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    Had a great time in Denver earlier this week. Could only stay for a short time but had a chance to sit in on the keynotes (wow) and to explore the XPO hall (double wow). Great to finally meet @Av8Chuck and @Steve Bennett in person! Chuck—I still owe you a beer. Sorry we missed you, @ScottF but hope you had a good show. Got to see a lot of Drone Pilot Ground School students and community members, industry folks and met a whole slew of new friends. (Steve on the left...me in the middle...Chuck on the right) Here are some big announcements from the show: https://uavcoach.com/auvsi-xponential-2018/ ...perhaps for another thread, but anyone had a chance to read PrecisionHawk's BVLOS research yet? Alan
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    Hi all, we're doing our best to track local drone laws by U.S. state and by country and wanted to share the link here to make it easy for anyone to find / comment on laws we might be missing: https://uavcoach.com/drone-laws/ Hat tip to power-member @Steve Bennett for the original forum post back in 2017 or so that got me thinking about doing our own directory of local drone laws instead of relying on, let's just say more sub-par sources of information
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    Thanks @Steve Bennett, I’ll be sure to post it here. I don’t think it returns from the show until Thursday so title probably be the following week before we get back to testing.
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    New member here; greetings from AZ! I'm a new member and quite new to UAVs, though I have already earned my part 107 certification. I have a background in both techie stuff (building instruments and programming them) , and in environmental science working with satellite imagery. Given that background and my interests, I'm hopeful about working in precision agriculture with UAVs. Failing that, they are buckets of fun! And the photography applications intrigue me. I'll be looking for general advice and 'what's new' in the industry by being here. Thanks for having this forum! Darshana PS - by way of explanation, "It's a gift; it's like there's a moment in which the thing is ready to let you see it. In India, this is called darshan. Darshan means getting a view, and if the clouds blow away, as they did once for me, and you get a view of the Himalayas from the foothills, an Indian person would say, 'Ah, the Himalayas are giving you their darshana'; they're letting you have their view. " -- Gary Snyder
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    Welcome @Darshana to this forum. From following the industry for a few years now it seems that the adoption of UAVs in agriculture has had a much slower start than was first predicated. That being said it looks like use cases other than aerial imaginary are started to be realized. I recently attended the http://susbexpo.com in San Francisco and was impressed by the presentation and demo from this company. http://dropcopter.com I had no idea that the bee population is declining and so posing a serious threat to global agriculture. To address this issue Dropcopter is pioneering the use of drone to provide aerial pollination.