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    Alan, Your website was the first one that I landed upon (pun intended) when I read about the FAA legitimizing commercial drone pilots through posting approved testing qualifications and guidelines. Your FREE study guide inspired me to seek out additional resources and I found a pilot / pilot trainer / aviation lawyer's website which had additional study guidelines that benefited me also. From there I took advantage of resources on the following websites FAA, 3DR, youtube and RC Groups. With these additional resources I was able to actually buckle down and get aprox 20 - 30 hours of focused study time in and countless additional hours of casual review. I am most impressed with the amount of time and effort which you have put into building your website and your obvious and generous desire to share a good amount of your effort for FREE with anyone that logs onto here. The information is all out there for anyone who wants to put in the time to begin their career as a licensed commercial sUAS remote control pilot. With high regards, Michael
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    Took the test today, and passed! Feels good to get that done. I've got two Phantom 4's, ready to start marketing. But that's historically been the hardest part for me... marketing myself. Need to get better at that. Andy