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    So amazed with your work. you are very blessed to live in a country with a spectacular view and to have such great talent in capturing the perfect view!
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    Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful pictures. We never get spoiled by looking at nature's beauty.
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    Mahalo for the kind words! I would love to get some shots of the Na Pali coastal range, just haven't yet made it to that island. So far, only Maui, Oahu, Moloka'i, & Big Island. Still gotta check out Kuai & Lana'i. The pic in this post was shot using a Phantom 4. I took 19 images of the area, merged them into one super-pano that couldn't be captured in a single shot. As for Mauna Kea, the only pics I have from up top are from the saddle, not the summit. Here's one. But I do have a summit photo from Haleakala. In the distance, on the right-hand side of the horizon, you can see Mauna Kea poking through the clouds.
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    Hey @Brian Byers! Thanks for posting. What are the expectations from the show re: output quality and types of shots? When it comes to advice / tips / warnings, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND practicing as much as possible Read through the user manual until you've committed it to memory, and spend a lot of time just hovering in front of your face and doing simple flight patterns and testing out the various settings on your transmitter and within the DJI app. Like any piece of complicated consumer equipment, it'll take a while to gain a sense of comfort with the system. Some people will say something to the extent of, "the thing flies itself," and sure, while the flight software is incredibly advanced, that's one small part of the operation. A strong, safe, competent, and professional sUAS operator knows the aircraft and system inside and out and can fly in a variety of flight environments, all the while having a "pilot mindset" and maintaining strong situational awareness, running through pre-flight checklists, etc. This response is a bit frazzled but hopefully helps you understand what you're getting yourself into! Also, make sure you're certified by the FAA, and that you are insured during the flight. Happy to answer questions about either of those.