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    Hello Todd I totally agree with you about the scope of use for UAV and other unmanned aerial platforms, Funding creativity could draw from all those uses within a county or municipal government. I would love to see more conversation about specific use failures and successes. My present focus is on response and recovery because that is the nature of my position. This does not stop me from making notes for future projects. HAZMAT, damage assessment, Search and Rescue, Bridge inspections, and fire response are on my immediate interest list. Looking for policies, SOP, SOG, and best practices tools, tactic and techniques. I cobbled together a rough Annex for our county comprehensive emergency management plan. It talks mostly about data retention and required disposal of non evidence (Criminal) information. This is at best a minimal guidance document. Please keep me in your email stream on any new ideas and I will do the same. I am a retired Florida National Guard member (34 Yrs) Thanks for sharing. Hans
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    Reforestation, a $62 billion industry, is one of the best ways to combat and recover from climate-change induced disasters, such as some wildfires. However, reforestation techniques have not changed in 100 years: trees are still planted by work crews with shovels—a slow, expensive, and grueling process in which recruiting labor is a challenge. However, DroneSeed is working to change that with semi-automated reforestation made possible with UAVs. DroneSeed recently announced the first-ever approval by the FAA to operate heavy-lift drone swarms weighing greater than 55 pounds. The drones will be used to accelerate reforestation by planting and protecting trees. Read the article here. Make sure to share your thoughts on DroneSeed’s exciting work with drones in agriculture and reforestation in the comments below.
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    Hello Mr. Hans, If you break the mission sets down via the National Response Framework (NRF) core mission areas of protection, prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery, both UAS and Tethered Aerostat Systems (TAS)™ show incredible potential. Most folks are only thinking about response and recovery, but the UAS/GIS component becomes critical for the preparedness stages as well. Here is a brief example of how we integrated UAS and TAS into a FSE on January 24 here in Miami: sUAS News Happy to have a conversation with you as needed to discuss further.