. We also have this list of drone laws in Illinois that might be helpful. Where do you like to fly your drone in Chicago? We welcome your comments/experiences below.
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    I'm using a pair of Dracast Bi-Color LED1000 Pro lights. They allow for color adjustment (5600-3200K) as well as brightness control and put out a LOT of light. I also have a pair of small Neewer CN-304 LED lights to fill in the smaller spaces and dark spots. While the Neewer lights only give brightness adjustment, I have a set of gels to somewhat control the color temp on them. How I used the lights is kind all over the place. It's a game of moving lights for every shot sequence, so as to hide their reflections in windows, hotspots on ceilings, floors and furniture, and still get an even spread of light in the space. For the wide shot of the living room that also show a part of the kitchen, I used 2 Dracast lights just behind the couch, angled toward the corners of the room a bit, along with a CN-304 in the far right-corner to light up the dark spot, and then another CN-304 in the dining room, hiding behind the fireplace, lighting up the kitchen a little more. If you get the lighting right, you can work some real magic in post to bring out the data that was captured. I'll see if I have any pull-back pics of the setup. If not, I'll be sure to get some pull-backs of the next shoot involving dynamic lighting. Here's a link to the Dracast set I use right now: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LS6WFJO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&amp;psc=1 Another note - I did NOT use the lights in every scene, only the ones where a beautiful broad ocean view was needed from inside a dark room. The rest of the place shot without lights just fine, but a lot of that is because the camera has 15 stops of dynamic range.
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    Hey everyone, my name is Cody. I live in the Chicago area. My drone is a mavic pro. My drone-goals are two pronged. I'm looking for a place to collaborate and learn from as I create a successful aerial imaging solutions company. The other prong is to share and get feedback on the cool shots I capture. My background and passion are in photography, and through photography I've found a love to fly drones. I'll attach a shot from my trip to the Ozarks! Here's my website Can anyone point me in the best direction to learn about experiences with Thumbtack and/or DroneBase missions? -Cody realizingoutloud@gmail.com
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    Hi Cody! I'm new to this site too for 3 weeks now and I've noticed that not a single soul seems to 'welcome' newbies like us when we introduce ourselves. So I am making it my goal to say hello and welcome to the forum to anyone who joins. I hope you'll join me. Hello Cody, and welcome to the UAV Coach forum!
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    I'm flying the Phantom 3 Pro. I'm located in North Texas. I have no background in real estate. Just thought that would be a good market to get started with. No website yet. I have been working on a portfolio of pictures and video's. I'm filling my 333 exemption tomorrow. I have formed OneDrone, LLC. I'm planning to start knocking on doors next month. I saw my first drone about 3 years ago, It had me hooked. So this year i finally took the plunge and decided to go all in.