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  1. Shadows are your friend if you want to shoot interesting footage that has depth. Most people don’t like shadows because they don’t know how to correctly expose for high contrast scenes. If it’s all bright or all dark then it’s easy. Easy isn’t interesting. Shadows are what separate good photographers from bad ones and separates the quality of your camera. Most drone cameras and GoPros look the best in bright sunlight because they are crap cameras that lack the dynamic range to handle difference in contrast. But contrast is as important to DOF as selective focus.
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  2. If you're a beginner, just practice flying. Today's prosumer-level UAVs don't need any additional attachments, but those that do are usually reserved for more experienced pilots who want to improve their flight or enhance their shots. That said, the only attachments I have for my Mavic are PolarPro's Cinema filters.
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