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    Thanks! This particular client likes more upbeat music for their videos, so they have been pushing me out of my comfort zone lately (which is always a good thing). No big deal though - SoundStripe is paying for itself! I didn't use the Godox 200 for this shoot. The light was mostly a Falconeyes RX-18TD and occasionally an Aupture AL-M9. I'm still searching for a really bright bicolor LED panel since the Godox is only 5600k.
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    As a guy who was in the field as a land surveyor for around 10 years...there were some places I would have loved to have a drone drop flagging on a point! Thanks for the reply..next time we have a chance of rain impacting our flight, I might try the rain-x. Good idea. -m
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    Well I gotta ask.. what’s the use case for this? Haven’t done a lot of operations in the rain (some inspections and flood response videos) but every single time we ended up with rain on the camera lens and ruining the shots. Every so often the wind or movement would clear the lens.. but for the most part we’d have to land and clean the camera. There would definitely be times I could see this as helpful... so how are y’all ( JBR specifically... love your stuff) getting around this issue. Thanks in advance.
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    We did switch to a stronger 3M adhesive , let me know your order name or email and or the date you purchased. Maybe you can email me at phantomwetsuits@gmail.com Our phantom 4 pro has just passed over 100 flights in the pouring rain with the Wet Suit. But there were times when we had to tack it down again , but we would not use cement just a light spray was needed on the leg covers. Phantomrain.org coal