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    Aloha peeps! We often talk about including interior and ground level photography with our exterior drone work, as a way to round out our real estate media biz models. Today, I thought I'd share a few examples of what I produce for my clients. This home is going to be listed for somewhere around the $3M mark, and for good reason. The area where it's located is sparsely populated, and by sparsely, I mean like barely anyone or anything around, other than cows, goats & sheep. There's a small winery, general store, and post office nearby and that's it. Privacy on an island is quite valuable, as anyone could imagine. Shooting interiors to showcase a view is all about realism. Whether you use lighting or HDR techniques, the main thing is to make it feel as real as you can, so the viewer gets the sense of actually being there. Personally, I prefer to use lighting, but occasionally there just aren't enough lights in the world, so an HDR shot is in order. Even then, I'll incorporate lighting to help with the realism part. The interior shots in this post were done using a combination of radio triggered speed lights, sometimes with a shoot-thru umbrella. I used a Sony A7R III + 16-35mm G Master glass. Each frame is a single exposure, worked in Lightroom, no HDR work here. Mahalo for viewing, and enjoy!
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    What do you use to do your post editing? I've been flying a mavic pro for 2 years and have been using Davinci Resolve for about a year for my videos and photoshop for my photos.
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    Good clarification! I plan to visit a DJI dealer North of Seattle that, I think, has P4-RTK’s available. I plan to ask about the SIM card issue. I’ll let you know what I learn.