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    Hey everyone! In case you haven't heard, Videoblocks by Storyblocks is our community sponsor this month and they're offering a free, seven day trial of their stock video subscription service to UAV Coach community members. Sign up for seven days of free stock video footage now. (Note: the signup page indicates that the offer ends on 11/30, but the offer is still valid, so please go ahead and sign up if you're interested.) Have some drone footage you want to sell? The Storyblocks Marketplace gives contributors 100% commission for their stock footage. You can make $49 for every HD download, and $199 for every download in 4K. The setup process is super easy— you can learn more about how to get started here. Storyblocks has a huge footprint in the stock media world. They recently passed a milestone of 100 million downloads worldwide, and they work with big companies like National Geographic, NBC, and ABC. Try their stock video subscription service free, and also check out their Marketplace if you have drone footage you'd like to sell for passive income. Want to learn more? Check out our recent blog post on Videoblocks by Storyblocks.
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    Trevor, congrats on your test results! I'm concerned though, that your original posting gives me the impression that you may be expecting to get airspace authorizations in a matter of days. Hence the concern about waiting the 7 days for your temp certificate. Lately, those authorizations are taking months - many months! You should familiarize yourself, if you haven't already, with the FAA UAS Facility Maps and grids for your areas of interest and file for at or below the indicated altitudes. That will probably speed up the process. On the other hand, maybe you're in an area that is part of the LAANC test program. If so, lucky you!
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    Pssht, this isn't fair. WHAT AN AMAZING SHOT. Mahalo for sharing with us
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    Yeah, I tried talking him into hiring us to come over and shoot property videos with him and he didn't want to hear any thing about it. I agree, I think he's rubbing our noses in it. I'd post shots of the beautiful mountains in Southern California but their currently on FIRE...